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Miss Ohio 2010: Complete Results

Top 11 Scholarship Recipients:

Becky Minger, Miss All*American City - $11,000
Marisa Buchheit, Miss Maple City - $6,300
Shannon O'Neill, Miss Lima Square Fair - $4,500
Ellen Bryan, Miss Miami Valley - $3,500
Ashley Warholic, Miss Greater Cleveland - $3,400
Nanciann Strosnider, Miss Greater Butler County - $2,300
Stephanie Beltz, Miss Willard - $1,750
Katie Camp, Miss Central Ohio - $1,100
Alyssa Waldman, Miss Northwestern Ohio - $1,000
Cayla Hellwarth, Miss Lake Festival - $1,000
Devon Stansbury, Miss Mohican Valley - $950

Miss Ohio 2010 - complete results and scholarships:

Miss Ohio 2010
Becky Minger, Miss All*American City - $10,000

1st Runner-up
Shannon O'Neill, Miss Lima Square Fair - $4,500
2nd Runner-up
Marisa Buchheit, Miss Maple City - $3,500
3rd Runner-up
Ellen Bryan, Miss Miami Valley - $2,500
4th Runner-up
Nanciann Strosnider, Miss Greater Butler County - $1,500

Top 10 Semifinalists
Whitney Fricke, Miss Buckeye State - $400
Meggie Wittman, Miss Cuyahoga County - $400
Amber Bussa, Miss North Central Ohio - $400
Tera Coleman, Miss Heart of Ohio - $400
Katie Camp, Miss Central Ohio - $400

Preliminary Talent Award
Nanciann Strosnider, Miss Greater Butler County - $500
Preliminary Talent Award
Marisa Buchheit, Miss Maple City - $500
Preliminary Talent Award
Katie Camp, Miss Central Ohio - $500

Preliminary Swimsuit Award
Becky Minger, Miss All*American City - $300
Preliminary Swimsuit Award
Nanciann Strosnider, Miss Greater Butler County - $300
Preliminary Swimsuit Award
Marisa Buchheit, Miss Maple City - $300

Rosalie McAtee Non-Semifinalist Interview Award
Ashley Warholic, Miss Greater Cleveland - $1,500
Rosalie McAtee Semifinalist Interview Award
Marisa Buchheit, Miss Maple City - $1,000

Marvin Hamlisch Grand Talent Award
Marisa Buchheit, Miss Maple City - $500
Betty Estep Classical Performance Award
Marisa Buchheit, Miss Maple City - $500
Non-Semifinalist Classical Talent Award
Cayla Hellwarth, Miss Lake Festival - $500
Non-Semifinalist Talent Award
Alyssa Waldman, Miss Northwestern - $250
Non-Semifinalist Talent Award
Cayla Hellwarth, Miss Lake Festival - $250
Non-Semifinalist Talent Award
Heather Wells, Miss Mansfield - $250

Paul Herlihy New Contestant Spirit Award
Devon Stansbury, Miss Mohican Valley - $500
Paul Herlihy Returning Contestant Spirit Award
Becky Minger, Miss All*American City - $500
Yaya Sisterhood Style Award
Ashley Warholic, Miss Greater Cleveland - $500
Theresa Wagener Committed to Excellence Award
Alyssa Waldman, Miss Northwestern Ohio - $500
Connie Sengstock Memorial Award
Stephanie Beltz, Miss Willard - $500
Mina O'Guinn Memorial Award
Ashley Warholic, Miss Greater Cleveland - $500

Children's Miracle Network Miracle Maker Award
Ashley Warholic, Miss Greater Cleveland - $250

Miss America Academic Award
Stephanie Beltz, Miss Willard - $1,000

Miss America Community Service Award
Ellen Bryan, Miss Miami Valley - $1,000
Miss Ohio Community Service Award
Ashley Warholic, Miss Greater Cleveland - $200
Miss Ohio Community Service Award
Sarah Hider, Miss North Coast - $200
Miss Ohio Community Service Award
Becky Minger, Miss All*American City - $200

Americanism Essay Award
Ashley Warholic, Miss Greater Cleveland - $200
Americanism Essay Award
Katie Camp, Miss Central Ohio - $200
Americanism Essay Award
Devon Stansbury, Miss Mohican Valley - $200

Each Non-Semifinalist received $250

PLEASE leave comments with any corrections!

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Miss Ohio 2010 - First Appearance

Running on little sleep and lots of adrenaline, the new Miss Ohio, Becky Minger, made her first appearance Sunday afternoon in Mansfield. Ohio's Outstanding Teen, Cecili Weber was also present to sign autographs; both were interviewed by WMFD and former local contestant Jamie Kinton of the Mansfield News Journal.

Note, in the photo on the above Becky was in flats and Cecili was in heels!

MNJ photos by Daniel Melograna:

Look who else made the newspaper's gallery! It's my mom (in black) and my first local ED, Miss Lake Festival's Melissa Hoying looking pretty in pink. All grown up, I barely recognized Erica and Selena (top right), the grand daughter's of Becky's local EDs, the Wageners! They also made the gallery, along with other familiar faces and some very excited passers by. Click here.

Miss America 2011 Contestants

If you think what I do for Ohio is crazy, check out what an anonymous fan does for the the country!

The winners of Father's Day weekend:

Winner - Kathryn Bulkley (Miss Pima County)
1RU - Rebecca Hasulak (Miss Scottsdale) (2RU 09)
2RU - Jennifer Sedler (Miss Tempe)
3RU - Kyra Batté (Miss Tucson Desert Rose)
4RU - Jean-Sun Hannah Ahn (Miss Phoenix)

Winner - Melaina Shipwash (Miss Colorado Springs) (2RU 09, 1RU 08)
1RU - Hannah Porter (Miss Parker)
2RU - Morgan Weaver (Miss Metropolitan) (1RU 09, 2RU 08, NF 07, 4RU 06)
3RU - Diana Dreman (Miss Boulder)
4RU - Kayla Braun (Miss Centennial) (T10 09, NF 08)

Winner - Christina McCauley (Miss Southern Heartland) (T15 09, 3RU 08, 4RU 06)
1RU - Jamie Kelton (Miss Capital City)
2RU - Laura Stone (Miss Atlanta) (4RU 09, T10 08)
3RU - Casy Walker (Miss Cobb County) (T15 09, T15 08)
4RU - Michaela Lackey (Miss Cherokee Rose) (GA OT 07)

Winner - Whitney Thorpe-Klinsky (Miss River to River)
1RU - April Strong (Miss Chicago)
2RU - Corina Harwood (Miss Northern Suburbs) (1RU 09)
3RU - Aisan Raisdana (Miss Gem City)
4RU - Jamie Lynn Johnson (Miss Southern Illinois) (3RU 09, NF 08)

Winner - Arikka Knights (Miss Greater Lincoln) (1RU 07)

Winner - Katie LaRoche (Miss Capital City) (1RU 09, NF 08)
1RU - Cassandra Kramer (Miss Jackson County)
2RU - Kathryn Morton (Miss Spirit of the State) (NF CA 09)
3RU - Kelly Oles (Miss Tip of the Mitt)
4RU - Anjelica Francisco (Miss Wayne County)

Winner - Kathryn Knuttila (Miss Twin Cities) (4RU 09, T10 TN 08)
1RU - Siri Freeh (Miss West Metro)
2RU - Samantha Phillippi (Miss Mankato)
3RU - Lauren Johnson (Miss Brainerd Lakes)
4RU - Allison Lordbock (Miss Coon Rapids) (SF 06)

Winner - Kacie West (2RU 08)
1RU - Holly Matz (1RU 09, MT OT 05)
2RU - Taryn Chuter
3RU - Jennifer Lower
4RU - Jill Sharp

Winner - Ashleigh Udalovas (Miss All-State) (1RU 09, 2RU 08, 2RU 07)
1RU - Melissa Ruiz (Miss Tri County) (T10 09)
2RU - Katie Berry (Miss Columbus Day) (4RU 09, NJ OT 05)
3RU - Venessa Baez (Miss Central Close) (T10 09, T10 08)
4RU - Chelsea Lee Ray (Miss Heartland) (NF 09, 1RU 08, NF 07)

Winner - Madison Tabet (Miss Bernalillo County) (1RU 09, NM OT 07
1RU - Carin Malm (Miss University) (1RU NM 07)
2RU - Sarina Turnbull (Miss Cloudcroft) (3RU 09)
3RU - Shelby Rist (Miss Hobbs) (T10 08)
4RU - Erin Scott (Miss San Miguel County) (T10 09, T10 08)

Winner - Becky Minger (Miss All American City) (1RU 09, 1RU 08, NF 07, 1RU 06)
1RU - Shannon O'Neill (Miss Lima Square Fair) (SF 08)
2RU - Marisa Buchheit (Miss Maple City)
3RU - Ellen Bryan (Miss Miami Valley) (4RU 09)
4RU - Nanciann Strosnider (Miss Greater Butler County) (2RU 09, SF 08, 4RU 07, T10 06, 4RU 05)

Winner - Courtney Thomas (Miss Jewel of the West) (1RU 09, T10 07, NF 07)
1RU - Ryann Richardson (Miss Greater Berks County) (T10 09)
2RU - Lauryn DeBaie (Miss Central Pennsylvania) (T10 NH 09)
3RU - Drea Chamberlain (Miss Greater Reading)
4RU - Shauna Rice (Miss River City) (2RU 09, NF 08)

Winner - Loren Vaillancourt (Miss Hub City) (NF 07)
1RU - Lorena Reichert (Miss Hot Springs) (NF 09)
2RU - Kelly Wismer (Miss Devil's Gulch) (NF 09, T0 08)
3RU - Anne Virginia Koepp (Miss South Dakota State University)
4RU - Valerie Menning (Miss University of South Dakota)

Winner - Nicole Jordan (Miss Lexington) (NF AL 09, NF 08, NF 07)
1RU - Nicole Mazzio (Miss Chattanooga) (NF 09)
2RU - Shelby Thompson (Miss UT Knoxville)
3RU - Lacey Alford (Miss Metropolitan) (NF 09)
4RU - Hannah Wade Powell (Miss Rhythm of Nashville) (T10 09, T10 08)

Winner - Christina Lowe (Miss Utah County) (3RU 08)
1RU - Valerie Moon (Miss Utah Valley University)
2RU - Tayler Ann Williams (Miss Rocky Mountain) (4RU 08)
3RU - Erika Hansen (Miss Southern Utah) (NF 09)
4RU - Whitnee Wright (Miss Intermountain) (T10 09)

Winner - Kimberly Sawyer (Miss Green Bay Area) (NF 08)
1RU - Katie Sawyer (Miss South Central) (NF 09)
2RU - Laura Kaeppler (Miss Kenosh)
3RU - Desiree Jeffers (Miss WI Central)
4RU - Katie Williams (Miss Seven Rivers) (NF 09)

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Dad: "Ouch, your crown just poked me in the ear!"

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I can't currently get any video to play on YouTube, but hopefully these work for you... They are Becky's first press conference, just minutes after winning Miss Ohio 2010; I was amazed how well she balanced her excitement while still being so poised and well spoken!

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3


Live from Mansfield!

Miss Ohio 2010: Polls!

Just for fun...

Congrats to Prelim Night Three Winners!

Swimsuit: Marisa Buccheit
Miss Maple City

Talent: Katie Camp
Miss Central Ohio

While Marisa is a double prelim winner and Katie earned one for the dancers, the name of the night was Ashley Warholic, Miss Greater Cleveland! She earned $1,650, winning in five of the seven special awards categories: Top CMN funds, Community Service, Americanism Essay, Mina O'Guinn and YaYa Sisterhood. Check Miss Ohio's twitter for all the awards and prize amounts.

Into the press room...

Last night I sat my iPhone on my lap and recorded the press conference, doubting that the audio would come out; it actually did, thus the long quotationa in last nights post! Tonight instead of taking notes I decided to hold my phone and video the whole thing. One problem... I flipped my phone to the side after I'd started, assuming the screen would flip too, as it does with still pictures.
It did not.

Nonetheless, here's the press conference... Sideways.

[Photos: JJ Molyet, MNJ]

Friday, June 18, 2010

Miss Ohio 2010: Prelim Night Three

Flight One (Buckeyes) - Gown & OSQ
Flight Two (Cardinals) - Swimsuit
Flight Three (Carnations) - Talent

Emcee -
Amanda Beagle


Becky Minger - All American City
Vocal - Kiss Me in the Rain (popularized by Streisand)

Katie Camp - Central Ohio
Tap dance - Big Time (popularized by Linda Eder)

Heather Wells - Mansfield
Jazz dance - We're Gonna Party (by The Weather Girls)

Heidi Hegron - Muskingum Valley
Vocal - Footprints in the Sands (popularized by Leona Lewis?)

Ellen Bryan - Miami Valley
Vocal - Journey to the Past (from Anastasia soundtrack)

Tera Coleman - Heart of Ohio
Vocal - Hallelujah (?)

Ashley Warholic - Greater Cleveland
Ballet en Pointe - Waltz from Coppelia (by Leo Delibes)

Whitney Fricke - Buckeye State
Vocal - Suddenly Seymour (from Little Shop of Horrors)

Devon Stansbury - Mohican Valley
Lyrical Dance - Free Fallen (John Mayer?)

Congrats to Preliminary Night Two Winners!

Swimsuit: Nanciann Strosnider
Miss Greater Butler County

Talent: Marisa Buchheit
Miss Maple City

The competition tonight was fierce, but the best entertainment was hands down the "Marisa and Nanciann Show" at the press conference! If these two ladies showed the judges a quarter of their personalities in the interview room, they'll certainly both be in the Top 10 Saturday night. Of course their preliminary awards aren't hurting the cause!

When asked about her Swimsuit win, six time state contestant, Miss Greater Butler County Nanciann Strosnider emphatically replied "I have never won a swimsuit award, EVER, so I am so excited and I am sooo hungry!" Her surprise was evident onstage; she said "I am so excited to win because my swimsuit flight was awesome tonight; it was a really tough group so I am honored to have won." As for being a double prelim winner she admitted, "It's scary; they say there's the curse of the double prelim winner, but I am so excited and so thankful for my family and friends... The fat girl in me, Ruby, she is dying to get out!" Strosnider worked with a personal trainer as well as running 5Ks with her brother. "He could be Kenyon..." she joked.

Sitting next to Strosnider was Miss Maple City, Marisa Buchheit. She prolonged the laughter by stating, "I ate today because I needed energy to sing, but tomorrow's my swimsuit, so I'll be hungry tomorrow night!"

On a serious note, both women defended the swimsuit competition. Strosnider stated, "It's important for role models to show they can maintain a healthy physical lifestyle... it's really important for our young people, especially with obesity being such a problem in our country these days. We really need to show our young people that they need to live a healthy lifestyle. Buchheit added, "Miss America started as a swimsuit competition...It's a tradition. There are so many other priorities other than the swimsuit compeition, but it's still and important part of it. Like Nanciann said, role models should be taking care of themselves and have good physical fitness."

Buchheit is a first time contestant at Miss Ohio, but last year she competed in her home state of Illinois and earned the non-finalist talent award. Tonight she received the preliminary award for the aria "o mio babbino caro." Considering the Puccinni piece has been sung by so many famous sopranos, including popular Miss America, Katie Harmon, I asked Buchheit if she studied or avoided others renditions. "I listened to Katie Harmon sing it last night" she quickly replied, adding that she was Miss America 2002! "I do research and see how other people have performed it."

She has been singing all her life, but began formal voice lessons at the age of 12; her first musical was The Sound of Music, of which she says "I fell in love." Now to acheive her goal of becoming a professional opera singer she is entering her senior year at the Cleveland Institute of Music, studying Voice.

When asked about the time restraints and ability to rehearse Buchheit explained that contestants only get to run their talents onstage the morning of the competition, but she found time to practice in the morning and evening at her host home. "I would make sure I wasn't waking anyone up! It was tough, but you make it a priority" she stated.

Nanciann chimed in that the contestants have been in the theatre for a week; "You find all the nooks and crannies in this place and you go and hide and do your routine." Buchheit warmed up outside the stage doors, despite passers by and Strosnider told a story of everyone's favorite stage hand. "I was downstairs warming up under the stage and Jim Bishop asked 'is somebody hurt downstairs?' and I said no! That was me, I'm fine..."

After the laughter eased the ladies were asked about other difficulties down in the dressing room. They agreed it's hot, it's crowded and some of the changes are quick. "You're tripping over trains and tackled boxes and makeup bags..." said Strosnider.

I asked the winners about the atmosphere of pageant week, as it is always different and can sometimes be rather tense. "The new girls and the veterans are split 50/50 so it seems as though everyone has buddied up pretty well and this has been a great group," Strosnider perfectly side-stepped my opportunity to be less than positive! "It's my first year here," Buchheit stated. "But I'm feeling all kinds of positive vibes from all the girls, returning contestants and new contestants, so I think it's been a very good year."

As for the path in life that the pageant places women on, Buchheit listed performers and journalist. "It prepares them very well for these fields."

Strosnider was asked how the program has helped her specifically, "Miss Ohio has afforded me nearly $17,000 in scholarships, which I'm so thankful for; I have yet to pay a penny for my graduate work right now. It's a program that's very near and dear to my heart. I know it is to all the young ladies involved because it helps up further out education and further our professional goals and careers."

To bring the press conference to a close, media director Kim Baker Kanary asked one final question, "How do you feel; what's going through your head right now?"

"I want a big mack... and I don't want to run after it!" While we all LOLed with Strosnider, Buchheit battled with her earrings. "I almost wore these onstage, but at the last minute my roommate [Heather Wells] lent me hers because theses were jiggling into the microphone... This happened to Miss America, right? Her earring fell off at the end!?"

Once the earrings were out the comedy hour came to a close with Buchheit's final comments, "I feel very excited to be here, up in this beautiful space that I didn't even know existed... I am very happy the Miss Ohio Scholarship Program provided me with this opportunity. Thank you!"

Please don't take the jovial atmosphere I've described as flippant. Both of these women were polished and well spoken. It was wonderful to get to know them off stage and I am grateful Miss Ohio has granted me press clearance this year!

Listen to the press conference for yourself:

Photos by Jason J. Molyet of the MNJ.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Live from Mansfield!


Thank you Timothy R. Russell for some awesome photos!

I know over the next three days I'm going to feel like an idiot, forgetting a lot of names of people I haven't seen for a few years, or meeting people who I interact with online, but haven't actually met! So please, say hi, tell me who you are and don't be mad if I blank on your name! :)

Miss Ohio 2010: Prelim Night Two

Flight One (Buckeyes) - Gown & OSQ
Flight Two (Cardinals) - Talent
Flight Three (Carnations) - Swimsuit

Emcee -
Melanie Murphy Miller


Anna Reis - Portsmouth
Jazz dance - Hey Big Spender (from Sweet Charity)

Rebekah Zoz - Ohio River
Vocal - Revelation Song (a praise song)

Stephanie Beltz - Willard
Piano - Bumble Boogie (swing version of "Flight of the Bumble Bee")

Shannon O'Neill - Lima Square Fair
Vocal - As if we Never Said Goodbye
(from Sunset Boulevard; popularized by Streisand)

Courtney Monk - Fallen Timbers
Vocal - Good Morning Baltimore (from Hairspray)

Cayla Hellwarth - Lake Festival
Vocal - Gira Con Me (by Josh Groban?)

Marisa Buchheit - Maple City
Vocal - O mio babbino caro (from Gianni Schicchi)

Katie Bowen - West Central Ohio
Flute - Flight of the Bumblebee (from The Tale of Tsar Saltan)

Jacquelyn Nichols - Vacationland
Vocal - Imagine (John Lennon)

Miss Ohio 2010 Photos: Prelim Night One

Left: Talent winner Nanciann Strosnider; right: Swimsuit winner Becky Minger.

View all the Mansfield News Journals photos: www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/gallery?Avis=B7&Dato=20100616&Kategori=NEWS01&Lopenr=6170801&Ref=PH

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Congrats to Prelim Night One Winners!

Swimsuit: Becky Minger
Miss All*American City

Talent: Nanciann Strosnider
Miss Greater Butler County

The Mansfield News Journal reports that Becky wore a two-piece gold, velvet swimsuit. And:

"She said she worked out three times a week with her dad lifting weights.

“I took the time. I stayed dedicated. I really dedicated that time to keeping myself healthy and getting myself in my best shape, and I plan on staying that way,” she said."

Also from MNJ: "Miss Greater Butler County Nanciann Strosnider won the talent award after singing “Being Alive” from the Tony-award winning musical “Company.”

“We put ‘Happy Days (Are Here Again)’ in the retired files,” an elated Strosnider, 24, said of her trademark song. “This is a song that’s very close to my heart. It’s the last show that I performed with my graduating class at Elon University.

“This being my sixth year at Miss Ohio, it had a lot of sentimental meaning, too.”

For Lou Whitmire's full article, go here: www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/article/20100616/UPDATES01/100616020

These winners were highly predictable, as they both these awards last year. In fact, this is Becky's third state swimsuit win and correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it's Nanciann's third state talent award as well!

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Miss Ohio 2010: Preliminary Night One!

Flight One (Buckeyes) - Talent
Flight Two (Cardinals) - Gown & OSQ
Flight Three (Carnations) - Swimsuit

Emcee - Roberta Camp-Albert

Tonight Miss competition kicks off in Mansfield! In my opinion, the fight for tonights Swimsuit award will be the toughest battle, until Saturday. Who do you think will win the Swimsuit and Talent prelim awards?



Elizabeth Wong - Huron County
Lyrical dance - Gravity (by Sarah Bareillis )

Sarah Hider - North Coast
Vocal - You Took Advantage of Me (jazz standard)

Heather Waterman - Clayland
Vocal - I Believe (?)

Alyssa Waldman - Northwestern Ohio
Vocal - Someone Like You (from Jekyll and Hyde)

Amber Bussa - North Central Ohio
Vocal - Roxie (from Chicago?)

Meggie Wittman - Cuyahoga County
Vocal - Faraway (by Goldrich & Heisler)

Kristy Moneysmith - Maumee Valley
Vocal - It's Your Song (popularized by Garth Brooks?)

Nanciann Strosnider - Greater Butler County
Vocal - Being Alive (from Company; popularized by Streisand)

Congrats to Ohio's New Outstanding Teen!

Photos: Timothy R. Russell

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen 2010 & Interview Award: Cecili Weber

Portsmouth's Teen

1st Runner-up & Talent Award: Kelsey Barrett

Limaland's Teen

2nd Runner-up: Sophie Carter

Maumee Valley's Teen

3rd Runner-up: Emily Werling

Scioto Valley's Teen

4th Runner-up: Sarah Eash

All*American City's Teen

Non-finalist Talent Award: Mackenzie Denner

Fallen Timber's Teen

Great job to all the contestants, as well as the E.D.s and parents!

Interestingly, all the awards went to three franchises: Miss Portsmouth/SV, Miss MMV/AAC/FT and Miss WCO/Lima. Special congrats to Greg Davis and Eric and Linda Wagner; their titleholders claimed six of the eight awards
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Tonight the competition officially begins in Mansfield with the crowning of Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen 2010. The winner will go on to compete for the title Miss America's Outstanding Teen this August in Orlando.

Fourteen young ladies from across the Buckeye state will vie for the crown currently held by Veronica Wende.
Veronica has been a fantastic titleholder, spending her year advocating Organ and Tissue Donation and the Green Chair "Do It Now" campaign. She is a recent graduate of Shawnee High school in Lima; this vocalist will attend Hillsdale College this fall. She has interests in Biology and Musical Theatre. To learn more about Veronica, click here.

The contestants:

Contestant #1 – Emily Werling
Miss Scioto Valley’s Outstanding Teen

Age: 17
Hometown: St. Henry, OH
School: St. Henry High School
Talent: Vocal Selection – “Dreams”
Platform: “BCAUS” (Breast Cancer Awareness Using Song)
Pageant Past: competed at Ohio's Teen '09 as Maumee Valley's Teen and in '08 as All*American City's Teen

Contestant #2 – Kaitlin Craig
Miss West Central’s Outstanding Teen

Age: 16
Hometown: Elida, OH
School: Elida High School
Talent: Dance Selection – “You Can’t Stop The Beat”
Platform: “Seatbelt Safety”
Pageant Past: unknown

Contestant #3 – Cecili Weber
Miss Portsmouth’s Outstanding Teen

Age: 15
Hometown: Ironton, OH
School: St. Joseph Central Catholic
Talent: Ballet En Point – “Overture From My Fair Lady”
Platform: H.E.A.R.T Helping-Expressing-Achieving-Reaching-Teaching In the Arts
Pageant Past: unknown

Contestant #4 – Sophie Carter
Miss Maumee Valley’s Outstanding Teen

Age: 16
Hometown: Perrysburg, OH
School: Perrysburg High School
Talent: Vocal Selection – “Greatest Love Of All”
Platform: “Breast Cancer Awareness”
Pageant Past: 1st RU to Ohio's OT in 2009 as All*American City's Teen

Contestant #5 – Megan Yocum
Miss Muskingum Valley’s Outstanding Teen

Age: 15
Hometown: Zanesville, OH
School: Philo High School
Talent: Clog Dance Selection – “Rocky Top”
Platform: “Volunteer: Make A Difference With Your Time & Talent”
Pageant Past: competed at SEO Teen 2010

Contestant #6 – Rachel Sharkey
Miss Southeastern Ohio’s Outstanding Teen

Age: 17
Hometown: Zanesville, OH
School: Zanesville High School
Talent: Jazz Dance Selection – “Replay”
Platform: “Volunteer, Make A Difference With Your Time And Talent”
Pageant Past: unknown

Contestant #7 – Chelsi Howman
Miss Mansfield’s Outstanding Teen

Age: 17
Hometown: Ashland, OH
School: Ashland – Crestview High School
Talent: Banjo Instrumental Selection – “Foggy Mountain Breakdown”
Platform: “Stop Bullying Now: Take A Stand! Lend A Hand!”
Pageant Past: Competed at both MOOT and Ohio Teen USA

Contestant #8 – Madeline Mason
Miss Zanesville’s Outstanding Teen

Age: 16
Hometown: Zanesville, OH
School: Zanesville High School
Talent: Vocal Selection – “Fireflies”
Platform: “Leukemia And Lymphoma: The Race For Ashley”
Pageant Past: Spirit award at Muskingum Valley's OT

Contestant #9 – Hannah Tumbusch
Miss Lake Festival’s Outstanding Teen

Age: 14
Hometown: St. Henry, OH
School: St. Henry High School
Talent :Vocal Selection – “Cowboy Sweetheart”
Platform: “Increasing Literacy In America Through Pages For Progress”
Pageant Past: unknown

Contestant #10 – Taylor Crowe
Miss Butler County’s Outstanding Teen

Age: 14
Hometown: Franklin, OH
High School: Franklin Jr. High
Talent:Jazz Dance Selection – “Stuff Like That There”
Platform: Promoting Healthy Lifestyles
Pageant Past: Former National American Miss participant

Contestant #11 – Mackenzie Denner
Miss Fallen Timbers’ Outstanding Teen

Age: 17
Hometown: Temperance, MI
School: Emmanuel Christian School Of Toledo
Talent :Piano Instrumental Selection – Chopin’s “Scherzo In B Flat Minor Opus 31”
Platform: “Feed Your Neighbor: Local Hunger”
Pageant Past: 4th RU to Monroe County's 2009 Teen (MI)

Contestant #12 – Jena Sweigert
Miss Grand Lake’s Outstanding Teen

Age: 17
Talent:: Celina, OH
Homeown: Celina High School
Talent :Vocal Selection – “Think Of Me”
Platform: Raising Political Awareness
Pageant Past: unknown

Contestant #13 – Kelsey Barrett
Miss Limaland’s Outstanding Teen

Age: 16
Hometown: Wapakoneta, OH
School: Wapakoneta, OH
Talent :Vocal Selection – “Here’s Where I Stand”
Platform: “NoBody’s Perfect” (How Media Impacts Young Women’s Self Esteem & Body Image).
Pageant Past: 2nd RU and Talent winner at Ohio's Teen '09 as Grand Lake's Teen and 2nd RU at Ohio's Teen '07 as West Central's Teen. Yes, her older sister is former Miss Contestant, Jessica Barrett.

Contestant #14 – Sarah Eash
All American City’s Teen

: 14
Hometown: Lakewood, OH
School: Lakewood High School
Talent: Jazz Dance Selection – “Feeling Good”
Platform: “Get Up, Get Involved, Give Back To Your Community – Make A Positive Change In Your Life”
Pageant Past: Competed at MOOT 2009 as Fallen Timbers Teen

Eight preteens will also vie for Princess titles. For more information check out the recently updated and completely fabulous TEEN WEBSITE.