Thursday, June 7, 2007

Best of Luck the Miss Ohio Contestants!

This is probably too late, as the women may already be in a hotel in Mansfield, or perhaps franticly packing! Oh well...

While there are women that I know better than others, I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

***If contestants, family, friends or E.D.’s have the ability and desire to email me photos or updates from Miss Ohio week, I would love to share them here, either anonymously or listing you as a “correspondent,” like Paul lists me on Miss Ohio News.***

Some Tips for the laidies from a Miss Ohio message board:

*Take a sewing kit with thread colors that match your wardrobe.
*Drink plenty of water.
*Take something to read or do while in the theatre, like platform information or thank you notes.
*Resist the temptation to gossip.
*Be nice to everyone and remember most of the crew and all of the chaperones and hostesses are VOLUNTEERS.
*Take a sweatshirt or blanket to the theatre, it’s always really cold.

My Tips:

*Don’t let anything intimidate you! Women who have been to Miss Ohio before will know each other and the volunteers. I remember feeling so lost and out-of-the-loop my first two years, but remember, none of that matters!

*The judges only know what you have shown them! Don’t let your confidence dwindle because of things happening behind the scenes, or worry over a difficult phase of competition yet to come.

*Eat citrus and drink tea, especially if you’re a singer. The production staff runs fog machines through the week, all the time. That, and the bitter temperature of the theatre are awful on your voice, so wear a scarf, drink tea and water and eat oranges and pineapple.

*Take what you need to feel confident, even though they tell you to pack light! I remember feeling really uncomfortable my first year in the rehearsal clothes, which are also worn to some public events. I’m just not a white Capri and tennis shoes kind of girl. Even though your looks during rehearsal and those events do NOT matter, your self-esteem through out the week does! My last few years I took tons of cute shoes, belts, scarves, purses and casual jewelry to my host home so I could match whatever color rehearsal T-shirts they gave us. If I feel like I look cute, I’m more confident and to be successful at Miss Ohio you must be confident and upbeat all week long. Also, my opinion is that if you want the job of Miss Ohio you should already be dressing and acting the party, all the time.

*Encourage your fans to meet and get along with your roommates fans; if they’re already together your chaperones job becomes easier and you and your roommate can spend more time with them.


*Take headphones and music to the Talent rehearsal so you can listen to that instead of focusing on your competitor’s talents. Watching their talents makes you most vulnerable to comparing yourself and yours “chances of winning” against others. You have to stay in the theatre during talent rehearsal, but you can turn your head and focus on something else.

*Just get naked! It’s the STATE pageant, there’s no time for modesty. You will have to quickly change in front of others, and more than likely walk in on someone putting on a spray tan in the bathroom or something… Don’t get flipped out.

*Don’t take the yelling personally. The staff at Miss Ohio have a lot to take care of and there will be moments of stress. Do not allow that tension to affect you. When you are reprimanded as a group for something like being late, messy or caty, don’t take it personally. Just make sure you are doing what you’re supposed to, follow the rules and don’t become intimidated or lose confidence when Sharon or your chaperone gets tough. That's the last thing they want.

*Take photos of friends and family to tape to the wall around your area in the dressing room.

*Honestly just be yourself! It’s so cliché, but true… and I don’t only mean in front of the judges, but also with the other women and volunteers. Don’t be polite to a fake degree to the chaperones, or overly enthusiastic at events; don’t participate in conversations or attitudes you don’t enjoy or naturally embody just to hang out with other contestants. Just be yourself and you’ll find other people that compliment you.

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