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The Miss Ohio 2010 MISScellanea Awards: Most Promising 1st Year Contestant RESULT!

I thought it was a no-brainer to ask you, the fans, which first time Miss Ohio contestant you found most promsing. There were ten of them: Alyssa Waldman, Anna Reis, Cayla Hellwarth, Devon Stansbury, Elizabeth Wong, Heidi Negron, Meggie Wittman, Sarah Hider, Stephanie Beltz and Tera Coleman. I guess most of you agreed with the judges, and I shouldn't be surprised that the top vote getters were the first-timers who were in the Top 10, won awards or had known experience...

With 11.43% of the 70 votes, honorable mention goes to former Ohio Outstanding Teen, Sarah Hider.

In third place with 12.86% is Stephanie Beltz, winner of $1,750 in awards.

Second place goes to Top 10 finisher, Tera Coleman with an even 20%.

And the Missy for Most Promising 1st Year Contestant goes to...

Meggie Wittman!
Meggie received a strong 30% of your votes! She was one of only two new contestants to make the Top 10 and I agree that she had the poise and polish of an experienced contestant.

Kudos to all the first year competitors at Miss Ohio 2010; whether you choose to come back or not, I hope your experience in Mansfield was valuable.

The Return of the Miss Ohio 2010 Missy Awards: Most Improved RESULTS!

I'm sure it seemed like I'd forgotten about the MISScellanea Awards; I apologize. I guess I like to keep each new post at the top of the page for about a day and didn't want the Missys to get lost among the time-sensitive Miss Universe and Outstanding Teen posts. Maybe I should trust your ability to scroll down. ;)
I digress... THEY'RE BACK!!!

In the area of Most Improved I nominated Rebeka Zoz for the confidence and ease she brought to the stage her second year; Katie Bowen for the lovely new look everyone raved about; Whitney Fricke for improving herself into the Top 10 without loosing her freshness and Shannon O'Neill for a smashing new figure and lovely styling.

66 votes were cast and over half of you agreed!

The Most Improved Missy Award goes to...

Shannon O'Neill
Shannon lost 15 pounds (I believe) and ended up 1st Runner-up her third year of competition! She is currently in Hoopston, Illinois representing Ohio in the National Sweetheart Pageant. Good luck Shannon!

Monday, August 30, 2010

If a beauty queen is crowned in the forest...

If a beauty queen is crowned in the forest and there's no one there to watch it, does the crown sparkle?

No! I don't think it does!

As I recently tweeted, the coverage of Miss America's Outstanding Teen was RIDICULOUS this year... and not in a good way! At this point, I've only seen two "official" competition pictures (Wednesday and Thursday Talent winners) and some shots taken from the audience that focus on one contestant. The front page of the official MAO Teen website does not yet feature a banner or picture of the new winner; there is merely a link to a press release. The contestants had a photoshoot in Tony Bowls dresses and only the Miss Indiana organization has displayed their Teen's pictures. Tuesday and Wednesday cookie-cutter press releases were posted a couple hours after the competition. Thursday night it took several hours and after the finale it took twelve! During the prelims, Google and Yahoo news searches only revealed a couple articles about contestants getting ready to compete. Now that the pageant is over, there's one measly hit about Lacey, it's a tiny article from NewsOk.com. Saturday night during the pageant neither of the two official Miss America twitter accounts tweeted, nor did the teen twitter. Thank goodness for the tweets from FourPoints Magazine, but aren't they a separate/independent organization?

As a blogger, tweeter and person who has gotten decent quality photos to the public right after a pageant, I know that it's NOT THAT DIFFICULT!!! Then there's the issue of webcasting... That is not my area of expertise, but reliable sources tell me that it's not too tricky or expensive either.

It's as though everyone forgot that Miss America's Outstanding Teen is a NATIONAL pageant. There are locals in Ohio that do a better job of promotion! What really bothered me was when fans on the national unofficial message board wrote that they didn't expect national news coverage or think the pageant warrants it. Really? Then what's the point?

I'll admit that I was not a fan of this program when it began and I still can not stand any of the little princess propaganda, but what has me tripping all over my stilettos is my passion for promotion! In this day in age, the survival and success of most businesses, organizations and events hinges on the utilization of modern media. Seriously people, the President has Twitter and my dentist has a Facebook page! Having them isn't enough, you actually have to use them and all their FREE and glorious advantages; that is what MAO Teen is not doing.

I feel strongly that if you want people to care about your organization and what it's doing, you have to give people information. Fans want to see pictures, they want to know fun behind-the-scenes happenings and heaven forbid, we'd even like to know what the talent winners performed! When you don't give people information, they move on, they don't care anymore and your organization dies. Period. It is especially ridiculous to me because MAO Teen was created to be a feeder program for Miss America, but if you don't promote the Teen pageant, how is it supposed to grow and accomplish it's goal of building the Miss America program?


I suppose I'll carefully step my stilettos down from my soapbox now...

If you agree or disagree or moreover, if you can explain why things were like this I would really love for you to leave a comment!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2010 Pictures & Complete Results!

Teen photos:

Most of the photos above are from the

Visiting Miss States:

Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2010
complete results:

Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2011 & winner of a $30,000 scholarship -
Miss Oklahoma's Outstanding Teen Lacey Russ

First Runner Up & winner of a $15,000 scholarship -
Miss Alabama's Outstanding Teen Scarlett Walker
Second Runner Up & winner of a $10,000 scholarship -
Miss Georgia's Outstanding Teen Camille Sims
Third Runner Up & winner of a $5,000 scholarship -
Miss Washington's Outstanding Teen Victoria Renard
Fourth Runner Up & winner of a $3,000 scholarship -
Miss Virginia's Outstanding Teen Courtney Jamison

Remaining Top 10 Finalists & winners
of a $1,500 scholarship -
Miss Indiana's Outstanding Teen Katelyn Marak
Miss Kentucky's Outstanding Teen Laura Jones
Miss Michigan's Outstanding Teen Brooke Rowland
Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen Cecili Weber
Miss Pennsylvania's Outstanding Teen Jocelyn Gruber

Non-finalist Talent Award $500 - Miss Florida's Outstanding Teen Mary Katherine Fechtel
Non-finalist Evening Wear Award $500 - Miss Conneticut's Outstanding Teen Logan West
Non-finalist Interview Award $500 (Provided by the 2010 Judges Panel in honor of the MAOTeen Judges Commitee members) - Miss Iowa's Outstanding Teen Aly Olson

$1,000 Scholarship - All contestants not in the Top 10

B. Don Magness Spirit of America Award (Provided by the MAOT Sorority) $1,000 -
Miss Hawaii's Outstanding Teen Lena Merrill

Scholastics Excellence Award (Highest GPA) $1,000 -
Miss Michigan's Outstanding Teen Brooke Rowland
Outstanding Achievement in Academic Life (GPA + Resume) $1,000 (Provided by Bob Arnhym -CA) -
Miss Idaho's Outstanding Teen Katy Lootens

Community Service Award for Childrens Miracle Network $1,000 (Provided by Caitlin Brunell-MAOTeen 2008) -
Miss California's Outstanding Teen Shelby Sinkler

Miss Photogenic Award (Provided by Jenn Cady Design Photography and Supermodels Unlimited magazine) -
Miss Florida's Outstanding Teen Mary Katherine Fetchel

Advertising Awards (Provided by Grandesign)
Miss Colorado's Outstanding Teen Lexie O'Dowd -$2,500
Miss California's Outstanding Teen Shelby Sinkler -$1,500
Miss Mississippi's Outstanding Teen Christina Bostick -$500
Miss Oklahoma's Outstanding Teen Lacey Russ -$500

Instrumental Talent Award
(Provided by Dr. Glenn Harman) $500 each
Miss Kentucky's Outstanding Teen Laura Jones
Miss Virginia's Outstanding Teen Courtney Jamison

Nova Southeastern University Razor's Edge Leadership Program winner totaling $40,000 -
Miss Idaho's Outstanding Teen Katy Lootens

Troy University's Chancellor's Scholarship Award
totaling $56,000
Miss Montana's Outstanding Teen Amy Fox
Miss Oklahoma's Outstanding Teen Lacey Russ
Miss Washington's Outstanding Teen Victoria Renard
Miss West Virginia's Outstanding Teen Lacey Cyphers

Troy University's Millennium Scholarship Award
totaling $80,000
Miss Michigan's Outstanding Teen Brooke Rowland
Miss Rhode Island's Outstanding Teen Selina Wang

Auburn University Scholarship
Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2011 Lacey Russ
Miss Michigan's Outstanding Teen Brooke Rowland

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Congrats to the New Miss America's Outstanding Teen, Oklahoma!

Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2010
Lacey Russ

1st RU: Alabama
2nd RU: Georgia
3rd RU: Washington
4th RU: Virginia

Top 10
(What a conspiracy!!!)

Top 15
Rhode Island
New Jersey
New Hampshire

Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2010 Official Top 10

Pennsylvania * Alabama * OHIO
* Indiana * Virginia * Washington *
Georgia * Kentucky * Michigan * Oklahoma

These ten ladies are competing in Talent. Oddly, they announced the first five, including Ohio's Cecili Weber, but waited until they completed their performances before announcing the final five. How odd is that?! I could understand if it were a gimmick for a televised pageant, but there's no reason for that considering this pageant isn't even being webcast. Don't even get me started on that...

When I see this Top 10 list, I see Ohio and our neighbors (OH, IN, MI, PA & KY) versus four powerhouses (AL, VA, GA & OK)! hehe! :)

Also, 5 of the 6 prelim winners that made the first cut are still in it...!

Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2010 Official Top 15

OHIO * Michigan * Indiana * Utah
* Washington * Alabama * Oklahoma
* Rhode Island * Kentucky
* Pennsylvania * Virginia * New Jersey
* New Hampshire * Montana * Georgia

Of course, I'm ecstatic that Ohio's Cecili Weber made the Top 15! Interestingly, so did all our neighboring states - Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania AND Kentucky!

New England is also more represented than usual with New Hampshire, New Jersey and Rhode Island. Not only are the small state bringing the heat, there's also Washington, Montana and Utah, which usually aren't so big in competitive pageantry. On the other hand, some folks are surprised not to see the usual powerhouses like California, Texas, Arkansas or Florida!

The Top 15 are competing in Evening Gown and they've literally rolled out a red carpet on which the ladies will answer their Onstage Question, asked by former Miss America, Kirsten Haglund. After Gown and OSQ, the field will be cut to a Top 10. This bodes very well for Ohio's Cecili Weber, who won an Evening Gown Preliminary and charmed the audience with her prelim answer. Fingers crossed!!!


Cecili is already a preliminary Evening Gown winner and hopefully tonight she'll also be named to the Top 10! Best of luck Cecili, we're so proud of you, no matter what!

Banner by Timothy R. Russell.

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TUNE-IN ALERT: Katie on "Say Yes to the Dress" in 30 minutes!

Several months ago former Miss Cuyhoga Valley, Katie Wolford, contacted me in need of some photos I had taken while she was competing. Of course I was happy to ablige, especially when I found out it was for one of my favorite guilty pleasure reality TV shows, "Say Yes to the Dress." It's odd, because I never plan on wedding and am positively baffled by what most modern nuptials have become, yet the multiple shows that follow the process are fascinating and undeniably entertaining. And honestly, what recovering beauty queen can resist a show about picking out a gown?! I mean... obviously! :)

I digress... Katie's episode airs TONIGHT on TLC at 9 p.m. I am excited that I have access to TLC HD, which will air the new episode at 6 p.m. my time, in LA, so I'll actually be able to watch live, unlike recent pageants! The last I heard, Katie is still debating if she'll be watching herself. She's discussed the decision on her blog and I totally understand how difficult it can be to see yourself on screen. Not to mention editing...

I should hope in this day in age that everyone realizes that EVERYTHING you see on television is edited and situations are manipulated by the producers, especially reality TV. Participants usually have no control; Katie wasn't even sure when her episode would air, let alone how she would be portrayed. So if you tune in, please be mindful that you're only seeing a fraction of what was actually filmed, done and said!

When the producers found out she had done pageants they were eager to put her on the show; she will certainly not be the first beauty queen to be featured and that is why they wanted photos of her competing. However, instead of the typical "she's had so many beautiful dresses in pageants, now she can't find the right bridal gown..." that we've seen on the show before, it seems Katie's episode is about her fiancé, Mike.

If you've watched the show, I'm sure you've noticed there's always a theme and a through-line running between the two or three featured brides... It's either about a pushy mom, or it's a bride that had some sort of hardship she's overcome or it's about the budget, etc. Editing, editing, editing!!!

Commercials for tonights episode focus on Mike, not Katie and the synopsis says the other featured bride's fiancé wants her "trying on a dress over her budget." It's a perfect storyline for the new Atlanta version of the show, where the traditional southern shoppe owner says she doesn't like fiancés at the appointment. The commercial even includes a voice over that makes it seem like they kick Mike out! It's pretty dramatic! Katie said she never heard anyone say that and it didn't happen. She's concerned that none of the sweet and supportive things Mike said during the gown shopping will be seen on tonights episode. No matter what, I'm sure Katie is going to look stunning on TV! Hopefully all the concerns are for nothing and they won't make Mike look like too much of a monster! We'll find out in about 30 minutes...!

Pageant Press: Sylvania native heads to Miss America pageant

The Toledo Free Press is one of the most supportive news organizations I ever experienced when I was competing and representing the northwest Ohio area! This is a fantastic article featuring quotations from Miss Ohio, Becky Minger, her dad Mike, her local ED Eric Wagener and state ED Steven Oliveri, former Miss America Susan Perkins, 1st Runner-up Shannon O'Neill and her chaperon Susie Harlan. This is probably the best pageant article I've ever read:

Toledo Free Press
Brandi Barhite
August 26, 2010

For just a second, Mike Minger thought, “Not again.” Then, he felt calm. “I knew it was her time.” And it was.

His daughter, Becky Minger, had finally won Miss Ohio on her fifth trip to the state pageant. She beat out 25 contestants to win the title. She was no longer only so close.

The first time she competed in 2006, she was first runner-up. The next year, she didn’t place at all. In 2008 and 2009, she was again first runner-up.

In the moments before the first runner-up was named, Becky looked out to her family and said, “I love you.” Then, she thought, “Hit me with it.”

As seconds felt like hours, a chant began to run through her mind, “Please don’t say 18; please don’t say 18. I love Shannon, but please don’t say 18.”

Miss America's Outstanding Teen: Preliminary Night Three

Of all the nights we had to wait hours to get the press release, it was when Ohio's Outstanding Teen won Evening Gown!!! Congrats to Cecili Weber;
we are all so proud of you!

Evening Gown

Scarlett Walker

Prelims in Review:

Evening Gown: Kentucky, Oklahoma, Virginia & Ohio
Talent: Virginia, New York & Alabama

Interestingly, the preliminary talent winners did not include a singer; rather two ballerinas and a pianist won!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hopefully pictures will surface soon!

Banner by Timothy R. Russell

Miss America's Outstanding Teen: Preliminary Night Two

Congrats to the winners of Miss America's Outstanding Teen, preliminary night two:

Evening Gown
This makes Courtney Jamison a double-prelim winner, as she captured the Talent award the first night!

New York
Alison Storming

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good Luck Cecili!

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Miss America's Outstanding Teen: Preliminary Night One

Congrats to the winners of Miss America's Outstanding Teen, preliminary night one:

Evening Gown
Kentucky & Oklahoma
Above: Laura Jones & Lacey Russ

Courtney Jamison played the piano.

Ohio's Cecili Weber competed in Sportswear on the first night. Tonight (Wednesday) she will perform ballet during the Talent competition and tomorrow she'll model her Evening Gown and answer and Onstage Question.

I am so annoyed that I can't find competition photos anywhere, when you do a google news search the results are days old and the official press release from the organization doesn't even include what the talent winner did. Am I being too critical? No! This is ridiculous! Leave a comment if you have any links or sources...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My, oh my, Miss Minger!!!

Check out Miss Ohio, Becky Minger's official headshot, as posted on the Miss America website:

I think it's HOT! Do you like it?

Also posted:

Becky Minger
Sylvania, Ohio
Age: 22

Sylvania Northview High School
Bowling Green State University

Platform Issue: "Discovering You, Empowering You"

Scholastic Ambition: To obtain a Juris Doctorate

Talent: Vocal

Scholastic Honors: Dean's List, 4 years on High School Honor Roll, 3 year meber of Ohio All-State Choir

Career Ambition: To become an image consultant specializing in media training and interpersonal communication.

Local Competition Sponsor: Miss All-American City Pageant

State Competition Sponsor: Miss Ohio
Totally Looks Like!

Was it just me, or did you see two Ohio representatives and a singer on stage tonight?
CLICK HERE to see what I'm talking about and leave comments if you agree!

Miss Universe 2010: OFFICIAL RESULTS!!!


1st Runner-up: Jamaica
2nd Runner-up: Australia
3rd Runner-up: Ukraine
4th Runner-up: Philippines

Yea! I guessed the winner! But I still can't believe Jamaica made is so far. Ladies, please DO NOT copy her style when you compete!

Miss Universe 2010: Not-So-Live Blog: My Guesses

Okay, as long as it's NOT Jamaica or Philippines, I won't have to throw things at the television...

I want it to be Mexico, but Australia had the strongest answer and she's likable. Hmmm... Let's go with this:

Miss Universe: Mexico
1st RU: Australia
2nd RU: Ukraine
3rd RU: Philippines
4th RU: Jamaica

I can tell by Loren's reaction to this prediction that it's not right, but oh well...
I'm never good at picking the winners!

Miss Universe 2010: OFFICIAL TOP 5

Mexico * Australia * Jamaica * Ukraine * Philippines

I AM SO ANGRY!!! Ireland and Puerto Rico have two of the most gorgeous faces in the pageant! Ireland would have surely placed higher if she weren't first and PR should not have changed gowns... Honestly, how on earth did Jamaica get into the Top 5 with that hideous gown?! AHHHH!!!

Mexico - What effect is unsupervised internet use having on our youth? (from Evan L.) "... We must be very careful what our children watch and see... teach them family values..."

Australia - What role should a government play in determining the wearing of religious clothing? (from Nikki Taylor) She plugged the swimsuit designer and said we should all make our own choices...

Jamaica - Death penalty? "... ultimate creator, no one should take a life but god, bla, bla, bla..."

Ukraine - How do you feel about airport full-body scanners? (from Jayne Seymore) "... to avoid catastrophes... if it helps us save lives, I'm for it."

Philippines - What's one big mistake you've made and what did you do to make it right? (William Baldwin) She basically said, I'm perfect, thank you, thank you, thank you... Wow, what a horrible answer to an unfairly easy question. I scrunched up my face in shock and Loren said, "don't worry, she doesn't win." LOL! Thanks, babe!

Miss Universe 2010: Not-So-Live Blog

Miss Congeniality - Australia
Miss Photogenic - Thailand
National Costume - Thailand

Loren: "How many times in history has Congeniality won the pageant?"
Me: "Are you telling me Australia wins?"

Miss Universe 2010: Not-So-Live Blog: Evening Gown

The swimsuit music was awful, lets hope John Legend and The Roots are better in Evening Gown! Aw, yes! You can't miss with a talented man an a baby grand!

Ireland - Aw, boo... I was hoping to see the sexy photoshoot gown, but she is STUNNING! The style is very 10 years ago, but she works it. 8.548
Albania - Hate the shoes! The gown's a little trampy and we've seen it before; 8.692
Philippines -Very beautiful! That's a lot of dress, but it's not wearing her; great job. 8.714
- Ew!!! Gaudy in teal! 8.884
Mexico - Stunning and classic! 8.913
Ukraine - She's old Hollywood glamor! I like the gown and presentation, but she doesn't have the face of Miss Universe. Mean but true. 8.743
Puerto Rico - This is a third gown; she should have stayed with the sparkly prelim gown. I don't mind it but Loren doesn't like it at all, "it's like a midget is following her!" 7.971
South Africa
- She's so pretty, but this looks like a cheap prom dress. 8.420
Guatemala - Oh, yuck! I hated this in pictures and didn't realize it was her... What's with the 1985 neckline? That's actually what Loren likes, but doesn't think she can walk in it. 8.286
- This is a bad play on Australia's last Miss U, Jen Hawkins. I think the iridescent pastels look cheap. 8.841

Overall, these gowns were disappointing.
Where was the Miss Universe envelope-pushing sexiness and/or major glamor? Even Loren said the gowns were weak this year...

Miss Universe 2010: OFFICIAL TOP 10

Ireland * Albania * Philippines * Jamaica
* Mexico * Ukraine * Puerto Rico * South Africa
* Guatemala * Australia

Oh no, I don't like that Ireland got called first, but she can overcome it!
After swimsuit, I asked Loren why he's not commenting; he's normally so funny. But he was checking twitter and accidentally saw who won Miss Universe 2010, now he's mad and quiet. :( Stupid west-coast broadcast delay!!!

He is still mumbling about Bret Michaels,
"even I could host better than him..."

Also, he didn't think the swimsuits were very sexy; I don't think lavender is a color associated with hotness. Thoughts?

Miss Universe 2010: Not-So-Live Blog: Swimsuit

Trump voice-over leading into the commercial break: "bla, bla, bla, stay tuned, anything could happen..."

Loren, my beau: "Why doesn't he just come out and say one of their tops might fall off...?"

I don't know, dear, let's find out. Swimsuit!

Puerto Rico
- Perfect body; beautiful face; 8.443
Ukraine -Not loving the 80s flowy hair; 8.333
Mexico - Smoldering!! 8.265
Belgium - She reminds me of Cecili Weber, MOOT; 7.551
Ireland -LOVE HER! She reminds me of last years Miss Ohio USA, Natasha! 8.784
South Africa -Great Abs! Her face is more of a pretty actress than beauty queen. 8.229
France - She needs to brush her hair and slow down! 7.586
Australia - Super cute! She looks like a California beach babe! 8.543
Jamaica - Wow, long and lean, but odd facial expressions; 9.426
Russia - Hot, but a little boring. 7.843
Albania - Ba-ba- bouncy! 8.229
Columbia - I don't really get her... 7.6
Guatemala - Very cute, teenish; 8.071
Czech Republic -Okay, they're all starting to look the same... 7.429
Philippines -A little heavy on the metallic eye makeup. 8.957

Miss Universe 2010: Not-So-Live Blog

Aw, Bret Michaels, we love you, but you're a horrible host; more teleprompter practice was needed.

Billy Baldwin, what is going on with your hair!?

What?! Criss Angel can't be a judge, he's probably slept with half the contestants...!

Miss Universe 2010: OFFICIAL TOP 15

Puerto Rico * Ukraine * Mexico * Belgium
* Ireland * South Africa * France * Australia
* Jamaica * Russia * Albania * Columbia
* Guatemala * Czech Republic * Philippines

WHAT!? I can't believe Miss USA didn't make it!
I don't think she deserved to and I love that this shows maybe Trump doesn't rig it quite
as much as we all think he does...?!

Miss Universe 2010: Not-So-Live Blog

I'm in the commercial break before the Top 15...

Let me quickly say I've liked Ireland (like everyone else), Puerto Rico and Curacao (seriously, where is that?!). As well as France, Greece, Agnola, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines and Peru. Kosovo and Venezuela also look competitive.

I'm sure she'll make the Top 15 by default, but no, I do not like Miss USA at all.

I didn't have a chance to watch the prelims or video interviews; my opinions are based only on pictures. Let's see who the official Top 15 is...!

Miss Universe 2010: Not-So-Live Blog

As usual, I couldn't watch the pageant live and everyone else already knows the winner... I'm particularly annoyed because it did stream over the internet with a ninety minute delay; what's the point of that?!

Anyway, I'm watching it now, 9 p.m. Pacific time and I'll be not-so-live-blogging my thoughts, which you can laugh at if you already know I'm way off!

There are so many amazing national costumes, but these promoted me to type their names:

Costa Rica
Curacao (Where on earth is that?)
Denmark (I like feathers!)
Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Miss Universe Monday!

Nevermind football, this Monday, August 23rd, belongs to the beauties of Miss Universe!

First, on the NBC game show "Minute to Win It" at 8 p.m. EST ten former beauty queens will compete for their respective charity; they are:

Chelsea Cooley (Miss USA 2005)
Masters Inn Ministries Inc.

Kristen Dalton (Miss USA 2009)

Shandi Finnessey (Miss USA 2004)
Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Wendy Fitzwilliam (Miss Universe 1998)
Keep A Child Alive

Brook Lee (Miss USA & Miss Universe 1997)
Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus

Shanna Moakler (Miss USA 1995)
Children's Burn Foundation

Riyo Mori (Miss Universe 2007)
Make A Wish Foundation International

Justine Pasek (Miss Universe 2002)
Orphaned Starfish Foundation Inc.

Zuleyka Rivera (Miss Universe 2006)
American Childrens Cancer Association Inc.

Rachel Smith (Miss USA 2007)
Boys and Girls Club of America

Then at 9 p.m. EST, Miss Universe 2010 will air,
also on NBC, LIVE from Las Vegas!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Send Your Love to Cecili!

Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen, Cecili Weber will be leaving this Friday for Orlando Florida to compete in the national Outstanding Teen pageant! The competition will be August 24th through the 28th.

You can send notes of encouragement to the following address:

Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen-Cecili Weber
c/o Rosen Centre Hotel
9840 International Drive
Orlando, Florida-32819

Keep in mind, everything you send has to be packed up and brought back to Ohio! Also, allow enough travel time so Cecili receives what you send, preferably by the 26th.

Her roommate is a fellow ballerina, New Jersey's Outstanding Teen.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pageant Press: Miss North Coast

Brian Lisik/ Sun News
August 14, 2010

In the long and storied history of beauty pageants, more has remained the same than has changed. And the fact is, the pageant to end all pageants has always had more to do with personality, poise and higher education than swimsuits and evening gowns.

“The biggest thing is that it’s not a beauty pageant, but a scholarship program,” said Janice Moll, Miss North Coast Pageant Director since 1972. “The prize money is not going to the girls, but to their school.”

This article has some good quotations; it's nice to hear from two new contestants, Rebecca Ribley and Christina Muha. However, saying Ribley was Top 10 of 20 last month at Miss GC/CC is an obvious misquote; she was 3rd runner-up at that pageant, which only had 10 contestants. She must have said mentioned Top 10 last year at Miss Muskingum Valley.

Anyway... read the entire article on MISScellanea: Press & Pics.

Friday, August 13, 2010

HELP! You used to be able to click and enlarge all the photos on my blog. Lately, you can't click pictures on this blog or the new MISScellanea: Press & Pics. What gives? Clicking to enlarge pictures works on Anna's blog, Jessica's blog and my test blog. I know it's pointless if the picture is too small to see any details... Fellow bloggers, is it a setting? Please, please leave comments; this has been driving me crazy!

Pageant Photos: Miss WCO/LSF/CL


Miss West Central Ohio & Talent: Cayla Hellwarth
Miss Lima Square Fair: Elissa McCracken
Miss Crystal Lake, Interview & Swimsuit:
Shannon O'Neill

1st Runner-up: Kara Schoenhofer

2nd Runner-up: Jena Swiegart

People's Choice: Mindy Fetzer

CLICK HERE for the rest of the contestants on my overflow blog. 24 pages of photos from the pageant by Roark Studios are HERE!

Miss Universe 2010: Photoshoot Gowns!

I've posted the gowns that stood out to me, both good and bad, on the overflow blog!
Check them out and leave comments; I'd love to hear which you love and hate!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Miss Universe 2010: The Newest Controversial Photos!

If you had a problem with sexy lingerie photos of the Miss USA contestants, you're just going to love Fadil Berisha's latest shoot with the delegates of the Miss Universe pageant...

I like the idea of what Miss USA, Rima Fakih, is trying to say; however, the woman can not construct a coherent sentence to save her life... in my opinion!


Miss Trinidad & TobagoMiss T & T supposedly posted the following message on her Facebook page:

In regards to the buzz behind my photoshoot, I have a few things to clear up. Firstly, I was not bare chested at all! I was wearing what we would normally see at Trinidad and Tobago carnival......pasties and body paint art. It was blurred on television and that lead to the mass misconception. Secondly, I was extremely comfortable and this was all held within the confines of the Miss Universe Organization and sanctioned by them and their staff.

I understand that there is concern....... but I promise this was tastefully done. :) Just wait until you see the official photos!!

I remain respectfully yours,

LaToya Woods.:)

Guatamala & Mexico

Albania & Ireland