Monday, July 30, 2007

Pageant Photos from this Weekend!

Scroll below for photos from all three pageants and click to enlarge most of them.

For starters, here are the headshots each of the women put on their CMN donations webpages.

I totally forgot I could get good pictures there… I’m telling you, these meds are making me really “fuzzy.” Let me be the first to say, Zephylia and Shannon look a lot alike, in these pictures at least.

Miss Greater Cleveland and Miss Open City

Above left, Miss Open City Zephylia Khooblall; right, Miss Greater Cleveland, Andrea Andryscik.

The top two photos are from the
Miss Greater Cleveland website, which was updated impressively quick, and the others are from Amy Allen and Megan Wombacker's[right] Facebook accounts. Also check out Elyse's blog for more.

Miss Ohio Valley

The photos above are by Paul Krajnyak; visit Miss Ohio News for more.

These three photos are from Brandi's Facebook. Above left, the new Miss Ohio Valley Brandi Herceg with former, Carissa Cook; above right, Brandi with outgoing Miss Allison West. On the left, Brandi with pageant director Lisa Poole.

Miss West Central Ohio

All I can find from Miss West Central Ohio are these cool pre-pageant dressing room shots from the Lima News. Please email me if you have crowning or competition pictures!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Congratulations to the New Miss West Central Ohio, Shannon O'Neill

Tonight Shannon O’Neill was crowned Miss West Central Ohio. This is her first Miss Ohio local crown, but she was Allen County’s Junior Miss and Second Runner-up to Ohio’s Junior Miss. She sang “Orange Colored Sky” and her platform is TONE Teaching Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise. (Photo on right from THIS article; photo on left from her CMN page.)

First Runner-up: Victoria miller
Second Runner-up: Kelly Jo Zink
Third Runner-up: Kristy Moneysmith

Talent: Shannon O’Neill
Interview: Shannon O’Neill
Fitness & Swimsuit: Victoria Miller

Spirit Award: Kristy Moneysmith
Ticket Award: Shannon O'Neill
Service Essay Award: Kristy Moneysmith

Thank you so much to Nancy Mabrey for these details; click on the "comments" below to read the runner-ups platforms.

Congratulations to the New Miss Ohio Valley, Brandi Herceg!

Brandi Herceg is a dancer who attends Franciscan University; her platform is Healthy Hearts are Happy Hearts. Brandi competed in a few pageants last year and was First Runner-up to Allison West, who crowned her tonight; this is her first Miss Ohio local crown. (The above photos are from Facebook and feature former Miss Ohio Valley, Carissa Cook.)

According to the message board other awards are as follows:

First Runner-up: Megan Presley

Interview: Brandi Herceg
Talent: Sarah Mayher
Swimsuit (tie): Megan Presley and Ashley Pesta

Peoples Choice: Nicole Fortunato
Community Service Essay: Brandi Herceg
Americanism Essay: Sarah Mayher
Spirit: Jessica Harr
Photogenic: Nicole Fortunato
Smile: Brandi Herceg
Eyes: Nicole Fortunato

CLICK HERE for a pre-pageant article from the Steubenville Herald Star.

Congratulations to the New Miss Greater Cleveland, Andrea Andryscik and New Miss Open City, Zephylia Khooblall!

On the left: Miss Open City, Zephylia Khooblall; she is a dancer who has competed at locals before, but this is her first victory. (Photos from Facebook.) On the right: Miss Open City, Andrea Andryscik. Andrea is a singer who promotes Youth Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention; this is her second local title. (Photos from Miss Ohio week 07.)

I had no idea they were bringing back Miss Open City, so this double crown is certainly a nice suprise. I will update other award winners as I learn them.

First Runner-up: Samantha Eggers
Second Runner-up: Heather Wells
Third Runner-up: Laura Pennington

Interview: Zephylia Khooblall
Talent: Samanth Eggers
Swimsuit: Andrea Andryscik
Evening Gown: Zephylia Khooblall
Spirit Award: Amy Allen

Best of Luck to Tonight’s Preliminary Pageants: Miss West Central Ohio, Miss Ohio Valley and Miss Greater Cleveland!

Ohio's preliminary season starts with a bang, with four locals in just one week! Heather Waterman received the first crown, and tonight three more women be given their rhinestone tickets to Mansfield.

Miss West Central Ohio

In Lima Jessica Barrett will crown a new
Miss West Central Ohio at 9 p.m. in the Veterans memorial Civic and Convention Center. Jessica won a Non-Finalist Talent Award at Miss Ohio. The pageant will be hosted by former Miss America, Heather French Henry, and will be broadcast live on WLIO-TV. CLICK HERE for an article about one of the contestants. I can’t find an official list of contestants, but the ladies with CMN donation pages are:

Chelsey Beer
Andrea Borkowski
Victoria Miller
Kristy Moneysmith
Shannon O'Neill
Kelly Jo Zink

Miss Ohio Valley

Miss Ohio Valley will take place just across the river in West Virginia at the Wheeling Island Gaming Resort, with a pre-show beginning at 6:30. The outgoing Miss Ohio Valley, Allison West [left] won a Swimsuit Preliminary at Miss Ohio. According to CMN pages, the following women will be competing:

Nicole Fortunato
Jessica Harr
Brandi Herceg
Ashley Pesta
Megan Presley

The above two pageants are restricted to women in certain surrounding countries and are therefore call “closed locals.” Miss Greater Cleveland, however, is “open” to all of Ohio.

Miss Greater Cleveland

Tonight at the North Royalton High School Performing Arts Center
Elyse Healey [left] will crown a new Miss Greater Cleveland; Elyse placed in the Top 10 at Miss Ohio. The pageant begins at 7 p.m.

Thanks to
Amy Allen for the following contestant list, including their talents:

Zephylia Khooblall, Dance
Brooke Waddles, Vocal
Megan Wombacker, Dance
Amy Allen, Vocal
Heather Wells, Dance
Andrea Andryscik, Vocal
Laura Pennington, Dance
Kristen Haas, Dance
Krystle Formosa, Vocal
Brittany Lipinsky, Dance
Samantha Eggers
Brittany Adams

Best of luck to all the directors and contestants! Do call, email or leave me a comment with results tonight; I’ll call you a “correspondent” if you’d like!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pageant Press: Buckeye crowned Miss Ohio 2007

...[Roberta Camp] participated in her first pageant when she was nine years old. After that, she took a break and got back into pageants as a senior in high school. Her first win, however, did not come until she was a college student.

...As for Camp, she said she has a Facebook profile but nothing to hide.

"I've had that talk with Mom and the Miss Ohio Committee," she said. "I don't have any skeletons in my closet. I think the whole thing with Miss New Jersey was she put herself in situations where people had cameras. I am not a partier, so I think the precaution I'm taking is I'm not putting myself into any situation where my character would be compromised."

"Some of my friends asked me if I would do the 'O-H' and have my Miss Ohio crew yell back at me the 'I-O,' but I don't know how that will play on national television," she said. "I think if maybe I were to win a preliminary award, then I would do it. I would love to show some type of school spirit, even if it's wearing scarlet and gray."

CLICK HERE to read the entire article by Amanda Dolasinksi, published today in The Lantern, OSU’s student paper.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pageant Press: A new queen for Lake Festival

CLICK HERE for an article from the Daily Standard and HERE for the paper's photo album.

Below are photos by Paul Krajnyak; thanks Paul, hope you enjoyed my original neck of the woods!

Above left, 1st Runner-up, Sarah Pierstorff; above right, 2nd Runner-up Megan Perkeybile. On the left, 3rd Runner-up Bethany Hosbach.

Above left, visiting titleholder, Jessica Barrett, Miss West Central Ohio; Jessica and Erica were roommates at Miss Ohio. Above right, former Miss Lake Festival Marisa Minor. Below, outgoing Miss Lake Festival Erica Gelhaus; since Erica was 1st Runner-up at Miss Ohio reliable sources say she will be representing our state at the National Sweetheart pageant this fall.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Check Out Miss Ohio's First Newsletter

As many noticed, Roberta's blog was deleted upon being crowned; over her year she plans to instead write monthly newsletters. Check out the first:

Congratulations to the New Miss Lake Festival, Heather Waterman!

I can't find any pictures from last night yet, but I'm sure some will eventually show up HERE, HERE or Facebook; if you have photos, do email them to me! [Above on the left Heather competes at Miss Maumee Valley last fall; photo on the right by Terry. Click each to enlarge.]

The results are as follows:

Miss Lake Festival 2007: Heather Waterman

1st Runner-up: Sarah Pierstoff
2nd Runner-up: Megan Perkeybile
3rd Runner-up: Bethany Hosback

Private Interview: Heather Waterman
Talent: Sarah Pierstoff; She sang “Summertime” from Porgy and Bess.
Onstage Interview: Megan Perkeybile

People Choice: Sarah Pierstoff
Committed to Excellence: Bethany Hosback

Last year Heather was the Third Runner-up at this pageant and First Runner-up at Miss Northwestern; she also competed at Miss Maumee Valley and Miss Maple City. Last night she sang “Shy” and she promotes Mentoring.

Thank you, Nancy, for calling me back last night with the results. She said I was one of a few names mentioned onstage to be kept in the audience’s thoughts; that if very sweet and much appreciated. Unfortunately I was feeling pretty rotten last night and couldn’t blog. I had new x-rays taken this morning… I’m still broken… but doing much better.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Best of Luck to the Miss Lake Festival Program Tonight!

Originally I wasn’t going to be at the pageant tonight because I would’ve been in NYC, but now I’m not there because of my broken collar bone… Anyway, tonight twelve Mercer County women will vie for my first title, Miss Lake Festival.

It’s sure to be an outstanding performance and I’m sure there will be much celebration of Erica Gelhaus’ First Runner-up placement at Miss Ohio. The contestants are:

Amanda McKee
Bethany Hosback
Elizabeth McGhee
Hannah Ford
Heather Waterman
Katie Westgerdes
Lisa Canary
Maria Broering
Megan Perkeybile
Sandy Miller
Sarah Pierstoff
Shelby Gates-Reichard

To see their photos and read their talents go to, click schedule, then Monday, then pageant contestants.

Last year Heather Waterman was the Third Runner-up in this pageant; Lisa Canary and Katie Westgerdes both competed. Hannah Ford was crowned Miss Peony Queen (a non-advancing local festival pageant) this spring. I doubt any of the other ladies have pageant experience.

Best of luck to everyone! I’m sure I can get the results later tonight… if my Vicodin hasn’t knocked me out by then!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

More about my accident...

Here’s another humorous part of the story…

My first call was to Loren; his workplace was only about 10 minutes from where I had the accident. I immediately got out of my car and was walking about. The first passersby to stop and help happened to be County workers. One of the gentlemen kept trying to get me back in my car and calm me down. I believe he called me “sweetie” because that seemed to be natural to his vocabulary and the situation. When the EMTs arrived they demanded I get back in my car and by that time I was pretty upset. I heard the EMTs tell someone to get in my backseat and stabilize my head. I felt male hands on both sides of my face and I thought I felt them kiss the back of my head! I remember thinking “creepy!” I knew the county worker was trying to help and calm me down, but that was just inappropriate! Through my tears and the commotion I stated “my boyfriend and my boss are on their way, please let them through…”

From my backseat Loren said, “Abby, it’s me.” I had no idea! Thankfully the let him ride in the ambulance with me too.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Broken bones and broken dreams...

Yesterday morning I was in a car accident and broke my collar bone. Luckily I was by myself and the other cars passengers were only scratched and bruised. My car is totaled. I was scheduled to leave for a week long trip to New York City with IMTA to audition for managers and agents this Sunday; I am no longer going. I am devastated, but at this point I can barely dress myself, let alone fly and be on my top competitive game.

I am so fortunate to have Loren and my parents taking care of me. I feel like a helpless, pathetic little kid, but they have been wonderful. Despite the medication I am in pain, rather immobile, nauseated and extremely uncomfortable. The clavicle is not a bone that can be set. I now have to decide whether to let it heal naturally and likely have a bump or have a plate put in surgically. The later would make me feel more comfortable sooner, but definitely leave a scar.

I have never broken a bone or had surgery before, so I’d appreciate anyone’s insight.

Well… I’ve worked on this entry all day long between “bad moments” and I am sick of chicken pecking, as I’m one-handed! Again, I am so lucky to have Loren and my parents, I can’t imagine going through this alone.

Check out some of the sweet new photos that were included on my demo reel for NYC. (Photos by Steve France.)