Saturday, July 18, 2009

Updated: Practice Interview Questions

With the local season gearing up, here are some fresh practice interview questions! These were asked during the On-state Question competition at Miss Mississippi this week. Click here rewatch Miss Mississippi (and Miss Ohio).

Miss Mississippi Top 10 On-stage Questions

* Do you think the mainstream media does a fair and balanced job of covering political and pop culture issues and why?
* Why do you think people have such a fascination with reality TV and do you think it’s real, as it’s presented?
* “Jon & Kate Plus 8” has saturated the media; if their show continues, what will be the positive or negative effects on their children, in you view?
* If you were a celebrity, how would you choose to protect or expose your child, if you had one?
* If someone were considering a move to Mississippi, what would you do to encourage them to choose your state?
* If you were crowned Miss Mississippi tonight, how would you make your title relevant to youth today?
* What do you think the recent extreme media coverage given to the death of Michael Jackson says about our society and pop culture?
* Will Michael Jackson be remembered for his extraordinary talent or tremendous controversy?
* What experience have you lived through that’s made the biggest impact on your life and why?
* If you were given the opportunity to create a new TV show, what would be the premise of that show?

Miss Mississippi 2009 Preliminary On-stage Questions

* Should a woman consider being referred to as a “cougar” complimentary or derogatory?
* What are you personally doing about global warming?
* Finding employment in today’s slim market may be difficult; how will you convince a company to hire you?
* Do you agree or disagree with the way (former) Governor Sarah Palin responded to comments David Letterman made about her daughter?
* Does your generation consider the prevalent violence in society to be a major concern or just the statue quo?
* Do you think the recent shooting and murder at the Holocaust museum in DC indicates a rise in hate crimes?
* Do you have specific advice for a woman seeking to be president of the United States?
* Should there be a penalty against the doctor who implanted eight fetuses in a woman on welfare (Octomom)?
* What are your thoughts on the Susan Boyle phenomenon?
* If the government were to force medical treatment for your child, against your wishes, what would you do?
* In today’s unisex military, should both parents be sent to a combat zone? If no, which should be sent, the mom or dad?
* What are the dangers and advantages of Facebook?
* In order to obtain your dream job, would you agree to skydive with an 85 year old former president?
* In your opinion, should Carrie Prejean have been stripped of her title of Miss California USA?
* Considering the Carrie Prejean incident, do you think being a pageant titleholder means you have to surrender your right to freedom of speech?
* Do you consider bullying to be prevalent among today’s youth; what can be done to combat it?
* Some people have lost their jobs after posting negative comments about their boss on Facebook, blogs, etc.. What’s your opinion of this?
* If you’ve been seeking employment for six months and were finally offered a job you detested, would you take it anyway?
* What do you consider to be the underlying cause of the rise of suicide and depression in today’s youth?
* Do you think airport body scanning is an invasion of privacy right?
* President Obama wants to add $12 million dollars to community colleges; is this a wise choice in our current economy?
* What are your thoughts on granting amnesty to illegal immigrants?
* You’ve just been elected Governor, what is the first priority on you agenda?
* Why do you think politicians are in such a hurry to overhaul our health care system?
* Why is teenage pregnancy rising and what should we do about it?
* What should be the rule for using cell phones while driving?
* Current trends show increasing female enrollment and decreasing enrollment of males in college; why do you think this is?
* If you could trade places with any political figure or celebrity, who would it be?
* Do you think doctors who prescribe medication to celebrities (such as Michael Jackson) should be held criminally responsible?
* What must the Republican Party do to become a force in the next presidential election?
* Do you consider it fair for overweigh airline passengers to have to purchase two seats?
* Who’s the most influential woman in the US?
* Senator, Barbra Boxer, of California, publicly admonished an army general for calling her Ma’am instead of Senator; what would you do in that situation?
* President Obama recently said “we do not consider ourselves to be a Christian country;” what are your thoughts?
* What affect will the US’ 23 trillion dollar deficit have on your generation?
* Should the United States be the world’s universal policemen or mind our own business?
* Do you agree or disagree on the United States’ stance on Iran?
* Is it fair for airlines to charge additional fees for extra baggage and seating, etc..
* Which is more important in today’s job market, beauty or intellect?
* What should the American auto industry do to compete with for foreign manufacturers?
* Defend or criticize Obama’s actions in Iran.
* Do you think our court judges should be elected or appointed?
* Has our government gone too far in bailing out the banks, auto industry and other corporations?
* Other than a biblical personality, what person would you go back in time to meet and what would you talk about?
* Is Hilary Clinton better suited as Secretary of State or Vice President?

I found many of the preliminary questions to be worded in a very one-sided way and I was disappointed that many contestants merely agreed with that point of view and didn't seem to listen to what was really asked or think for themselves. Nonetheless, these are great practice questions for any contestant, as your judging panel includes a range of people with varying political, religious and life views. Enjoy!

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