Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My alma mater calls this crap journalism?

I’m going through severe Forensics withdrawal. I greatly enjoyed coaching Bowling Green State University’s team and judging at the Collegiate Forensics Association “Winter Weekend” National tournament this past weekend in Montreal. While the team easily won this championship for a sixth straight year without me, I would have rather been competing.

I’m even missing my old job of PR Chair for Pi Kappa Delta, the Forensics honorary. On the train ride home it was bittersweet as I dialed the BGNews and handed the phone and tournament stats to our new PR Chair.

I just logged on to see if the campus newspaper had published anything, only to be shocked and angered by this:

Miss-leading America by Amy Dillon, the BGNews

But now the votes are in and we have another tarantula-eyed-peroxide-blonde hussy to represent America. I mean, what is there not to love? She cares about world peace, she can walk in heels while looking forward and.... and... Well, I really can't think of anything else good about her.

Voicing your opinion is one thing, but this has no thesis, structure or supporting arguments. I am so angry right now, and will be posting a comment at the end of this article… just as soon as this stupid, student-run disaster of a newspaper prints something about my beloved Forensic team’s victory!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Miss America Press

Oklahoman wins Miss America Crown and Oklahoma scores second Miss America in a row from USA Today
"The last state to win back-to-back titles was Mississippi, when Mary Ann Mobley crowned Lynda Mead as Miss America in 1960."

"Lauren Nelson was crowned Miss America 2007 in Las Vegas on Monday, with pageant organisers vowing she would lead a clean life after a string of scandals in recent months about misbehaving beauty queens."

New Miss America gears up for spotlight after winning crown from the Las Vegas Sun Times

"The morning after her big win, Miss America Lauren Nelson said she felt different the moment she woke up. "I looked over on my bedside table and I had the Miss America crown sitting next to me," Nelson told The Associated Press on Tuesday. But in case anyone is wondering, she added, "I didn't actually sleep with it on."

Miss America Crowned from

"In the interview portion of the show, when asked how to close the salary gap between men and women, Miss Oklahoma said:"I think by being a good role model, by being a Miss America that shows that women are strong and that they can succeed in our society. I think by being a good role model, we can change that."

Monday, January 29, 2007

The 2007 Miss America Pageant

Miss America is... Miss Oklahoma, Lauren Nelson

Oklahomoa goes back-to-back!

1st Runner-up: Miss Texas, Shilah Phillips

2nd Runner-up: Miss Georgia, Amanda Kozak

Commercial Commentary

First, Jennifer Berry looked beautiful in her final walk.

Now, allow me to be extremely blunt about the onstage interviews.
Miss Georgia was extremely witty and likable, while she stumbled through the serious part of the question “what’s the first thing you’d do as President” I think she did the best and is now my pick for Miss America!

Miss Oklahoma was asked what she would do to earn women the same salary as men. While her answer was confident and concise, it was too short and kind of “pageant fluffy” if you know what I mean.

Miss Texas was asked how she continues to have confidence in America. She talked about her own triumph over adversity, which I’m getting tired of hearing from her, and I think Chris Matthews was going for a more political tone.

Top Three

Miss Georgia, Amanda Kozak

Miss Oklahoma, Lauren Nelson
Miss Texas, Shilah Phillips

3rd Runner-up: Miss Mississippi, Tyran Forshee
4th Runner-up: Miss Alabama, Melinda Toole

Note, last year, the Top Two were Georgia and Oklahoma!

Talent Analysis

I felt Miss Oklahoma (vocal- "You'll be in my heart) and Miss Mississippi (piano) had the best talents. Miss Texas (vocal- "I believe in you and I) was good, but I don’t understand why she won her preliminary flight. Miss Georgia (tap- "Baby, you're a star") was entertaining, and was that a Prince song! Love that, but she didn’t seem very technical. Finally, in going last, Miss Alabama (vocal- "Time to say goodbye") must have allowed the nerves to get to her, because her voice seemed very shaky and not suited for the operatic piece she performed.

Taking the Interview snippets shown before each talent into consideration, my Top Three prediction is Miss Mississippi (winner), Miss Oklahoma (1st RU) and Miss Georgia (2nd RU).

Commercial Commentary

Next, the Top Five will perform their talents. Miss Texas is the only preliminary talent winner still competing; however, I predict that Miss Mississippi will be our winner. I have not been a "Tyran fan" thus far, but of the Top Ten she has impressed me the most. I can't help but feel the ladies seemed extremely nervous during Swimsuit and Evening Wear, and lacked personality. Also, I'm going to admit how annoying it is that only our country's south is represented in the Top Five. Not that she should be selected based on locale, it's still frustrating! :(

Top Five

Miss Texas, Shilah Philips

Miss Georgia, Amanda Kozak
Miss Oklahoma, Lauren Nelson
Miss Mississippi, Taryn Foshee
Miss Alabama, Melinda Toole

Miss Congeniality

During the filming of "Pageant School" the contestants selected Miss Alabama, Miss South Carolina and Miss South Dakota, the viewers then voted and Miss Alabama, Melinda Toole has been named "Miss Congeniality."

Commercial Commentary

With the Evening Gown competition complete, I remain underwhelmed.

My prediction for the Top Five is Mississippi, Texas, Hawaii and Alabama (yes I realize that’s only four). I will fall off the couch if Utah or Washington make it, and remain confused how they even made the Top Ten.

Top Ten

Miss Georgia
Miss Pennsylvania
Miss Mississippi
Miss Oklahoma
Miss Texas
Miss Alabama
Miss Utah
Miss Hawaii
Miss California

I am hugely disappointed, not only because Melanie was not selected, but overall the Top Ten and their Swimsuit presentations were underwhelming, to me.


Be sure to tune into the Country Music Channel tonight at 8 p.m. to watch the Miss America Pageant TONIGHT!

Since I was in Montreal without the internet for the last few days I haven't compiled a Top 10 list, but I've been reviewing competition photos on
Yahoo News! and watching snippets of Night One's Talent presentations on CMT's website, I really think Mel will make the Top 10 and more!

I was very excited to read on Roberta's Blog that the official Miss Ohio photographer, PSK Innovations, emailed her with a link to his site, which includes tons of competition photos of Melanie in Las Vegas!

She really looks amazing- check them out by CLICKING HERE!

Congratulations to the Miss America Preliminary Winners!

Tonight a new Miss America will be crowned! The Top 10 have already been determined based on three nights of preliminary competition, last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The preliminary winners are below:

[Left to Right: Miss Oklahoma, Miss Texas, Miss Nebraska, Miss Hawaii, Miss Pennsylvania and Miss California.]

Prelim Night One:

Miss Oklahoma, Lauren Neilson won Swimsuit; Miss Texas, Shilah Phillips won Talent by singing Whiitney Houston’s “I believe in you and me.”
CLICK HERE for a Miss America Press Release.

Prelim Night Two:

Miss Nebraska, Molly McGrath won Swimsuit and with a Tahitian dance, Miss Hawaii, Pilialoha Gaison won Talent.
CLICK HERE for a Miss America Press Release.

Prelim Night Three:

Miss Pennsylvania Emily Wills won Swimsuit; Miss California, Jacquelynne Fontaine captured the Talent award with the operatic aria "Vissi d'arte" from Tosca.
CLICK HERE for a Miss America Press Release.

*All photos were copied from the Miss America Competition Website

Congratulations to Allison Rogers, Miss Rhode Island, the 2007 Quality of Life Award Winner!

Of the Quality of Life Award finalists, Melinda Toole, Miss Alabama [left], Allison Rogers, Miss Rhode Island [middle] and Hilary Griffith, Miss Arizona [right] were named the Top Three. Miss Rhode Island went on to win the award; while I was impressed by her CMT interview and Miss America Jennifer Berry won this award last year, I doubt Allison will walk away with the crown... I guess we'll find out in just under five hours!

CLICK HERE for a QOL Press Release.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

In My Absence

Abby is currently in Montreal Canada coaching the BGSU Forensics team to what we hope to be their 6th National Championship at CFA. She had planned to send this post from Canada herself but was unable to get internet access and as a result, she asked me to share the following links to many of the Miss America contestants' blogs from the competition in Las Vegas.
Had Abby done this herself, she would've renamed each of the links so you would know whose they were. I am not as versed in the blogging world so I can only give you the links themselves.

So here they are:

I hope this gives all of Abby's readers some insight to how all of these amazing women are dealing with and preparing for what I am sure will be a very close competiton. Abby will return on Monday to continue with further updates.

Till next time...


Pageant Press and Resources: Miss America

Monday, January 22, 2007


Becky Minger, the reigning Miss Northwestern Ohio, is one of my favorite pageant contestants. She is one of those women who you just know will be Miss Ohio someday... and now she has a blog.
So check it out, she's great!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Have You Cast Your Vote?

If you think you know what the outcome of the Miss America Pageant will be, you could win ONE MILLION DOLLARS!
{Insert Dr. Evil laugh, a la Austin Powers, here!}

Every year a couple different websites hosts polls for fans to speculate. And the reality is… they’re usually pretty close!
CLICK HERE for a comparative analysis of last year’s polls and official results.

This year, CMT has created a “Pick and Win Game.” Predicting the Top 10, Top 5 and Top 3 in order, could win you a million dollars. Five runners-up win trips for two to next years pageant.
CLICK HERE to register and play. Good luck, and for the record, if there is a million dollar winner, and if that person does not donate a portion of their winnings back into this scholarship program, I feel the current 52 titleholders should be granted the right to impale that person with their crowns. I think 208 points would adequately impress the importance of gratitude and generosity, don’t you?!

Another popular polls is the “8th Annual People’s Choice Poll” on the
I Love Miss America website. Email your Top 10 in alphebetical order to, noting your winner and runners-up by January 28. Our Miss Ohio, Melanie Murphy, is currently only about 80 points from breaking into the Top 10 on that poll, so submit your vote!

CLICK HERE for the Turn For The Judges poll. This is the most user-friendly, but doesn’t show the status of all 52 contestants.

Happy voting!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pageantness Galore!

Today there is much buzz around the Miss America Pageant, as the contestants have arrived in Las Vegas!

Quality of Life Award:

The Miss America website explains, “The 52 finalists competing in Atlantic City for the title of Miss America are eligible for the award. Applicants must excel in their commitment to enhancing the quality of life for others through volunteerism and community service. Specific attention will be given to the depth of service, creativity of the project, and significant effects upon the lives of others.” The finalists this year are:

*Miss Alabama, Melinda Toole; her platform is Character Education.
*Miss Arizona, Hilary Griffith, she advocates “Strength Over Silence:” Rape Awareness And Recovery
*Miss Georgia, Amanda Kozak, who mentors with Big Brothers/ Big Sisters.
*Miss Indiana, Betsy Usckrat, her platform is “Fighting Hunger in our Communities with Heart and Soul.”
*Miss Michigan, Angela Corsi; she works with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America.
*Miss Rhode Island, Allison Rogers, her platform is a personal favorite of mine, “Go Green! Global Warming Awareness.”
*Miss Virginia, Adrianna Sgarlata advocates Behaving Respectfully and Valuing Others.

Arrival Photos:

The following photos of the Miss America contestants’ arrival were taken by Associated Press photographer, Isaac Brekken.

Check out Melanie, just over Miss Nebraska's left shoulder!

Arrival Press:

First Look Photos of Miss America Beauties Arriving in Vegas

Miss America Pageant tries for a new image

A lift for the only thing sagging -- its ratings

The last article is about the new special, "Pageant School: Becoming Miss America," which I thought I missed tonight thanks to a random power outage. But, the article doesn't specify which Friday, and no one in pageantland is talking like they saw it, so I guess that means the premiere is next Friday.
CLICK HERE for multiple show times.

Also, on Wednesday, Cleveland State University, which Miss Ohio, Melanie Murphy, attends published Student Represents Ohio, and Cleveland State, in Miss America Pageant.

Scene Stealing

In the weeks leading up to the Miss America Pageant, its “rival” pageant system, Miss USA/Universe has endured significant scandal. First Miss USA was nearly fired, but instead was checked into rehab and Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump began a media cat fight. Then seedy photos of Miss Nevada USA surfaced and she was dethroned. Most recently, Miss New Jersey USA announced she is pregnant and resigned. Oh, and lets not forget, Playboy Magazine wants Miss USA on it’s cover…

Amidst all this, some media outlets have realized and defined the differences in the two pageant systems. But, sadly, my opinion is that these scandals have confused the general public and will have negative ramifications for all pageants for years to come.

To make matters worse for the Miss America pageant, one event and one rumor may detract from the pageant finale on the 29th. Rumor has it, Miss USA will be released from rehab around the same date. More significantly, in a “fun sarcastic slap- at the rival Miss America organization” former Miss USA, Katie Rees will be crowned at some Vegas night club. CLICK HERE for an article.

You can't help but chuckle...

Ironically, the other day I was reviewing my work with FOX Toledo and on an episode of the Simpson’s in which Homer and his buddies get a short-lived TV talk show (which aired originally five years ago), the following was exchanged:

Homer: Miss America and Miss USA- what’s the difference?

Lenny: I think one’s elected and one’s appointed.

Friday, January 19, 2007

A Night at the Opera… sort of…

The same man who shot a seventeen point buck this season also loves the musical Phantom of the Opera, and thus, I love him!

A touring production of the show is at Toledo’s Stranahan Theatre, so this year to celebrate the holidays I got him tickets, and he got me the fabulous coat below which I wore to the show!

We had a wonderful night out. The funny part was though, I couldn’t “turn off” the theatre student in me. Throughout the performance, my mind was critiquing everything, as if I had to go home and write a paper about it!

To my disappointment, however, the theatre wasn’t full and radio promos are now offering discount tickets. This is in stark contrast to the brimming audience I experienced while singing the National Anthem at last weekends Monster Truck show for FOX Toledo.

It boggles my mind why cultural and worthwhile events like the arts and scholarship pageants struggle to secure an audience, while other events…. I don’t know how to say it nicely, but you know what I mean…

I'm beginning to wonder if maybe Miss America would be better off as the stupid Super Bowl Half-time Show. I guess ratings will tell! Ten days and counting...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Miss America Pageant... Eleven Days and Counting...

[Above, Miss America Jennifer Berry and host Mario Lopez.]

Would you like "There She Is," the Miss America theme song as your cell phone ringtone? CLICK HERE for the January 10th press release with details on this, and other interactive featured from CMT.

Monday, January 15, 2007

My Take on the CMT Miss America Contestant's Videos

It’s taken me a while, but in my spare time I’ve watched all 52 Miss America contestant videos on CMT's website. I didn’t really give myself a “judging criteria,” but based on my instincts, I either jotted the state name down, or I didn’t….

Two women stood out to me among these short interviews, because I felt they were well educated, well spoken and, I especially loved their politics! They are Miss Pennsylvania, Emily Wills and Miss Rhode Island, Allison Rogers.

The rest of the women who made my list for being particularly well spoken and/or charismatic are:

Miss Alabama, Melinada Toole
Miss California, Jacquelynne Fountaine
Miss Connecticut, Alice Voight
Miss Delaware, Jamie Ginn
Miss Indiana, Betsy Uschkrat
Miss Missouri, Sarah French
Miss Nebraska, Molly McGrath
Miss Nevada, Caydi Cole
Miss New York, Bethlene Pancoast
Miss Ohio, Melanie Murphy
Miss Oklahoma, Lauren Nelson
Miss South Dakota, Callee Bauman
Miss Tennessee, Blaire Pancake
Miss Texas, Shilah Phillips
Miss Virginia, Adrianna Sgarlata
Miss West Virginia, Tiffany Laurence

As I watched the interviews, I did not restrict my list to a certain number. If I have time before the pageant, I'll likely do more research, take all phases of competition into consideration and post a "Top 10 prediction" list. This is something I've always done, but never posted on my other two blogs...

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the contestant's videos, so leave a comment!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Miss America Speaks Out about Recent Pageant Controversies on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT

Last night CNN’s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT focused on the Rosie O’Donnell/Donald Trump/Barbara Walters controversy. Miss America, Jennifer Berry, also appeared at the end of the show. Below is a transcript of Jennifer’s interview; for the full transcript CLICK HERE.

ANDERSON: Tonight, we`ve got brand new information about Miss USA Tara Conner in rehab, whose near fall from grace led to the now infamous Donald Trump/Rosie O`Donnell feud. Trump, who owns the Miss USA pageant, gave Conner a second chance at a dramatic press conference, where she announced she was going into rehab. Trump let her keep her crown, even though she was out partying under age in clubs. Conner is in rehab in Pennsylvania, and today SHOWBIZ TONIGHT learned that she is going to be finished in about two weeks. And Tara, please be good. We would hate for anything to happen that would start another war of words between Trump and Rosie. All right, well, we can tell that you Miss America has had a year nothing like Miss USA Tara Connors, in terms of controversy. And you can bet that she is very happy about that. Jennifer Berry was crowned Miss America almost a year ago and is now finishing up her reign. It`s been an amazing year that has really changed her life. So with us tonight in Hollywood, Miss America Jennifer Berry. There she is, Miss America, great to see you. Thanks for being here.

JENNIFER BERRY, MISS AMERICA: Thanks for having me.

ANDERSON: Now you have had a tremendous year.


ANDERSON: No tabloid reports for you, fortunately, right?


ANDERSON: But when you heard -- I have to ask you -- when you heard about the Miss USA controversy, all the partying, the carrying on, were you surprised, or is it something that goes on and she just got caught?

BERRY: I actually was surprised. However, Miss America and Miss USA are two very different organizations. So we really have no association with them. So I didn`t really keep up with what she was doing and that sort of thing. I was surprised. Of course I was disappointed for her that she would have to go through all of that. But, of course, it all comes down to decision making, and I`ve had to realize that as Miss America as well.

ANDERSON: Yes, you know, she thought she was going to get fired by Donald Trump. Then he gave her a second chance. She is now in rehab. Did you also feel sorry for her, because I know there are a lot of pressures that go along with any pageant?

BERRY: Well, and I have met Tara. She is a wonderful young lady. I have had the opportunity to spend time with her in May. So really, you know, the sense of being in the public eye, it can be very difficult. So, of course, I empathize for her. However, it is her decisions that kind of got her into that place in the first place. So, of course, I know that Donald made the best choice for his organization that he could, and now is really a good time for us to help America differentiate the two organizations, and that`s really, kind of, how we have tried to handle the situation.

ANDERSON: Well tell us a little about the difference, because I know that people always, constantly are getting them confused. They are drastically different.

BERRY: Yes, Very different. When it comes down to the actual pageant itself, there are differences in the scoring system. Of course, for Miss America, 25 percent of our score is interviews; 35 percent of our score is talent. Miss USA does not have a talent portion. There`s just different scoring that goes on. The platform issue is also a big difference. Eighty percent of my year and what I do revolves around my platform, which was building intolerance to drunk driving and underaged drinking.

ANDERSON: Something that Tara Conner`s behavior brought a lot of attention to, as well, awareness of underage drinking.

BERRY: Quite ironic.

ANDERSON: And you work with Mothers and Drunk Driving.

BERRY: I do.

ANDERSON: You are very passionate about this. It`s very personal and close to your heart, isn`t it?

BERRY: It is. Unfortunately in high school, you know, I was unaware that underaged drinking was a national epidemic, until a lost a close friend to an alcohol related car crash. We were just 16 at the time of her death and it was the first time that I really realized the impact that underaged drinking had on my life. So I worked in five years in Oklahoma with MAD, and then, once I was crowned Miss America, was asked to become a national spokesperson for MAD. So, really, a very timely issue. Underaged drinking and drunk driving has been a national epidemic for a long time. And I`m the first and only Miss America to have that platform, so I have really had great opportunities this year.

ANDERSON: And I know you have worked tirelessly. I have seen your schedule. You`ve been all over the place and it`s really admirable that you have worked so hard at that. How has it changed your life, being Miss America? You know, little girls dream of that. How has it changed your life?

BERRY: It`s amazing to me, because I think when you are actually crowned, it doesn`t stop. I mean, from that moment on it`s a whirl wind. And here I am at the end of the year and I still don`t think I quite comprehend it. You know, I still meet former Miss Americas and I`m in awe and I`m inspired by them and I think, for me, of course, forever my life will be changed and I hope to give back to the organization half of what they`ve given to me. They always say, once a Miss America, always a Miss America. And I think that`s one of the most wonderful things about the organization. It`s opened doors for me that I probably never would have had before. It`s given me so many opportunities that most 23 years old don`t have. And that`s something I will forever be grateful for.

ANDERSON: Well best of luck in all that you do. I know that you`re going to be a huge success, no matter what you do.

BERRY: Thank you.

ANDERSON: Jennifer Berry, thank you so much. And Jennifer will be handing over her crown to a new Miss America on January 29th. The pageant is going to be broadcast live on Country Music Television.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I feel the need to clear the air...

At the risk of sounding arrogant, I know my blog provides pertinent information to my readers, of which I have many. Yesterday I learned the impact of this blog stretched a bit farther than our dear Buckeye state. Honestly, that didn’t surprise me. What did shock and sadden me was that content in this blog was sparking negativity and creating the kind of drama I typically don’t allow in my life.

The issue in question was the posting of photos from Miss Ohio’s send-off party, which I found on the college networking site, Facebook. I found and posted them here on Monday, a third party saved and posted them to a national pageant message board on Tuesday and on Wednesday I received a request to remove them from my blog.

First and foremost, it is incredibly important to me that my intentions are understood. Had I known an “issue” would arise I would have never published them here. Rather, my intent was to share something which was already on the internet with those who, like me, couldn’t attend the send-off party. Most people’s desire to see such photos obviously comes from a place of interest and support for Melanie and the pageant. While I am highly aware of pageant message boards, I didn’t expect these pictures would end up there, and ultimately be subjected to negative “bashing.”

I met a lot of women over my six years of competing and I’m sure it’s pretty obvious from my blogs who I have been closer with… Melanie is one of the women who I wish I saw more often, or lived in the same area as. She is always kind, always has a great attitude and is always beautiful. I know Mel truly believes she is Miss America- and positivity like that is what it takes. I know she can do it, and I wish her nothing but the best in her pursuit. It saddens me that anonymous pageant “fans” spoke ill of her on a pathetic message board based on poor quality photos.

With that being said, the issue of whether or not to remove the photos was not easy for me. The damage had already been done. Whether or not the photos are on my blog, they’re already on the message board and will remain on Facebook, as I am sure the original poster is clueless to all this mess! Further, this is an independent blog, on which I can put whatever I want; there was an impulse inside of me that was annoyed by the request, especially considering it isn’t changing anything. Despite my simultaneous fear and rebellion toward authority, I have respect for the Miss America Organization, love for Melanie and a desire to continue volunteering and someday being an E.D.

I toiled for three hours, from the time I got the voicemail to the time I did modify the post. The only thing that mattered to me was Melanie, but I knew immediately she shouldn’t be bothered with this kind of petty drama days before leaving for Miss America. I don’t know if she cared or not, but for her sake I temporarily removed the pictures.

Now on my third blog, I feel like a broken record when I say this, but apparently there is a need to reiterate, if any image or information I share here is incorrect or in some way undesirable, I prefer the person with the problem contact me directly. My email is listed on the right sidebar, or if copying and pasting is too much trouble, you can leave a comment, which is sent to my email for me to approve before it appears on my blog, thus if it’s private I will likely infer that, or you could include, “Hey Abby, don’t approve this to be posted on the blog!” *sigh*

Clearly, this has been frustrating for me. I don’t like knowing people are mad at me and I certainly didn’t like the rude things said about Melanie and I on the national pageant message board. However, pageantry, like everything else, needs to adapt to the age of the internet. If photography is not allowed, especially for reasons beyond a professional photographer making a buck, then that needs to be made explicit at whatever the event may be.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Loren Makes His National Photography Debut!

Yesterday on the Miss Ohio message board, a post read “Becky's Miss NWO crowning now on TFTJ page!” Translation: Becky Minger, Miss Northwestern Ohio, is featured in a photograph on the homepage of Turn For The Judges, an unofficial, yet nationally very popular pageant website.

So, like a good little pageant enthusiast, I went to TFTJ and found something very familiar. Who took this fabulous photograph? None other than my amazing beau, Loren Anderson.

The TFTJ homepage usually features three or four photos capturing pageant moments; a different photo appears each time the page is refreshed. I would guess each image stays on the page about a month or so. I’m not sure who submitted Loren’s photo, but I’m excited to see an Ohio woman represented on the page. Also, I’m glad what I share on Webshots is being taken advantage of!

Congratulations to Loren, and best of luck as Becky continues preparing for Miss Ohio.

Monday, January 8, 2007

I LOVE FACEBOOK... and more Pageant Press...


Photos of three dresses Melanie Murphy, Miss Ohio, will be wearing at Miss America can be found on Facebook, as posted by Kelly Smalley, on an event titled “Melanie Murphy for Miss America 2007!”

An article from the Cleveland Plain Dealer is in the post below; the Mansfield News Journal was also in attendance. Jami Kinton took the photo to the right of Melanie in a production number swimsuit. Click on the headline below for the article by Lou Whitmire.

Miss Ohio models wardobe during send-off

Pageant Press: Miss Ohio wears state with pride

Yesterday was Miss Ohio, Melanie Murphy's send off party/wardrobe and talent showcase. I was very disappointed that I couldn't attend, but hopefully photos surface somewhere.

For now, CLICK HERE for an article from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

More after I get home from work...

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Breaking Pageant News- Mario Lopez to host the 2007 Miss America Pageant

How ironic- as I sit here enjoying the fact that my new 10 week old puppy is sleeping, sipping my coffee and watching the America’s Next Top Model Mega Marathon, I decided to finally blog about rumors that A.C. Slater, I mean, Mario Lopez, is hosting Miss America. These speculations have been swirling around the internet for a few weeks; and as I googled for the gossip column articles, what did I find? Official press confirming the rumors, published less than an hour ago!

So it’s true; Mario Lopez of Saved by the Bell, The Other Half, Nip/Tuck and Dancing with the Stars will host the January 29th pageant in Las Vegas.

CLICK HERE for the official Miss America press release.
CLICK HERE for multiple other articles.

I’ll admit it, Saved by the Bell was an important part of my adolescent Saturday mornings, and while I was more of a “Zack girl,” Slater was also an undeniable crush. But being a cute guy does not a good host make… (says the speech coach…)

So, I’ve turned to my new good friend, YouTube, to find some clips of Mario out of character and off the dance floor. Mario is not without pageant experience; he was briefly married to former Miss USA, Allie Landry, and he hosted the Miss Teen USA pageant in 2003.
CLICK HERE for multiple videos from that pageant. Other than sarcastically telling the winner, “You’re a princess,” I thought he did well; better than James Denton, who hosted Miss America last year.

Of course, The Other Half was Dick Clark’s response to Barbra Walter’s The View, on which Mario was a host, but there were no good videos of this short-lived show. My thought is that Mario is certainly charismatic enough and he seems to have some experience, so hopefully he’ll do a great job as the host of Miss America 2007... Certainly better than the other rumored host- Dr. Phil!

Your thoughts? Leave a comment.