Sunday, August 21, 2011

Miss America's Outstanding Teen - Complete Results!

Congratulations to all the Teens for a strong showing in Orlando this weekend!  Below are the complete results, per an official press release from the organization.  I am confused about one part of it; the remaining Top 10 received $1,500 each, then there is a line saying "All contestants not in the Top 10 Finalist $1,000 Scholarship each."  Does that mean the remaining Top 15 (including my beloved Ohio and California) don't get anything more than all the non-semifinalists?

Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2012 ($25,000) 
Miss Florida's Outstanding Teen 2011 Elizabeth Fechtel  

First Runner Up ($15,000)  
Miss Michigan's Outstanding Teen 2011 Marissa Cowans
Second Runner Up ($10,000) 
Miss Alabama's Outstanding Teen 2011 Mi'a Callens
Third Runner Up ($5,000) 
 Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen 2011 Reilly Johannsen
Fourth Runner Up ($2,000) 
Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2011 Alexis Houle

Remaining Top 10 Finalists ($1,500 each)
Miss Colorado's Outstanding Teen 2011 Meredith Winnefield
Miss Georgia'sOutstanding Teen 2011 Julia Martin
Miss New Jersey's Outstanding Teen 2011 Natalie Ragazzo
Miss Rhode Island's Outstanding Teen 2011 Ivy Shen
Miss Utah's Outstanding Teen 2011 Tiare Keeno

 Preliminary Evening Wear Awards ($500 each)
Miss Nebraska's Outstanding Teen 2011 Brooke Ludemann
Miss Illinois' Outstanding Teen 2011 Summer Robbins
Miss Florida's Outstanding Teen 2011 Elizabeth Fechtel
Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2011 Alexis Houle

Preliminary Talent Awards ($500 each)
Miss Rhode Island's Outstanding Teen 2011 Ivy Shen
Miss Alabama's Outstanding Teen 2011 Mi'a Callens
Miss Washington's Outstanding Teen 2011 Nicole Renard

Non-finalist Evening Wear Award ($500) 
Miss Missouri's Outstanding Teen 2011 McKensie Garber

Non-finalist Interview Award ($500) 
Miss Illinois' Outstanding Teen 2011 Summer Robbins

Non-finalist Talent Award ($500) 
Miss Washington's Outstanding Teen 2011 Nicole Renard

Instrumental Talent Awards ($500 each)
Miss Louisiana's Outstanding Teen 2011 Justine Ker 
Miss Rhode Island's Outstanding Teen 2011 Ivy Shen

Teens In Action Award (Platform) ($500) 
Miss Utah's Outstanding Teen 2011 Tiare Keeno

All contestants not in the Top 10 Finalist $1,000 Scholarship  each

Spirit of America Award ($1,000) 
Miss Wyoming's Outstanding Teen 2011 Montana Sannes

Scholastics Excellence Award (Highest GPA) ($1,000*) 
 Miss Louisiana's Outstanding Teen Justine Ker

Outstanding Achievement in Academic Life (GPA + Resume) ($1,000) 
Miss Pennsylvania's Outstanding Teen 2011 Kaitlynne Kline

Community Service Award for Childrens Miracle Network ($1,000) 
Miss West Virginia's Outstanding Teen 2011 Isabel Raese

Photogenic Award ($500) 
 Miss Arkansas' Outstanding Teen 2011 Ashton Campbell

Advertising Awards (totaling $3,000)
First winner - Miss West Virginia's Outstanding Teen 2011 Isabel Raese
Second winner - Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen 2011 Reilly Johannsen
Third winner - Miss Montana's Outstanding Teen 2011 Jalyssa Gorder

People's Choice Awards (voted into Top 15) 
Miss New Jersey's Outstanding Teen 2011 - Natalie Ragazzo
Miss North Carolina's Outstanding Teen 2011 - McKenzie Jade Faggart

Auburn University
Four year renewable scholarship up to full tution awarded to
Miss Alabama's Outstanding Teen 2011 Mi'a Callens
Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2012 Elizabeth Fechtel

Four year renewable scholarship up to $15,000 to -
Miss Alaska's Outstanding Teen 2011 Hannah Rockwell
Miss Louisiana's Outstanding Teen 2011 Justine Ker
Miss South Dakota's Outstanding Teen 2011 Alexis Kosiak

Saturday, August 20, 2011

RESULTS: The new Miss America's Outstanding Teen is FLORIDA!!!

Miss America's Outstanding Teen

1st RU - Michigan 
2nd RU - Alabama
3rd RU - Texas
4th RU - Minnesota


Rhode Island, Michigan, Alabama, Minnesota, Florida, Utah, New Jersey, Georgia, Colorado & Texas

And with that... I have to go back to work.  Find results on Twitter!  @Fourpoints


New Jersey & North Carolina (People's Choice online selections)
Louisiana, Michigan, Rhode Island, Colorado,  Minnesota, Utah, OHIO, Texas, CALIFORNIA, Alabama, Georgia, Iowa & Florida

After these 15 Teens compete in Gown and Onstage Questions, they will cut to 10 and compete in Talent!


So how did the preliminary winners do?   4 of 7 made the cut!
Talent winners, Alabama and Rhode Island advanced (while Washington did not).  Two Gown /OSQ winners make the Top 15, Florida and Minnesota (Nebraska and Illinois did not).

Note, Semifinalists Alabama, Utah and Florida were Teens In Action finalists and Louisiana won the Scholastic Award.  

Friday, August 19, 2011

RESULTS: MAO Teen Preliminary Night Three!

Talent: Washington

Gown: Minnesota 

Washington's Nicole Renard (above) captured the final Talent award last night with a dance routine, as the preliminary competition for Miss America's Outstanding Teen concluded in Orlando.  Evening Gown / Onstage Question went to Alexis Houle of Minnesota (below).  Thus, there were no double preliminary winners. 

Preliminary wrap-up!

Talent winners:
Rhode Island

Gown/OSQ winners: 

Ohio's Kesley Barrett has done a wonderful job!  Her mom released this photo, via twitter, of Kelsey's competition gown: 

This was taken by Timothy R. Russell at her send-off party. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

RESULTS: MAO Teen Preliminary Night Two!

Talent: Alabama

Gown: Florida

Alabama's Mi'a Callens sang and played the piano.  I'm always annoyed when official press releases don't include the name of the song selection; I mean, really!?  Give the people the information they want!  I read online it may have been "Hiding Underwater" by Beth Hart.    

Florida's Elizabeth Fetchel captured the Gown award.  Elizabeth received her state crown from her younger sister, Mary Katherine! Last year Mary Katherine earned Non-finalist Talent and Photogenic awards at Miss America's Outstanding Teen for Florida.  In the press release it actually says "Evening Gown/On Stage Question" award, which makes me wonder, is it a combination of those scores?  I'll tweet and ask them... 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

RESULTS: MAO Teen Preliminary Night One!

Last night the competition began to find the next Miss America's Outstanding Teen! Preliminary awards are given for Talent and Evening Gown; other areas of competition are Fitnesswear, Onstage Question and Private Interview. To view the contestant order and competition schedule, CLICK HERE.  Last night Ohio's Kelsey Barrett presented her Fitnesswear routine; tonight she will perform in Talent and Thursday she models her evening gown and answers an onstage question.  The finale is Saturday night in Orlando, Florida.  No, it will not be webcast, sadly. 

Night One Winners: 

Talent: Rhode Island

Gown: Illinois & Nebraska 

Rhode Island's Ivy Shen is receiving rave reviews for her classical violin performance. Summer Robbins of Illinois (below left) and Nebraska's Brooke Ludermann tied for the Evening Gown award. 

Also, five finalist were announced for the Teens in Action award, which I believe is similar to the Miss America Quality of Life award.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ellen's Official Headshot and Info!

Miss Ohio, Ellen Bryan's official headshot has been added to the Miss America website, along with the following information.  My only confusion is the Scholastic Ambition; she already graduated with a Bachelors...?

Ellen Bryan

Celina, Ohio
Age: 22

Celina High School
Ball State University

Platform Issue: Promoting Lightning Awareness

Scholastic Ambition: Graduate with a Bachelor of the Arts Degree

Talent: Vocal

Scholastic Honors: John R. and Aline B. Emens Scholar, Perham Scholar Women of Achievement, Harry S. Truman Scholarship Finalist

Career Ambition: Become a TV News Anchor and Reporter


Here are some of Ellen's upcoming appearances: 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

RESULTS: Miss North Coast

Miss North Coast ($500): Jessica Nelson

 1st RU ($200): Priya Sharma
 2nd RU ($125): Chrissy Porter
 3rd RU ($100): Alicia Huyghe
 4th RU ($75): Mahogany Fleming

Swimsuit ($50): Mahogany Fleming
Non-finalist Talent ($100): Kayla Bayless 

Each non-finalist receives $50.

RESULTS: Miss West Central Ohio & Crystal Lake

Miss West Central Ohio 
Elissa McCracken 

Miss Crystal Lake 
Devon Stansbury

1st RU: Kirsten Fennig
2nd Runner-up: Samantha Hartings
3rd Runner-up: Mindy Fetzer 

Talent: Elissa McCracken
Interview: Kirsten Fennig
Swimsuit: Samantha Hartings

People's Choice: Mindy Fetzer

Thursday, August 4, 2011

This weekend - 1 send-off, 2 pageant and 3 crowns! 
Scroll below for all the contestants.

Miss West Central Ohio & Crystal Lake 
Friday, August 5th in Lima 

Miss North Coast
Saturday, August 6th in Brunswich 

Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen Send-off
Sunday, August 7th, Wapakoneta

Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen's Send-off

RSVP by TOMORROW, Friday, August 5th for Kelsey Barrett's Send-off to the Miss America's Outstanding Teen Pageant!

Best of Luck the the Miss North Coast Program!

Last year former teen competitor, Chelsi Howman, bested two women who had previously competed at Miss Ohio to win her first title, Miss North Coast! Having just graduated high school, I believe she was the youngest contestant in Mansfield this summer; now she is headed to the University of Mount Union for Middle Childhood Education. She earned an award for her Americanism essay at Miss Ohio and shocked me with her entertaining and charming her banjo performance! 

Brunswick High School will host the 7 p.m. pageant this Saturday, August 6th. Twelve women are vying for Chelsi's Miss North Coast crown; will it go to one of three women who have been to Miss Ohio or will history repeat itself? Kayla Bayless looks like she may be a promising new contestant, but only time will tell...!  

Chrissy Porter
Education: St. Marys of Notre Dame / Broadcast Journalism
Pageant Past:

Allison Vance 
Education: Ohio State University / Music
Talent: vocal
Platform: Suicide Prevention Awareness
Pageant Past: recently competed at GC/CC and a couple time last season

Ashliegh Jarzenski
Education: Ashland University / Digital Media & Journalism
Talent: dance
Platform: Habitat for Humanity
Pageant Past: recently competed at GC/CC and a few times last year, including this pageant

Loren Baker
Education: University of Toledo
Talent: vocal
Platform: Arts in Schools
Pageant Past: n/a

Alicia Huyghe
Education: Cleveland State University / Dance & Exercise Science
Talent: tap dance
Platform: “CUE: Children Understanding the Environment”
Pageant Past: competed at Miss Ohio 2011 as Miss Heart of Ohio

Mahogany Fleming
Education: University of Toledo / Pharmaceutical Sciences ?
Talent: vocal ?
Pageant Past:  none found

Jessica Nelson
Education: University of Toledo / Pre-Veterinary & Biology
Talent: dance
Platform: P.E.T.S. Promoting Education, Training & Safety
Pageant Past: competed at Miss Ohio 2011 as Miss Cuyahoga County

Heather Renee Isbell
Education: New York Institute of Photography
Talent: vocal
Platform:  'Love Doesn't Hurt': Ending Relationship Abuse
Pageant Past: competed in a couple pageants last season; National American Miss and community queen festival experience

Priya Sharma
Education: Ohio State University, graduate; Cleveland State University, Masters / Occupational Therapy
Talent: Bollywood dance
Platform: Promoting Cancer Research & Awareness
Pageant Past: competed at Miss Ohio 2011 as Miss Huron County

Haley Sims
Education: 2011 North Royalton High grad; University of Cincinnati / Nutrition
Talent: vocal
Platform:  Healthy Habits & Personal Fitness
Pageant Past: competed at Miss GC/CC; Miss North Royalton 2010 (non-MAO)

Amber Galloway
Education: 2011 Brunswich High grad;  University of Akron
Talent: vocal
Platform: Preventing Child Abuse ?
Pageant Past: competed at Maple City last year and community teen pageants

Kayla Bayless
Education: University of Akron / Political Science & Pre-Law
Talent: baton
Platform: Anti-Bullying Awareness
Pageant Past: twirling pageant participant

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Best of Luck to the Miss West Central Ohio & Crystal Lake Program!

This Friday, August 5th, a favorite and former Miss America, Katie Stam Irk, will host the Miss West Central Ohio and Crystal Lake Pageant!  The pre-show starts at 7:15 p.m. in downtown Lima, at the Civic Center, with the pageant beginning at 8 p.m. Local Teen and Miss titleholders are invited to wear their crowns and sashes and will be introduced onstage during the pre-show; if you would like to participate, email

It's not too difficult to argue that the Miss West Central Ohio Scholarship Program was one of, if not the, most successful local at Miss Ohio this year!  Miss Crystal Lake's Outstanding Teen, Kelsey Barrett captured the Teen crown and will compete in Orlando this August to become Miss America's Outstanding Teen.  Miss West Central Ohio's Outstanding Teen, Hannah Tumbusch, also did a wonderful job.   

All three Miss titleholders walked away from Miss Ohio with their arms full of awards! Shannon O'Neill, Miss Crystal Lake, was 4th Runner-up and won Preliminary Talent (singing "Blue Skies"), Marvin Hamlisch Grand Talent, Miss America Community Service, CMNH Miricle Maker and  M. O'Guinn Memorial Awards.  With all due respect to the entire Top 5, Shannon's placement seemed low and surprise murmured through the Renaissance Theatre. 

Miss West Central Ohio, Cayla Hellwarth, also won a Preliminary Talent award.  She didn't make the Top 10, but may have actually earned more money than some semi-finalists with a Non-Semifinalist Talent award and two Classical Talent Awards!  Cayla sang "Gira Con Me," popularized by Josh Groban. 

Rounding out the talented bunch, Miss Lima Square Fair, Elissa McCracken won the other Non-Semifinalist Talent award (playing "Cumina"), as well as Community Service and Americanism essay awards and the Paul Herlihy Newcomer Spirit award!  She has opted not to participate in the pageant as an outgiong titleholder; rather she is one of eight contestants.  Usually when this is the case, the competing outgoing titleholder is eligible for one of the other titles given in the multi-crown pageant (you may not hold the same title back-to-back); unfortunately the pageant did not get enough entrants to give three crowns this year, so it's not an issue.  No one will be crowned Miss Lima Square Fair.

Crowns will be awarded to two of the following eight contestants:  

Mindy Fetzer
Education: University of Akron
Talent: dance
Pageant Past: has competed in this pageant the past couple years; Jr. Miss experience  

Tanya Korte
Pageant Past:
 none found

Devon Stansbury
Education: University of Cincinnati / Psychology & PR
Talent: dance
Platform: "Angels for Animals," Be their W.I.N.G.S.
Pageant Past: competed at Miss Ohio as Miss Lake Festival and Miss Mohican Valley

Nicole Baringer
Education: Ball State University / Spanish & Theater
Talent: vocal
Platform: Girls, Inc.
Pageant Past: n/a

Kirsten Fennig
Education: Celina High School, 2011 grad; Ohio State University / Human Resources & Psychology
Talent: piano
Platform: American Red Cross
Pageant Past:  recently 2nd RU at Miss Lake Festival; competed in a few Miss locals last year, and Teen locals previously

Elissa McCracken
Education: Ohio Northern University / Pharmacy
Talent: piano
Platform: Internet Safety
Pageant Past: earned Non-semifinalist Talent, Community Service & P.H. Spirit Awards at Miss Ohio 2011 at Miss Lima Square Fair; Non-semifinalist Interview award at Miss Pennsylvania 2009 as Miss Greater Johnston; competed at Miss Pennsylvania's Outstanding Teen 2008

Alana Richardson
Education: Harden Northern High, 2011 grad; American Public University System / Early Childhood Education
Pageant Past:
none found

Samantha Hartings
Education: Ohio Northern University / Pharmacy
Talent: dance
Platform: Books for PLAY: Promoting Literacy...
Pageant Past: competed at this pageant last year; teen experience