Saturday, March 31, 2007

Congratulations to the new Miss Hamilton, Heather Lindsay!

Congratulations to the new Miss Hamilton, Heather Lindsay! Heather is a 20 year old International Business major at Sinclair Community College in Dayton. Tonight she sang “Standup for Love” for the talent competition and her platform is Big Brothers Big Sisters: Helping Children Reach Their Greatest Potential. Heather enjoys playing softball, singing and dancing.

This is her first title in the Miss Ohio system; she proves the adage “third time’s a charm” as she competed in the past two locals (Miss Central Ohio and Miss Greater Dayton) and I believe they were her first two locals.
Heather also won awards for Outstanding Talent, Onstage Question, Evening Gown and Swimsuit.

[Above left to right: 4th RU Melissa Davish, 2nd RU Alyssa Hanson, Miss Hamilton 2007 Heather Lindsay, 1st RU Katie Camp and Miss Hamilton 2006 Nicole Masters.]

The photos above are from Miss Ohio photographer Paul Krajnyak; special thanks to him for posting them and all the results on his new website Miss Ohio News, check it out for more post-pageant photos and a link to competition photos.

The First Runner-up was pageant veteran Katie Camp. This 20 year old is a tap dancer, usually performing to “Sandman.” She attends Wright State University; the Miss Hamilton website lists her major as Business Marketing, while her Facebook profile says Dance… take your pick. Katie’s platform is Mentoring Through the Arts and she is a Jr. Member of Dance Masters of America.

The 2nd Runner-up was 18 year old Alyssa Hanson. She is a vocalist attending Oakwood High School who advocates Embracing Identity through Personal Achievement. She is involved in Oakwood Giving, Project Support and Muse Machine. Alyssa has made a splash in the Miss Ohio system, placing in most of the first few preliminaries she’s competed in.

The 3rd Runner-up was Kelly Sirk. Kelly, originally from Cincinnati, is a Resident Assistant at Northern Kentucky University where she is studying Public Relations. She is also a member of several honors societies. Her platform is Homelessness Awareness: Breaking Down Stereotypes; for the talent competition this 21 year old performed “Scuba Lessons” a comedic monologue. Kelly was also awarded the coveted Miss Congeniality Award.

The 4th Runner-up was 19 year old Melissa Davish. She’s a Business major at Bowling Green State University (Go Falcons!) where she is on the Dean’s List. She performed a gymnastics routine to “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend;” Melissa’s platform is Raising a Health Conscience Generation. In addition to being a runner-up, Melissa won the Outstanding Interview Award.

The People’s Choice Award went to Rachael Yokers. She is a 17 year old attending Hamilton High School with hopes of pursuing Music Education and Performance in college. Rachel is well on her way as she is the Principal Chair of the Great Miami Youth Symphony Orchestra. She played the flute for the talent competition and her platform is No Artist Left Behind: Keep the Arts in Education.

The headshots above were taken by Nick Graham Photography, the official Miss Hamilton Photographer; all information came from the Miss Hamilton website.

Congratulations to the New Butler County Outstanding Teen, Aunjanna Million

Last night in Hamilton, 13 year old Aunjanna Million was crowned Butler County’s Outstanding Teen! She is a 7th Grader at Vail Middle School who plays soccer and participates in track and cheerleading. She enjoys playing with her brother and sister, going to mentoring groups, singing and dancing. For the talent competition she performed a self choreographed dance. Her community involvement includes food and clothing drives, volunteering at church and tutoring, specifically helping those with neurological disorders.

With her crown she has won the opportunity to compete for the title of Miss Ohio’s Outstanding Teen on June 15 in Mansfield, during Miss Ohio week. This pageant is, of course, a feeder program to the Miss America Scholarship program; Outstanding Teen pageants are very similar to Miss pageants, except the teens model “active wear” instead of swimsuits.

The First Runner-up was Angela DeCello, a 17 year old vocalist. She is a Junior at Talawanda High School. She enjoys reading, writing, cooking and is involved in St. Mary’s Youth Group.

Second Runner-up honors went to Katie Denning, a dancer. This 15 year old is a Freshman at Hamilton High School; she enjoys cheerleading, dancing, swimming, football and sports and is involved in a local food bank and St. Raphael’s.

The Third Runner-up was 13 year old Brittany Nicole Kelley. She is a 7th Grader at Wilson Junior High who participates in tennis and cheerleading and enjoys singing, scrapbooking, camping and horseback riding. She tutors elementary students and was awarded an honor of achievement by Head Start Preschool Program for raising the most books to be donated to the program. Also, Brittany danced to raise money for the Cure Our Kid’s Foundation for Cystic Fibrosis. She performed a Tahitian and Hula Dance.

Finally, the Fourth Runner-up was Leah Burch. This 16 year old is a Sophomore at Talawanda High School. She is an FFA member and participated in Relay for Life. Leah enjoys horseback riding, tap, jazz and ballet; not surprisingly she performed a dance routine for the talent competition.

All of the above photos were by Nick Graham Photography, the official Miss Hamilton Photographer; all information came from the Miss Hamilton website.

Aunjanna Million joins Kellie Kulka, Maumee Valley’s Outstanding Teen and Ashley Miller, Portsmouth’s Outstanding Teen. While these are the only three local programs to hold teen pageants, young women may enter Miss Ohio’s Outstanding Teen pageant “at large.” CLICK HERE for all the information.

Pageant Press: Butler County teen pageant winner is one in a Million

Butler County teen pageant winner is one in a Million

By Denise Wilson, The Oxford Press Staff Writer

Friday, March 30, 2007

Aunjanna Million of Middletown outlasted eight other teens from Hamilton, Fairfield and Oxford to be crowned the first-ever Miss Butler County Outstanding Teen 2007, earning a $500 savings bond and an opportunity to compete at the state level...The Miss Butler County Outstanding Teen competition was launched this year to give younger girls an opportunity to learn about leadership...

CLICK HERE for the entire article.

Best of Luck to the Miss Hamilton Scholarship Program!

Last night a new Butler County Outstanding Teen was crowned! I’ve not heard who won, but CLICK HERE to meet the contestants.

This Outstanding Teen program is a sister pageant to the Miss Hamilton Scholarship program and tonight the always sweet Nicole Masters will crown a new Miss Hamilton! Nicole, seen in evening gown on the left at Miss Ohio, holds an Early Education degree from Miami of Ohio, advocated Education as her pageant platform and embodies everything you would expect of an elementary teacher! A long-time pageant contestant, Nicole competed at Miss Ohio for the first time as Miss Hamilton, but unfortunately has now “aged-out.”

I really enjoyed getting to know Nicole; she is one of the most upbeat and positive people I’ve ever met. Painting a Habitat for Humanity House with her at last year's Miss Ohio Community Service day and hearing all about her haunted house is a Miss Ohio experience I’ll always remember!

She will crown one of the following women tonight at 7 p.m. in Hamilton Ohio’s Old Moose Event Center. Miss Ohio Melanie Murphy and Miss Miami Valley Sophia Davis will be on hand to help Nicole emcee and entertain. Click the link above to find more information. Best of luck to everyone! [The photos below were taken by Nick Graham Photography]

Katie Camp, age 20, is majoring in Business Marketing at Wright State University. She is a tap dancer who promotes Mentoring Through the Arts. Katie places in pageants consistently; last year she was Fourth Runner-up at Miss Hamilton.

19 year old Melissa Davish is a Business major at Bowling Green State University (Go Falcons!). She will perform a gymnastics routine to “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend;” Melissa’s platform is Raising a Health Conscience Generation.

Taylor Dobler attends Miami University, Oxford, where she studies Mass Communications; she is 19. Taylor will play the piano for the talent portion and her platform is Coach for Change, After School Sports Mentoring.

Alyssa Hanson, age 18, is a vocalist attending Oakwood High School. Her platform is Embracing Identity Through Personal Achievement. Alyssa was recently First Runner-up at Miss Greater Dayton.

17 year old Rachael Huber attends Hamilton High School. She is a dancer who advocated Volunteerism in America.

University of Cincinnati student Kristen Liguori studies Electronic Media. This 20 year old vocalist advocates Community Service: Give and Grow. Kristen has competed at recent pageants, thus qualifying to compete in Ohio’s Sweetheart pageant.

Heather Lindsay attends Sinclair Community College. She is a 20 year old studying International Business. She will sing “Standup for Love;” Heather’s platform is Big Brothers Big Sisters: Helping Children Reach Their Greatest Potential. She has also qualified to compete in Ohio’s Sweetheart pageant.

Kelly Sirk, age 21, advocates Homelessness Awareness: Breaking Down Stereotypes. She studies Public Relations at Northern Kentucky University; Kelly will perform “Scuba Lessons” a comedic monologue.

18 year old Lauren Sprague is pursuing Musical Theatre at the University of Cincinnati’s Conservatory of Music. She will sing a vocal medley of “Anything Goes”/”Poor Sweet Baby.” This name seems so familiar to me… but I can’t seem to find any other pageants she’s competed in. Leave a comment in you have any info about her pageant history or platform.

Rachael Yokers, age 17, attends Hamilton High School and hopes to pursue Music Education and Performance in college. She will play the flute for the talent competition and her platform is No Artist Left Behind: Keep the Arts in Education.

Pageant Press: Butler County youth and teens compete for pageant crowns

Butler County youth and teens compete for pageant crowns
By Cameron Fullam, The Pulse-Journal
Monday, March 26, 2007

Reigning Miss Hamilton Nicole Masters is ready to pass on her crown and open the door for another young woman to pursue her dream of becoming the next Miss America..."This is really just to focus on getting women prepared financially for when they go on to college," said Jacky Johnson, the Miss Hamilton competition executive director. "It's also a great way to help a person develop."

CLICK HERE for the entire article.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Much Miss America Press

March 28, 2007

Seven years ago Lauren Nelson found herself almost the victim of an online predator. Now, the
20-year-old Miss America is helping children, teens and parents learn how to avoid similar situations..."There are tips that I give to kids, there are tips that I give to parents," she said this week. "Kids, don't talk to strangers, don't share personal information and involve an adult if you feel uncomfortable."Parents, be involved with your kids activities, download the available software, and definitely keep the computer in a high-traffic area."

E! News Online: Miss America Homeless Again Miss America Dumped Again

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Breaking Pageant News: Miss America and Miss Teen USA lose TV deals!

By Kathleen Hennessey, Associated Press Writer
March 29, 2007

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- The Miss America Pageant has been dropped by Country Music Television, leaving the 86-year-old pageant without a TV outlet for the second time in three years.

The Viacom-owned network, which had rights to air the pageant through 2011, notified the Atlantic City, N.J.-based organization that it will not exercise its option to televise the contest "in 2008 and beyond," the cable network said in a statement issued to The Associated Press on Thursday.

Pageant officials said they've begun the search for a new TV home.

"We are embarking on discussions with potential new television partners to further expand our new marketing efforts and to ultimately broaden our viewership," pageant head Art McMaster said in a statement.

The news is another blow for an American institution that has struggled to find a place in modern popular culture. After 50 years on network television, ABC dropped Miss America in 2004 when ratings fell to a record low. CMT picked up the pageant, moved it to Las Vegas from its home in Atlantic City and updated its look with reality-TV elements.

While this is obviously a huge blow to the pageant, rumor has it Mario Lopez would like to host again in 2008 and Las Vegas’ Aladdin Resort and Casino would still like to host. I’m not a country music fan, so my hope is that the program moves to a network that is less geared toward one theme and demographic.

Similarly, Miss Teen USA is looking for a new TV home.

Not part of the pact: the Miss Teen USA pageant. Peacock has opted to drop its broadcasts of that event, though the Miss Universe Organization will continue to produce it.
Final broadcast of Miss Teen USA on NBC will be this August. No word yet on a new home for that pageant.

CLICK HERE for the entire Variety article written by Josef Adalian yesterday.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Puppy, For Your Amusement!

I have been SO BUSY lately! I don’t have the mental capacity to write anything intelligent right now, so instead, enjoy pictures of my puppy taken a few weeks ago at my parent's house. :)

In the first two pictures on the left Hanz, the Great Dane, is only 7 weeks old; in the last he's about 9 weeks. In all the pictures on the right he is 18 and a half weeks!
And my dad's age...? How rude of you to ask! CLICK EACH TO ENLARGE.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Congratulations to the New Miss USA, Miss Tennessee!

Tennessee was knocked out of the NCAA Championship last night, but they’re at the top of their pageant game tonight! I am elated with the crowing of Rachel Smith as the new Miss USA! She is gorgeous, exudes personality and was incredibly articulate and accomplished, having volunteered at Oprah's new leadership school for girls in South Africa!

Miss USA: Miss Tennesse, Rachel Smith
First Runner-up: Miss Rhode Island, Danielle Lacourse
Second Runner-up: Miss Kansas, Cara Renee Gorges
Third Runner-up: Miss California, Meagan Yvonne Tandy

Fourth Runner- up: Miss Nevada, Helen Salas

The Top 15: Miss Virginia, Miss Rhode Island, Miss South Carolina, Miss Utah, Miss Hawaii, Miss Texas, Miss Kansas, Miss Missouri, Miss California, Miss Nevada, Miss Michigan, Miss Louisiana, Miss North Carolina, Miss Tennessee and Miss Wisconsin

Miss Congeniality was awarded to Stephanie Ann Trudeau, Miss Montana. [Above left.] Viewers selected Rebecca Moore, Miss Alabama as Miss Photogenic. [Above right.]

Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Reason Why Not Everyone Should Have A Blog… Or A Crown!

I’ve been doing a lot of web surfing about the Miss USA Pageant, the finals of which will air live on NBC this Friday. The “buzz” this year is around Miss Virginia, Miss Texas, Miss Tennessee and Miss South Carolina, but what’s much more interesting is the controversy around Miss Oregon’s blog. Sharitha McKenzie [left], a 23 year old with a B.A. in Journalism, who is representing Oregon, wrote the following:

I was sitting in the airport with my crown and sash on with people starring at me. One guy even said, "Gee, she must be proud of herself wearing that sash everywhere." I hate comments like that…. Rosalin, one of the two people who escorted us to the hotel, cussed a driver out….

We arrived at the hotel and as soon as I got there, they fitted me for swimsuits, my Tadashi dress, and shoes. I did interviews, answered questions for the judges and they gave me free stuff as well.

Some of the girls had already been here for a whole day and were done in two days with what took me one day. I was so exhausted that day and very overwhelmed.

I waited so long for my Fadil shoot, I was the very last person to shoot with him out of all the states. I got so cold waiting I felt myself getting sick. My throat was hurting and my body felt like it was shutting down.

We had a welcome cocktail event in the Wilshire Ballroom. During the party they pretty much forced us to mingle with sponsors, a lot of whom were men who were intoxicated. I got dizzy and had to sit down for about a half an hour. I was running a fever and felt the way I did when I fainted in the Post Office two years ago. The nurse stayed by me for about an hour. I started to feel better and stood up and Esther the PR women for Miss Universe made me dance. It's so funny how "Wagging the Dog" works; everywhere we've gone, we've had to fake like we're having fun to put it on the Internet for people to think we're doing more than we are. Don’t get me wrong we are busy, but it's also a lot of hurry up and wait. One of the waiters…informed that this was something like a D List party that the people we were meeting were nobodys. LOL

...talked with Miss Nebraska USA about not believing in the national system but in the state systems.
Hard Rock Cafe autograph signing- Pageant seeming political.

This week have been feeling like I don't stand out and am just a number. Just need to rip my interview so that they know who the winner should be.

…it was Miss Universe Zuleyka Mendoza Rivera…I don't think I recognized her at first because she gained a lot of weight since she won Miss Universe. Don't get me wrong, she has curves, butt, thighs and I like the look

Most of the kids were black which was weird because the majority of kids in Oregon with Down Syndrome are white. But maybe that's just because, well it is Oregon, for Gods sake.

Tara had a chat with us about Being Miss USA…Before meeting her I was upset about the whole drug and alcohol thing but I realized its all a part of "the game." The game, as Miss Universe 1995 Chelsi Smith would call it, is what the Miss Universe organization is doing. Although many people think that Tara made the organization look bad, it shed light on pageantry and people actually are interested in pageants now.

My personal belief about the situation is that they planned and staged this months ago and maybe Tara does have a problem with addiction but it's not as bad as they make it out to be. They did a good job of "Wagging the Dog," something that most celebrities do. She also gained 10lbs but she said that when you go to rehab they feed you food with steroids in it to make you gain weight. She also mentioned she was engaged when she won but her fiance cheated on her and I guess she has a new man now.

CLICK HERE to read the entire patheitc entry, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets taken down soon.

This young woman clearly has no idea who her blog would reach or what it means to be a titleholder! Who is ignorant enough to post this as Miss Titleholder?!?! She lacks class and decorum. As someone who has passionately sought to represent a state, I am utterly disappointing that someone like this has gotten the opportunity and is clearly not appreciating it.

I’m quite sure all the negative experiences she described happened; having competed at state level pageants six times I know they can become utterly overwhelming and frustrating. HOWEVER, you must realize that being a titleholder is a thankless job. Attitude and endurance are critical in successfully making through a national pageant. Every woman has a few bad moments and will no doubt break down at some point during competition week, but you have to be intelligent enough to do it with grace and behind closed doors- not on the internet!

Pageant week is never ideal, nor is it as glamorous as outsiders assume it is, however if you can’t deal with it, you’d never be able to handle the title you’re seeking! I could go on and on about how upsetting it is to read this… I can’t begin to imagine how heartbroken the Miss Oregon USA contestants must be right now!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Best of Luck to Anna Melomud, Miss Ohio USA at Miss USA!

The Miss USA pageant will air live on NBC this Friday at 9 p.m.
CLICK HERE for press releases.
CLICK HERE to meet the judges.

CLICK HERE for videos of Anna Melomud, Miss Ohio USA, in preliminary Evening Gown and Swimsuit competition, as well as an unofficial interview; the photos below are from the same site.

CLICK HERE for more photos of Anna at Miss USA events in LA.
The photos below are floating about the internet...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Miss Central Ohio Photos!

My apologies! I was with limited internet last week while judging a National Forensics tournament and when blogging gets “out of my system” it’s slow to come back… As a result, the Miss Central Ohio pageant did not get the attention I usually give to locals. Allow me to atone for that…

Last Saturday Jodi Green gave up her title, Miss Central Ohio. Jodi holds degrees from Ohio State and Mt. Vernon Nazarene Universities in Early Childhood Education. She worked extremely hard to make it to Miss Ohio, for which she advocated "Together We Can Save a Life" - The Importance of Blood Donation. Jodi is a singer who has unfortunately aged-out.
On Saturday Jodi crowned Kasey Wilson the new Miss Central Ohio. In a fun twist, I’m pretty sure they were roommates at Miss Ohio! [Above: Jodi and Kasey at Miss Ohio; photo from Jodi's Facebook account.]

This is Kasey’s third crown, having made the Top 10 the past two years as Miss Licking County and Miss Clayland; she was also in the Top 15 in September at Miss Ohio USA. Kasey is a classical vocalist studying Voice and Theatre at Ohio State. Her pageant platform is MADD- Mother’s Against Drunk Driving. She pretty much swept the Miss Central Ohio pageant winning the Outstanding Interview, Talent and Evening Gown awards.

[The above photo of Kasey is a Miss Central Ohio tradition; below left to right: Miss Ohio Melanie Murphy, 1st RU Katie Camp, Miss Central Ohio '07 Kasey Wilson, 2nd RU Jenna Wilson, 3rd RU Megan Wombacker and Miss Central '06 Jodi Green]

The very determined Katie Camp was named First Runner-up and also won Swimsuit. [Though blurry, I love the reaction shot on the left, copied from Katie’s Facebook.] Katie studies Dance at Wright State University; she performed a tap routine to “Sandman.” Katie’s platform is Promoting the Arts.

The amazing Jenna Wilson was named Second Runner-up; granted, I’m biased! Jenna and I were roommates at Miss Ohio this past year as she represented Miss Southeastern Ohio. She is a Music major at Ohio University and she is a vocalist who works tirelessly with the March of Dimes.
CLICK HERE to learn more about Jenna. [On the right, Jenna and I after she won Miss SEO.]

Megan Wombacker was named Third Runner-up. Originally from Pennsylvania, she is a dancer studying Accounting and Marketing at Kent State University. Megan's platform is "Eye Care, You Care, We Care;" CLICK HERE for her website. [On the left she poses after the pageant with Miss Ohio 2005 Marlia Fontaine.]

The very deserving
Amy Allen was given the Spirit Award. She is vocalist pursuing her Master in Business at Mt. Vernon Nazeren. For her platform Amy works with Habitat for Humanity. [On the right, Amy and Miss Ohio 2006 Melanie Murphy.]

Below are some more great pictures I found on Facebook, where a lot of photo "sharing" goes on. I snagged these from Jodi Green, Amy Allen, Brandi Herceg, Katie Camp and Courtney Wallace, but I can't be sure from whom they originated. If it matters to you, leave a comment to give photo credit and CLICK TO ENLARGE EACH.

[Above left: the contestants pose with Jodi and Melanie; Right: Jodi crowns Kasey.]

[Above Left: Melanie, Kasey and Jodi with the Wise's; Right: Alyssa Hanson and Brandi Herceg.]

[Above Left: Kristen Liquori and Jackie Adams; Above right: Wow! Carissa Cook, former Miss Ohio Valley, looking fabulous in a new gown!]

[Above Left: Katie Camp, Heather Lindsay, Courtney Wallace, Alyssa Hanson, Brandi Herceg and Kristen Liguori; Right: Jackie Adams, Amy Allen, Krystle Formosa, Carissa Cook, Kasey Wilson and Megan Wombacker.]