Friday, September 21, 2007


*** BREAKING PAGEANT NEWS: Miss Ohio has adopted a “cap” for the local CMN donations. In short, once a contestant raises $400 she may enter all subsequent local pageants for “free." ***

There has been confusion about the specifics of the CMN donation requirements, so I decided to go direct to the source and get some straight answers. I emailed the Miss Ohio office and am appreciative of the following answers Executive Director, Jeri Waite, provided…

Q: In Ohio, is there a deadline for when the $100 for a local pageant must be turned in? If a contestant does not have it by the day of the pageant, can she still compete and turn it in later?

The Local establishes the deadline and can grant a grace period because of cash or check contributions but the contestant cannot compete in additional locals until the $100 requirement is met at the first local. Common sense should dictate to the local that if a contestant is a "slow pay", contributions should be in in advance of competition.

Q: Similarly, if a contestant applies for a local, but can not come up with the CMN money and must pull out of the pageant, does that count as a strike against her in terms of the No Show policy?

Not meeting the required contribution level can be counted against contestants because a tough competition could be avoided by not raising the necessary contributions.

Q: Is Ohio implementing the $400 or 4 locals “cap” Miss America is now allowing?

The $400 threshold, although it could possibly hurt locals held later in the year, has been adopted in Ohio for the current year of competition ending June 21, 2008. I emphasize that this can change on a year-to-year basis.

Jeri further wrote: We are barely 8 months into this relationship between CMN and MAO and we will have "growing pains" going forward not unlike those we have already experienced to this point. With anything new, there are challenges, but with patience, understanding, and cooperation, we can make this a very successful joint venture.

The CMN donation requirement is certainly not popular, but if it has to exist, I think the $400 cap is at least a compromise. In my opinion, it will now be easier for contestants to set a goal of $400… If they win one of their first three pageants, then the additional money should then just roll over to their state requirement, right?

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