Friday, September 3, 2010

This Weekend: National Sweetheart!

Since 1941 the Hoopston Jaycee's have sponsored a "Sweetheart Pageant" for the state runners-up in the Miss America system. If you're not familiar with Sweeps/Sweetheart pageants, click here. This year Ohio is being represented by first runner-up Shannon O'Neill; on the left Shannon's in the a quintessential Sweetheart pageant tractor picture, as it's held in the middle of a cornfield in Hoopston, Illinois. Check out her blog for many more pictures. For the past two years Becky Minger made the Top 10/11 at this pageant and in 2007 Erica Gelhaus captured the Sweetheart title. Best of luck to Shannon, I'm confident she'll continue Ohio's strong Sweetheart track record!

This year 38 states will be represented at Sweetheart, which is not officially affiliated with Miss America. Tonight and tomorrow the contestants compete in preliminary competition, with the finale happening Sunday. The ladies are broken into four groups:

1. Florida-Diana Kelly
2. Utah-Valerie Moon Jazz
Dance-“Bend and Snap”
3. Pennsylvania-Ryann Richardson
4. Washington-Brittney Henry
Fiddle-“Orange Blossom Special”
5. Arkansas-Amy Crain
Dance-“Game Time”
6. New York-Hannah Wright
Ballet-“Kitri’s Variation”
7. Wisconsin-Laura Kaeppeler
Vocal-“Quando me’n vo”
8. Colorado-Morgan Weaver
Dance-“Jai Ho”
9. Oregon-Alexandria Henderson
Vocal-“I Have Nothing”
10. West Virginia-Spenser Wempe
Dance-“Bring me Flowers”

11. Iowa- Elizabeth Davidson
12. North Carolina-Aryn Ward
Tap Dance-“Great Balls of Fire”
13. Tennessee-Nicole Mazzio
Vocal-“Can’t Help Falling in Love”
14. Indiana-Brittany Hagan
Jazz Dance-“Move You”
15. Illinois-April Strong
Vocal-“This is my Now”
16. Georgia-Jamie Kelton
Dance-“Cry Me a River”
17. Ohio-Shannon O’Neill
Vocal-“As If We Never Said Goodbye”
18. Massachusetts-Taylor Kinzler
Acrobatic Dance-“Gravity”
19. Idaho-Genevieve Nutting
Piano-“Rhapsody in Blue”

20. North Dakota-Stephanie Erickson
21. Vermont-Alexandra Larrow
Vocal-“Time to Say Goodbye”
22. Maryland-Hannah Mollerick
Jazz Dance-“It’s Oh, So Quiet!”
23. Louisiana-Lauren Abshier
Vocal-“I Have Nothing”
24. Nevada-Jacqueline Wilkins
Dance-“I Didn’t Know My Own Strength”
25. Alaska-Katy Lovegreen
Irish Dance-“Irish Adventure”
26. Delaware-Steffi Holmes
Vocal-“Quando me’n vo”
27. New Jersey-Melissa Ruiz
Tap Dance-“Ballroom Blitz”
28. Virginia-Lindsay Morris
Piano-“Piano Concerto in A Minor”

29. Minnesota-Lauren Johnson
Piano-“Khachaturian Toccata”
30. Arizona-Rebecca Hasulak
Ballet-“You Raise me Up”
31 South Dakota-Lorena Reichert
Vocal-Meine Lippen, Sie Kussen So “
32. California-Sharanya Mukhopadhyay
33. Nebraska-Kayla Batt
Vocal-“Love You I Do”
34. New Hampshire-Megan Lyman
Tap Dance-“New Shoes”
35. Alabama-Taylor Yates
Jazz Dance-“On Broadway”
36. Missouri-Erin Bagby
Vocal-“Somebody to Love”
37. Hawaii-Lauren Cheape
Jump Rope-“Footloose”
38. Kentucky-Ann-Blair Thornton
Piano-“Rustles of Spring”

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