Sunday, August 31, 2008

Official Sweetheart Results

Miss Sweetheart: Arizona

1st RU: Florida
2nd RU: South Carolina
3rd RU: Nebraska
4th RU: Virginia

Sweetheart Top 5: A Hoax!

Sorry folks, I (and may others) misinterpreted a prediction on a message board.

Loren's visiting me here in Cali, so I'm out and about, but trying to keep tabs on the pageant...
I will not post further results until I'm 100% sure.

Sweetheart Top 11: Go Becky!

Miss Kentucky
Miss Utah
Miss Virginia
Miss Arizona
Miss South Carolina
Miss Florida
Miss Louisiana
Miss Iowa
Miss Ohio
Miss Tennessee
Miss Nebraska

Best of Luck to Ohio's Sweetheart, Becky Minger!

Miss Ohio's First Runner-up, Becky Minger is competing for the title National Sweetheart! Becky is a perfect pageant mix of beauty, talent and relatability. In my opinion...

Here's a press release:

Becky Minger of Sylvania to Represent Ohio at
Miss National Sweetheart Pageant

Becky Minger of Sylvania, this year's 1st Runner-up at Miss Ohio 2008, will represent Ohio at the Miss National Sweetheart Pageant over the Labor Day weekend in Hoopeston, IL. This pageant is unique in the realm of pageants, and enables the first or second runner-up in their State’s preliminary Miss America Pageant, to compete with representatives from approximately thirty other states. The winner is given the title Miss National Sweetheart, receives a $1,000 Scholarship, a $500 U.S. Savings Bond, plus an assortment of gifts. The pageant begins with two nights of Preliminaries on Friday and Saturday, August 29th and 30th, with Top Ten Finals on Sunday, August 31, 2008. Perhaps no major American pageant is so little known to the public as National Sweetheart, but few pageants are so deserving of attention. It's a durable success story, founded on the unselfishness of one small town.

The friendly farming community of Hoopeston, Illinois, has been the home of the National Sweetcorn Festival since early in the 20th century. For the first few decades of this annual September extravaganza, the highlight was the Miss National Sweetcorn Pageant, for local girls. But in the 1940s, the concept changed. The town decided to invite first runners-up from Miss America state preliminaries to compete, and it changed the pageant's name to Miss National Sweetheart.

It was an inspired idea. Being a 1st runner-up is a uniquely uncertain feeling, somewhere between pride and disappointment. Hoopeston, so far from the bright lights of Atlantic City, and now Las Vegas offers these accomplished young women more honors, more opportunities, and more scholarship money.

National Sweetheart is Miss
America's charming country cousin, but the two pageants have no official connection. Unlike Miss America, the pageant in Hoopeston spends little on publicity. And it makes few demands on winners, besides having them preside over the festival.

The town doesn't even ask winners to come back and crown their successors. In fact, often the reigning Miss National Sweetheart wins her state crown the next year, and is already competing at the Miss America Pageant by the time her reign ends. Several Miss Americas and numerous state titleholders have been Sweetheart winners.

Last year's winner of Miss National Sweetheart was Miss Ohio's 1st Runner-up, Eric Gelhause. Erica is from St. Henry, OH, and attends Otterbein University. The first runner up was Miss Michigan Ashlee Baracy; second runner up was Miss Louisiana Jennifer Soileau; third runner up was Miss District of Columbia Michelle Crosby; and fourth runner up was Miss Georgia Caitlin Andrews.

Following the pageant in Hoopeston, Becky will resume classes at Bowling Green State University, where the soon to be 21 year old will begin her 4th year. Later in the fall, she plans to enter another Miss Ohio/Miss America local pageant, in hopes of winning a title and qualifying to compete at next year's Miss Ohio 2009. If successful, it will be her fourth trip to state. In Becky's first year, she was 1st Runner-up to Melaney Murphy, Miss Ohio 2006. She competed as Miss Northwestern Ohio in 2007, and this past June was Miss Maumee Valley 2008 when she was again selected 1st Runner-up. Contestants can compete from ages 17 to 24, but can only win the title of Miss Ohio and compete at Miss America one-time.

For more information on Miss National Sweetheart, or the National Sweetcorn Festival visit the Hoopeston Jaycees website For more information on Becky Minger, email

FYI: Preliminary winners were as follows...

Friday Night:
Swimsuit: Nebraska and Tennessee
Talent: Utah

Saturday Night:
Swimsuit: South Carolina
Talent: Iowa

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Congrats to the New Miss Miami Valley, Katie Camp!

Miss Miami Valley: Katie Camp

First Runner-up: Kristen Haas

Interview: Kristen Haas
Talent: Katie Camp
Swimsuit: Katie Camp

I know Miss Lake Festival 2nd RU Devon Stansbury was competing, as well as former Ohio USA competitor Hope Smalls. Rumor has it Miss Chillocothee Kristy Moneysmith was competing too. If you know the line-up, or have pictures, email me!

Best of Luck to the Miss Miami Valley Program Tonight!

Tonight at the Montgomery County Fair Miss Miami Valley, Alyssa Hanson, will crown a successor! Miss Miami Valley is one of my favorite locals for a few reasons... E.D. Ronda Morris is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet in pageantry, it's only $4 to get into the fair instead of a usual $10 local pageant ticket, half way through the pageant when your dad gets bored (like mine) he can go wonder through the animal barns, oh, yeah, and it's a title I held! To be really blunt, if you don't want to deal with the county fair and crappy stage aspect of this pageant, I question how you could be Miss Ohio, as many of her appearances are in similar venues.

Anyway, Alyssa is a vocalist and University of Cincinnati student. Miss Miami Valley was her second local title, and I hope to see her back for a third shot at Miss Ohio.

I do know of two women who are competing, but they are both new to the MAO, so I'll refrain from listing them until I find out more contestants. For a list of last years contestants and runners-up, click here.

If you attend, text or leave comments with the contestants and results! Pictures are great too. :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Miss Wasilla to Ms. Vice President?

The pageant world is a buzz, as Republican presidential nominee, Senator John McCain has named Sarah Heath Palin as his running mate. Palin was First Runner-up to Miss Alaska and Miss Congeniality in 1984! She is the first woman and youngest person to hold the office of Alaskan Governor. Beyond her two years as Governor, her political experience has been local; this is an interesting choice, after Republicans have said Senator Obama lacked experience... Clearly gender played a large factor.

The Miss America Organization released the following:

McCain Names Former Miss Alaska Contestant as Running Mate

We are pleased to announce that former Miss Alaska contestant, Sarah Heath Palin, has just been named as John McCain’s vice-presidential candidate on the Republican ticket. In 1984, Palin was chosen as Miss Wasilla and went on to become the first runner-up in the Miss Alaska Pageant and received the Miss Congeniality award the same year. Her husband, Todd Palin was a judge in the 2008 Miss Alaska Pageant.

Congratulations on this exciting news for the Miss Alaska Organization!

Miss Minnesota Angela McDermott To Perform at the National Republican Convention on September 1st

Millions of people around the world will be watching as the Republican Party convenes its 39th nominating convention in Minneapolis – St. Paul.

The roughly 2,380 delegates and 2,227 alternate delegates elected to represent their states and territories will play a critical role in our nation’s democratic process – and secure a place in political history as will our own Miss Minnesota, Angela McDermott who will perform the national anthem to mark the opening day celebration of the national convention.

Angie was crowned Miss Minnesota in June, where she was the overall interview and talent winner at the Miss Minnesota Scholarship Pageant. She will compete for the title of Miss America in January 2009. She is 24 and is a 2007 graduate of the University of Minnesota. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication, with a Minor in International Studies and we look forward to having Angie perform at this historic event on Labor Day!

We applaud the efforts of Angie and the Miss Minnesota Organization!


Local contestants competing in pageants between now and November must be able to answer to the interview question, "Who are you voting for and WHY?" I urge contestants NOT to merely be swayed by her pageant experience, but really research both candidates and have a well thought-out answer. In an election year, this should be as automatic as your chicken cutlets!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hilarious Pageant News: Nun Pageant Cancelled, Tractor-driving Beauty in Facebook Trouble and Tara Connor Teaches How to be a Lady!

Italian priest cancels nuns' beauty pageant

Wednesday, August 27, 2008
The Associated Press

ROME — An Italian priest backtracked from his idea to organize an online beauty pageant for nuns, saying Tuesday he had been misunderstood and incurred the protests of the faithful and local religious authorities.

The Rev. Antonio Rungi had thought of the beauty contest to give nuns more visibility within the Catholic Church and to fight the stereotype that they are all old and dour. The "Miss Sister 2008" contest was supposed to start in September on a blog run by the priest, who is a theologian and schoolteacher from the Naples area.

But he changed his mind after seeing reports that suggested nuns would be metaphorically put on a catwalk. He said what he had in mind was not just external beauty but what he called "overall beauty."

"I wanted to make a blog on vocations, one where everybody could bring their own experiences," Rungi said by telephone from his town of Mondragone, about 35 miles north of Naples. "I wanted to create a showcase for the pastoral experience of nuns."

"Instead, they made it look like it was a catwalk a la Miss Italy," he said. "I have been misunderstood."

The reverend said attacks against him, phone calls and e-mails prompted him to cancel the plan, as well as reported unease of his religious superiors over the idea.

Still, Rungi said he hopes the idea can be revived in the future, if he can bring on board local religious authorities.

This Canadian article is hilarious! The headline, however, is misleading; the creator of Facebook has nothing to do with it, rather they're challenging a girl who created a group on Facebook:

Creator of Facebook site that questions beauty ideals wins P.E.I. pageant

A young woman from Souris, P.E.I. who began a Facebook group that was against the fashion industry's definition of beauty has won a pageant.

Heather Ross, 18, was crowned "Queen of the Furrows," an annual pageant that takes place at the Dundas Agricultural fair. The contestants sport evening wear and are asked impromptu questions, but in a unique turn they must also exhibit a high degree of skill riding a tractor, and plowing.

"Most of the girls don't know how to ride a tractor until the day before, when we get training. It's the most Island thing possible," said Ross.

Ross started a Facebook group called "Beauty versus Industry" earlier this year, which encourages members to define beauty in their own terms.

There's no contradiction between her fashion industry campaign and being crowned Queen of the Furrows, she said.

And finally:

'Mess USA' Tara Conner Now Teaching Women How to be Ladies

LOS ANGELES - Ever wonder what happened to Tara Conner? It looks as though 2006's troubled Miss USA has come a long way from her days of battling a drug/alcohol addiction to now teaching other young women to act like ladies.

Pop Tarts has confirmed that Conner (who has kept a very low-profile for months now) has signed on to host MTV’s upcoming reality show, which has the working title of "LaDette to Lady."

The self-betterment show is set to start filming in London this fall, and Conner's role will be to transform a bunch of gals from problematic to prim and proper while exposing details of her own tough times.

But the reformed rehabber had a little help scoring the hot hosting gig — her BFF Donald Trump. The mogul (who co-owns the Miss Universe Organization) made headlines in December 2006 when he allowed Conner to keep her crown despite her dangerous habits and even brought her back to Trump Towers to star in last year’s reality television program "Pageant Place." Trump Productions is behind this new show.

"Trump and Tara have a very close relationship," an inside source told Tarts. "She still doesn’t drink at all and rarely ever even goes out."

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Keeping-up with Karissa: Ontario's 50th Anniversary Celebration Parade

Special thanks to Roberta for alerting me to the Lou Whitmire article Ontario marks 50 years with parade, party and the photo gallery by Jason J. Moylet.

"Miss Ohio Karissa Martin and Miss Ontario Kayleigh Boyce waved from the back of vehicles."

Friday, August 22, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pageant Pictures a Plenty!

Miss Black Ohio USA

Above in the black dress, Amy Allen, 1st RU and Interview winner!

*As 1st RU, Amy will go on to compete in the American Elegance National Pageant this October in Chicago! Way to go Amy!

Below, Amy and Allie DeSantis
(former Miss Teen International from Ohio.)

Miss America's Outstanding Teen

Miss Teen USA

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Congrats Amy Allen!

She was 1st RU to Miss Black Ohio USA!

I'm at work, so more later, or likely on Amy's blog...

Best of Luck to Amy Allen at Miss Black Ohio USA!

I am not a fan of Miss Black Ohio USA's prior unethical practices, but I do wish former Miss Ohio contestant Amy Allen much luck!

Teen Crowning Pictures

Miss America's Outstanding Teen, Taylor Fitch
of South Carolina

Miss Teen USA, Stevi Perry of Arkansas

Wow - blond hair, white dresses, southern states and similar facial features!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Miss America's Outstanding Teen: South Carolina!

MAO Teen: South Carolina

1st RU: PA
2nd RU: AR
3rd RU: MD
4th RU: MO

Miss Teen USA: Arkansas!

Teen USA: Arkansas

1st RU: SC
2nd RU: NC
3rd RU: LA
4th RU: ID

Teen Pageant Semifinalists

MAO Teen Top 10:


Miss Teen USA Top 15:



I'm at work today, so depending whether or not I'm out on a tour, I should be able to post the teen pageants semifinalists and results in real time from my phone.

Best of Luck to Ohio's Outstanding Teen Sarah Hider AND Ohio Teen USA Chelsie Folden, as they both compete for National Titles Tonight!

Sarah Hider of Wooster is competing to be Miss America's Outstanding Teen in Orlando.

Neither the competition photos or photo shoot in Tony Bowls gowns on the MAO Teen website are able to be saved; the picture above was copied from a blog about Texas.

Chelsie Folden of Wellston is in the Bahamas competing to become Miss Teen USA. The following pictures are from THIS album, which includes shots of Chelsie's entire prelim group.

Chelsie is on many anonymous Top 15 lists, however I'm not a fan of the white wedding-type gowns that Ohio has a habit of putting their Teen in: Peyton McCormick '06, Allie LaForce '05 and Nicci Shannon '04.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Autographed Headshots Needed for a Good Cause!

Former Miss Ohio contestant Lexi Boettler Lux needs our help!

She’s putting together an item/package for an online fundraising auction for the
MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) and would like autographed headshots from current AND FORMER “queens.” It’ll be dubbed as a royal autograph package for the auction.

If other formers are anything like me, you have lots of left over pageant pictures that you can’t use for anything else! It'll take all of two seconds to sign a picture and pop it in the mail
for this great cause… Okay, maybe for some of us it’ll take a little longer to dig those old headshots out, but I encourage you to do it nonetheless!

Mail your autographed headshot to:

Attn: Alexis Lux
1655 W. Marker St Suite 340
Akron OH 44313

(They need to be in Akron by Saturday, August 23rd.)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Outstanding Teen Prelim Night Three!

Talent: Texas (middle)
Gown: Arkansas (right)
Fitness Wear: Utah (left)

[Photo from]

Outstanding Teen Prelim Night Two!

Talent: Arkansas (middle)
Evening Gown: North Dakota (right)
Fitness Wear: California (left)

[Photos from]

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Outstanding Teen Prelim Night One!

Talent: Oklahoma (left)
Gown: Texas (right)
Fitness Wear: Maryland (middle)

[Photo from]

Karissa's "Festival Tour" (as Marlia called it)

What is the state title holder to do in the summer weeks after she is crowned? Go to every fair, festival and other dirty, obnoxious outdoor event named after a county or something you find in the produce aisle, that's what! :) Miss Ohio 2005, Marlia Fontaine-Weisse liked to call it the Festival Tour...

A traditional appearance for Miss Ohio is the Henry County Tomato pageant. The Tomato pageant doesn't advance to anything, but it has produced women who have gone on to the MAO including Lauren Hogan, former contestant Blythe Gresser and former Miss Ohio Kelly Creager.

Huge thanks to Lauren Hogan for sending me these! I also have to say Karissa looks great! I love when red heads wear green; I kind of wish that big 'ole sash weren't in the way so we could get a better look at the gown.

Below is a better look in a photo from the Erie County Fair's King and Queen Festival. Special thanks to Miss Ohio 2007 Roberta Camp for alerting me to THIS online album of the event, from which the follow came:
Some anonymous folks have said Karissa reminds them of former Miss Ohio's Tiffany Haas and Melanie Murphy. I have to agree; in the photo with Lauren her cheeks and face shape are Tiffany-esq and in the last photo, the full hair, nose and profile is reminiscent of Melanie. Certainly, if these three beautiful women were in the same room there would be no mistaking them, but in specific photo angles, I can see it...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

"From the cheap seats" - A Miss Greater Cleveland Review - Installment Two

Again, huge thanks to Meghan Markovich-Olmstead for sharing her reviews from Miss Greater Cleveland/Cuyahoga County. This is constructive criticism meant for the betterment of the contestants; if you were a contestant in this pageants, please STOP! Ask yourself if you'd really like the feedback before you scroll below.

If you didn't read the disclaimers on "Installment One," please click here and read it before you proceed.

#7. Jessica Nelson – Okay, my notes are confusing on this one… it says polka w/ black and white top. My second note is that it didn’t look like the top and bottom matched. I’m sorry that I can’t further elaborate or explain this. Also, I was writing in the dark!

SS – She wore a black bikini, but I felt she would have been much better served in a nice one piece that draws the eye to her assets (she has a very small waist) and away from her weak points. She, like Christina, bounced way too much in SS and should have been introduced to Firm Grip (it will be your best friend forever!)

Talent – She sang, “In his eyes.” She wore a white dress and she has very long curly hair that I think could have benefited from some pageant advice on what to do with it—it has lots of volume on the sides, but none on the top. And since I have ultra fine hair and come from the “newscaster helmet hair days” of pageantry, I know that I’m not one to give advice on what to do with curly hair, so I’ll shut up now. I’m not a fan of this pageant song because it always seems that the same notes are always rough ones and it’s kinda boring. My complaint on her performance is that she kinda stared off to the side into nowhere. I think it’s an attempt in coming across as feeling “wistful,” but it just doesn’t work for a pageant.

EG – She wore a red satin gown with her hair all pulled over to one shoulder. For her OSQ, she was asked about Animal Awareness (Is that really the title of her platform? I didn’t get a program book.) and it was the usual beginner “I think I can help” statements. Again, I don’t hold this against a contestant who is just starting out, I just point it out for if she wants to move forward and keep competing.

Again, a sweet girl who I hope to see again.

#9. Brittany Sisko – She wore a stylish black and white dress for interview.

SS – This is where I started to put my finger on what was off during intros. She is a pretty girl, blonde hair/blue eyes and very trendy. But something was off—it was like she was trying to be a fierce fashion model, but it came across as like she was trying to be Paris Hilton (I am only talking about modeling/runway style and not a personal commentary!). That doesn’t work in pageants. Her hands were kind of waving weird/held akimbo and she had a weird smirk on her face, not a fun smile. Her shoes for swimsuit were clunky white kinda bridesmaid shoes. Her swimsuit was a pink/green plaid striped style—but most of my comments were on presentation vs. her appearance. This might’ve been a case of where the presentation took so much away from scoring her physical fitness.

Talent – She did a lyrical dance to, “Redeemed.” She had a nice olive green costume that I really liked, but the lighting people turned the background to a red that totally clashed with it. Is she one of Krystie Whetstone’s students? There was something about her style that reminded me of her, although Brittany wasn’t quite as polished as Krystie. And here is where I show that I’m not a dancer—it seemed like she lacked a little range of motion in her back for the moves she was trying to do—but then again, I’m speaking not from dance experience, but from comparing her moves to other pageant dancers… so maybe I should shut up now. I will, however, mention that she did a weird bow and exit offstage. It was a sort of saunter that just didn’t work for me (see Paris Hilton remarks).

Gown – Wore a sort of salmon colored cocktail dress, but the same presentation issues remained that detracted from it all. She did a weird sort of “side walk” with that same smirk. For OSQ, she was asked about how she can convince schools to keep the arts in education during all of these budget cuts and she said (after repeating the question) that she would get dance companies involved in the problem. I’m not sure I understood her answer, and it ended rather abruptly. But—I think this answer is a typical newbie answer and wasn’t completely terrible or anything.

#9 Katie Gregory-Taylor - KATIE!!!! Katie! Katie! Katie!

I LIKE THIS GIRL!!! There is something very fun/funky about her that resonates with me. And hello? Her talent was so much fun! But I’ll calm down for a minute to give you the details…

Intros – she had a white skirt suit on, but it was SUPER SHORT! I wasn’t into that at first and was actually sort of put off by it. She’s a really cute brunette and just has this playful sense about her. I think with some good advice (ooh! And coaching! THERE I SAID IT!! Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!) she will be an amazing contestant. Dare I say that she reminds me of Miss Washington from last year?

SS – Cute girl, nice body, and a fun style… BUT I will say that this swimsuit didn’t work for pageant style. I understand where she is going with it and I love that she was expressing her personal style, but she wore a retro styled 1 pc black and white gingham swimsuit. It was sort of a tube style swimsuit with a little ruffled skirt part on the bottom with red shoes. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of going with a retro style, but this one didn’t do much for her figure because of the cut of it (not because of her shape!). But I like it when girls try to think outside the box a bit!

Talent – At this point, I thought she was a cute girl, but seriously fashion misguided. I’m not going to lie, I was fearful what talent would bring--*ESPECIALLY* when they announced she would be singing, “Listen” from the Dreamgirls soundtrack (and can I mention at this point that I would have LOVED to hear Roberta sing this song at Miss America??? I did indeed pass that suggestion along last year, so maybe I’m biased on loving this song.) She wore a white satin halter and started out very small and then FRIGGIN’ TORE IT UP! I loved it!! She is fabulous with so much potential!! My critique was that she bounced with the music a lot ala Mariah Carey style instead of a planned performance that tells a story. Both my husband and I officially fell in love with her at this point and he had her picked as his other winner.

Gown – I have to say it – I wasn’t in love with her gown. It was a sorta 90’s style gown with a high collar and was too short for pageants – I would assume it was a prom gown. It was, however, all rhinestoned and beaded, so at least she was moving in the right direction. For her OSQ she was asked about abstinence and the media and she talked about wanting to work with inner city youth and how the issue is so prevalent in minorities. I like to see those old school values paired with real world awareness of the issue.

I said it before – SO MUCH POTENTIAL!!

#10. Megan Wombacker – Her interview suit is a rich jewel toned purple skirt suit with a ruffle on the bottom. I like it well enough, but it’s sort of old school. I seem to recall her wearing something different at Miss Ohio that was more current/stylish, but I think this purple suit fit/flattered her better.

SS – First off, she really is good at choosing rich colors that show well onstage and flatter her skintone. Secondly, I commend the work that she’s done to get herself into good physical shape over the past year. And after watching her talent, there is no question that she works out very hard in order to be in that kind of shape. As for the message board yahoos who like to speculate on how much weight a person should lose, I would like to say right here that I “boo!” their remarks. No, she is not a prelim SS winner, but she is clearly working hard so it’s my turn to say, “Shut up!”

Talent – Tap danced to “Big Time” by Linda Eder. I loved her new costume!! It was black velvet with rhinestones and sheer nude sleeves with rhinestones. It was very, very flattering and showed very well. While it did seem that she got tired toward the end of the routine—hello, I can see why! At the very end of her routine she stepped from the back of the stage to the hardwood apron of the stage and slipped—but she made a great recovery (she did not actually “fall”), and if I was judging I wouldn’t have held it against her—it was very obviously the floor difference and as they say, “It’s all in how you handle it!” and she handled it like a pro.

EG – She wore a red satin V neck gown with a black liquid bead waist and straps. It had a train on it. It might be my personal style, but I just wasn’t into it. It didn’t wow me. I can’t remember if she wore it at state this year, either.

OSQ – She was asked what the I Care program is. First of all, she started with, “The judges already know this…” and I think that could have been cut. Of course the judges already know, but it made the answer seem like she was a little disappointed that she had to repeat herself or like she was apologizing to them. But I think it was an attempt to make her answer more conversational. She talked super fast (from nerves), but she had a great answer.

#11. Ashley Warholic – Again, I think my notes are failing me here. It says “big white top and black pants.” I think it was that she wore a more modern styled outfit, but the top was too big, making it look disproportionate and not well fitted.

SS – She wore a zebra print bikini and was just sort of average in this area. I can’t think of any advice other than to keep toning, practicing her walk, and turn it into a dynamic presentation. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it, though. I was, however, surprised that she won swimsuit.

Talent – She danced to “Canned Heat,” the song from Napoleon Dynamite on point. I wouldn’t have mentioned that movie reference in her intro. She had a great costume – it was bright blue with rhinestones, had one sleeve and a collar, a belt and a rhinestone buckle. She’s a very pretty girl and reminded me a lot of Lauren Shatlock. However, the content of the dance wasn’t great for me. It was en pointe, but there was just a lot of prancing/strutting across stage and walking on her toes vs. actual moves. Again, I’m not a dancer. But as my friend Toni observed when I dragged her to her first pageant (MGC 2002, I think!), “I can tell that the judges like spinning. That girl should have put a whole lot more spins into her routine.” Ha! Okay, maybe you had to be there…

EG – she wore a leopard satin gown, sort of in that Tony Bowls style of dress (but I don’t think it was a TB). It was OK, but I wasn’t in love with it. I’m sure it’s fine for the local level for awhile. For her OSQ, she was asked about strong leaders and she explained her program very well.

#12. Jessica Barrett – I like her new haircut!! It’s much more flattering and stylish and I think it’s a great change for her. She wore a red skirt suit, and I just wasn’t a fan of it.

SS – she wore a white and brown bikini with a belt on the bottom. I thought the fit and proportions were all off—did she wear this at Miss Ohio? The colors didn’t show well onstage, either.

Talent – She sang, “I am a star” and wore a black dress with a white top band and strap. Her look for talent and EG reminded me of Bryn Hough from back in my day. She has an adorable face and voice and she’s a very strong performer—I like how she really “sells” her routine. Also, I like that it’s easy to understand her words when she sings.

EG – She wore a plain white dress. It seemed sort of wedding gown style and was that peau de soie satin that lots of wedding/bridesmaid dresses are made of. It was fine for a local, but I was surprised to see a veteran wearing it. For OSQ, she had a question about organ donation – again, the OSQ at this pageant were too long!!! Being too wordy is just mean during OSQ if you ask me! Anyway, she talked about the misconceptions of organ donation and how she speaks to people about it.

Last, but not least…

I need to talk to you all about Andrea Andryscik. Dare I say that she is the hardest working girl in this pageant system? This girl has lived and breathed Miss America for the past few years – working tirelessly on her platform, networking on behalf of her platform and the program, developing marketing strategies for the program, fundraising for her wardrobe, and seeking professional advice on all areas of competition. She has come such a long way from the big poufy princess gowns and meek little pageant songs. She has truly blossomed and taken every positive aspect of this program to heart. I am so proud of the woman she has become and I am so proud to call her my friend. Congratulations on a stellar run for the title of Miss America. You gave it your all, put yourself out there to so many different audiences and truly lived the job—with or without the title. I love you lots!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Welcome to the Blogosphere... Jenna Wilson!

Two things I am a huge fan of have joined: Jenna Wilson and a blog! Jenna was recently 4th Runner-up and a Preliminary Talent winner at Miss Ohio as Miss North East Ohio. Her new blog is...

Be sure to check it out; she has more pictures of Sarah's send-off party, including wardrobe!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Keeping-up with Karissa!

It looks like Miss Ohio, Karissa Martin, has been busy visiting the American Cancer Society, the Ohio State Fair, the State House, New Philadelphia and some sort of girls camp. I don't know the specifics of the following pictures, but much love to Martha Campbell for posting them on Facebook!