Miss Ohio Local Stats

Scroll below for Miss Ohio local stats, first the current season followed by 2010 - 2011. Abbreviations are defined at the very bottom.

~ 2011 - 2012 ~ 

2011 – 2012 Miss Ohio local season
by contestant, alphabetically

Alana Richardson - competed - WCO/CL
Alicia Huyghe - NC
Allison Dilbon - competed - LF
Allison Goodwin - Winner - Miss GC/CC & Gown
Allison Vance  - competed - GC/CC; NC
Amber Galloway - NC
Ashliegh Jarzenski  - competed - GC/CC; NC
Ashlyn Jutte - Peoples Choice & Wagner Memorial awards - LF
Camille Dyquiangco - 1st RU & Talent - GC/CC 
Chrissy Porter - NC
Christina Muha - Interview award - GC/CC 
Danielle Hackler - competed - GC/CC 
Des-tiny La Shae Robinson - competed - GC/CC 
Devon Stansbury - Winner - Miss CL
Elissa McCracken - Winner - Miss WCO & Talent
Emily Werling - 1st RU - LF
Haley Marie Sims - competed - GC/CC; NC
Heather Renee Isbell - NC
Jena Sweigart - Winner - Miss LF, Talent & Interview
Jessica Nelson - NC
Kayla Bayless - NC
Kelsea Eblen -  3rd RU - LF
Kirsten Fennig -2nd RU & OSQ - LF; 1st RU & Int. - WCO/CL
Lauren Gessner- 2nd RU & Spirit - GC/CC 
Lillian RoessnerCommitted to Excellence award - LF
Loren Baker - NC
Marie Hassan - competed - GC/CC 
Mindy Fetzer - 3rd RU & People's Choice - WCO/CL
Mahogany Fleming - NC
Nicole Baringer - competed - WCO/CL
Nina Haaskivi - competed - GC/CC
Priya Sharma - NC
Rebecca Ribley - 3rd RU - GC/CC 
Samantha Hartings - 2nd RU & SS - WCO/CL
Tanya Korte - competed - WCO/CL
Tera Coleman - Winner - GC/CC & Swimsuit

2010 – 2011 Miss Ohio local season
by pageant, chronologically 

Miss North Coast 
Priya Sharma, Alicia Huyghe, Kayla Bayless, Jessica Nelson, Heather Renee Isbell, Chrissy Porter, Allison Vance, Ashliegh Jarzenski, Loren Baker, Mahogany Fleming, Haley Sims, Amber Galloway

Miss West Central Ohio & Crystal Lake 
Elissa McCracken (Miss WCO  & Talent), Devon Stansbury (Miss CL), Kirsten Fennig (1st RU & Interview), Samantha Hartings (2nd RU & SS), Mindy Fetzer (3rd RU & People's Choice), Tanya Korte, Alana Richardson & Nicole Baringer

Miss Lake Festival 
Jena Sweigart (Miss LF, T & Interview), Emily Werling (1st RU), Kirsten Fennig (2nd RU & OSQ), Kelsea Eblen (3rd RU), Ashlyn Jutte (People's Choice & Wagner Memorial awards), Allison Dilbone & Lillian Roessner (Committed to Excellence award)

Miss Greater Cleveland & Cuyahoga County
Tera Coleman (Miss GC & SS), Allison Goodwin (Miss CC & EG), Camille Dyquiangco (RU & T), Rebecca Ribley (RU), Lauren Gessner (RU & Spirit), Christina Muha (Interview), Nina Haaskivi, Allison Vance, Danielle Hackler, Haley Marie Sims,  Ashliegh Jarzenski, Marie Hassan & Des-tiny La Shae Robinson

Miss Cuyahoga County's Outstanding Teen
Sarah Eash (Miss CC Teen, Fitness & T), Emily Tabar (1st RU & Gown), Sicily Kiesel (2nd RU), Melanie Drews (Interview & Spirit), Marie Mastellone & Erin Simonek

~ 2010 - 2011 ~

Quick Stats:
*In the 2010 - 2011 season 26 Miss Ohio local crowns were given at 16 pageants.

*13 of the 26 winners were crowned at the first pageant 
they entered this season!
*Only 9 of the 26 local titleholders will be "new" to the state level Miss stage.
*According to my lists, 86 women competed this season at the 16 pageants! 
*59 of the 86 women only competed once.  Less the 14 women who were crowned at their first pageant, 45 women compete once and did not try again.
*This year there were two resignations, both taken by the original 2nd RU. 
*At Miss Ohio this year there will be 2 Heathers and 9 A names, including 2 Ashleys, 3 Alyssas, an Alissa, an Elissa and a Marisa!

2010 – 2011 Miss Ohio local season 
by contestant, alphabetically

Abby Daniel - competed - MV; competed - Musk. V; competed - GBC
Alicia Huyghe competed - Musk. V; 1st RU - Sweeps 1; Winner - Miss Heart of Ohio
Allison Goodwin – 1st RU – GC/CC; competed – NC; competed – Clayland; competed – CO; competed – MV/AAC/FT; competed - M/NCO; Winner - Miss Vacationland
Allison Vance - competed - MC; competed - Sweeps 1; competed - Sweeps 2
Alissa Brumbaugh – Winner – Miss Miami Valley; 1st RU & SS at Miss Ohio 2011
Alyssa Hanson – Winner – Miss Fallen Timbers
Alyssa Phillips - competed – MV/AAC/FT; 1st RU - NWO; Congeniality - M/NCO; 1st RU Vacationland; 1st RU - MC; 2nd RU & Spirit - Musk. V; Winner - Miss Ohio River
Alyssa Waldman – competed - WCO/LSF/CL; T – MV; 2nd RU & T tie – Clayland; competed – MV/AAC/FT; Winner - Miss Willard
Amber Bussa – 2nd RU & T - CO; 1st RU, T & SS - M/NCO; Winner - Miss Maple City, Talent, Swimsuit & Spirit awards; 2nd RU & SS at Miss Ohio 2011
Amber Galloway - competed - MC
Anna Reis
- competed – MV; 1st RU & I - CO; 1st RU - BGC
Ashleigh Jarzenski – competed – GC/CC; competed – NC; competed - M/NCO; competed - Sweeps 1; competed - Sweeps 2
Ashley Warholic - Winner - Miss Mansfield, I & EG
Ashley Bowman - competed – Clayland; competed - CO; 2nd RU - MC; Winner - Miss Buckeye State
Ashley Lundy – NonF T - NC

Brandi Herceg - competed – Clayland

Caity Jacksoncompeted - M/NCO
Cayla Hellwarth – Winner – Miss West Central Ohio & T; Talent Prelim at Miss Ohio 2011
Chelsea Hempfling - 2nd RU -  NWO
Chelsi Howman - Winner - Miss North Coast
Christina Marie Drake competed - NWO
Christina Muha – competed – GC/CC; competed NC; competed – MV; competed - Vacationland; competed - MC
Courtney Crain - competed – MV; competed – Clayland; Won but resigned Miss North Central Ohio
Courtney Drenan - competed - Musk. V
Courtney Fraley - competed - M/NCO; competed - Musk. V
Courntey Monk – Winner - Miss Northwestern Ohio & T; Top 10 at Miss Ohio 2011

Danielle Williams - competed - MV/AAC/FT
Devon Stansbury – Winner - Miss Lake Festival & OSQ

Ellen Bryan – Winner – Miss Clayland, I & Com. S; Winner at Miss Ohio 2011
Elissa McCracken – Winner – Miss Lima Square Fair
Elizabeth Adamescu - SS - Vacationland
Emily Langenkamp – Excellence award – LF
Emily Moore competed - NWO
Erica Clouse - competed - Musk. V
Erica Travis - competed - Musk. V

Erin O'Briencompeted - CO; competed - MV; competed - Sweeps 1; competed - Sweeps 2
Erin Marie Ralston - competed – MV/AAC/FT

Grace Needler - competed - WCO/LSF/CL

Haley Pipercompeted - NWO
Heather Isbell - competed - Vacationland; competed - Sweeps 1; competed - Sweeps 2
Heather Waterman - Assumed title - Miss North Central Ohio (original 2nd RU)
Heather Wells – 2nd RU & SS – MV; Winner – Miss Maumee Valley, I, T & SS; Top 10 at Miss Ohio 2011

Jamienne Scott - competed - WCO/LSF/CL
Jane Covel -  semifinalist - Musk. V, Winner - Miss Greater Butler County
Jena Sweigart – 1st RU & I – LF; 2nd RU - WCO/LSF/CL; competed – MV; 1st RU – MV/AAC/FT
Jenna Fowls - 1st RU, I, Prelim T, SS & EG - Musk. V; competed - Sweeps 1; Winner - Miss Mohican Valley; Top 10 & Talent at Miss Ohio 2011
Jenna Strickler - competed - Musk. V
Jessica Burdette competed - M/NCO
Jessica Nelson – 2nd RU – GC/CC; 4th RU – NC; competed – MV/AAC/FT; 4th RU - NWO; competed - Vacationland; competed - MC; Assumed the title Miss Cuyahoga County
Jillian Kates Bumpas – Winner – Miss Cuyahoga County & T; resigned title
Jocelyn Staugler – competed – LF; competed - WCO/LSF/CL

Kaitlin Howland- competed - GBC
Kara Schoenhofer – 1st RU – WCO/LSF/CL
Katie Ulrich - competed - WCO/LSF/CL
Kirsten Fennig – competed – MV/AAC/FT; competed - NWO
Kristen Piasecki – competed – GC/CC
Kristy Halderman - competed - GBC
Kylie Johnson - Winner - Miss Muskingum Valley, Prelim T, SS & EG, Community Service; Top 10 at Miss Ohio 2011

Lauren Gessner – 2nd RU – NC
Lauren Schwab - competed - GBC
Lindsay Davenport - competed - NWO
Liz Wong – competed – NC; 3rd RU - NWO; competed - M/NCO; competed - MC; Semifinaist - Musk. V; competed - Sweeps 1; 1st RU - Sweeps 2

Maria Minnick – SS – GC/CC; competed - MV/AAC/FT; 2nd RU - Vacationland; competed - MC; competed - Sweeps 1; competed - Sweeps 2
Marisa Buchheit – Winner – Miss Greater Cleveland, I & EG; Top 10 at Miss Ohio 2011
McKenna Armstrong - competed - M/NCO
Megan Wolery - competed - WCO/LSF/CL
Meggie Wittman – 1st RU & SS – NC; 1st RU & I – MV; Winner – Miss All*American City; 3rd RU & SS at Miss Ohio 2011
Mindy Fetzer - competed - WCO/LSF/CL

Nina Haaskivi - 3rd RU - MC; 3rd RU - Musk. V; competed - Sweeps 1; 2nd RU - Sweeps 2

Priya Sharman – 3rd RU – NC; competed - M/NCO; competed - Sweeps 1; Winner - Miss Huron County

Rachel Hertenstein – 2nd RU & T – LF
Rachel Jones - Talent - Vacationland
Rebecca Brunelle - competed - WCO/LSF/CL
Rebecca Ribley – 3rd RU – GC/CC; competed - NC; competed - M/NCO; semifinalist - Musk. V; 2nd RU - Sweeps 1; competed - Sweeps 2
Roxanne Romack – Memorial award - LF

Samantha Hartings – 3rd RU – LF; competed - WCO/LSF/CL
Sarah Hider – 1st RU & T tie – Clayland; Winner – Miss Central Ohio
Shannon O’Neill – Winner – Miss Crystal Lake, I & SS; 4th RU & Talent at Miss Ohio 2011
Shayla Welch - competed – MV/AAC/FT; competed - MC; competed - Sweeps 1
Sierra Moore - competed - Musk. V
Stephanie Beltz – competed – Clayland; 4th RU - Musk. V

Tera Coleman – competed – CO
Tera Hubbard – 2nd RU – MV/AAC/FT

Veronica Wende - competed - MV; competed - Sweeps 1; competed - Sweeps 2 
Victoria Puthoff – Memorial award – LF
Victoria Petrosky – competed – GC/CC 

2010 – 2011 Miss Ohio local season
by pageant, chronologically

Miss Ohio Sweeps Two
Alicia Huyghe (Miss Heart of Ohio)Priya Sharma (Miss Huron County), Jenna Fowls (Miss Mohican Valley), Elizabeth Wong (1st RU), Nina Haaskivi (2nd RU), Rebecca Ribley, Heather Isbell, Ashliegh Jarzenski, Maria Minnick, Erin O'Brien, Allison Vance, Shayle Welch, Veronica Wende

Miss Ohio Sweeps One
Ashley Bowman (Miss Buckeye State),  Alyssa Phillips (Miss Ohio River), Alyssa Waldman (Miss Willard), Alicia Huyghe (1st RU), Rebecca Ribley (2nd RU), Jenna Fowls, Nina Haaskivi, Heather Isbell, Ashliegh Jarzenski, Maria Minnick, Erin O'Brien, Priya Sharma, Allison Vance, Shayle Welch, Veronica Wende, Elizabeth Wong

Miss Greater Butler County 
Jane Covel (Miss Greater Butler County), Anna Reis (1st RU), Kristy Halderman, 

Lauren Schwab, Kaitlin Howland, Abby Daniels

Greater Butler County Teens
Brooklyn Thomspon (MGBCOT), Reagen Christman

Miss Muskingum Valley
Kylie Johnson (Miss Muskingum Valley,Prelim Talent, SS & EG, Community Service), Jenna Fowls (1st RU, Int., Prelim Talent, SS & EG), Alyssa Phillips (2nd RU & Spirit), Nina haaskivi (3rd RU), Stephanie Beltz (4th RU), Rebecca Ribley (semif), Elizabeth Wong (semif), Janemarie Covel (semif), Courtney Drenan, Sierra Moore, Erica Clouse, Jenna Strickler, Alicia Huyghe, Abby Daniel, Courtney Fraley, Erica Travis

Muskingum Valley Teen
Mattie Chrisman (MVOT), Taylor Carmer (1st RU), Jordan Morlt (Talent), Tori Green, Siena Shirer, Alexis Bennett,  Rachel Nash, Regan Kemble,  Olivia Hamilton

Miss Maple City 
Amber Bussa (Miss Maple City, Talent, SS & Spirit), Alyssa Phillips (1st RU), Ashley Bowman (2nd RU), Nina Haaskivi (3rd RU), Amber Galloway, Maria Minnick, Christina Muha, Jessica Nelson,  Allison Vance, Shayle Welch, Liz Wong

Miss Vacationland
Allison Goodwin (Miss Vacationland & I), Alyssa Phillips (1st RU), Maria Minnick (2nd RU), Rachel Jones (T), Elizabeth Adamescu (SS), Jessica Nelson, Christina Muha, Heather Isbell

Miss Mansfield / North Central Ohio 
Ashley Warholic (Miss Mansfield, I & EG), Courtney Crain (originally crowned Miss NCO, resigned), Heather Waterman (Miss North Central Ohio, original 2nd RU), Amber Bussa (1st RU, T & SS)*,  Alyssa Phillips (Congeniality), McKenna Armstrong, Jessica Burdette, Priya Sharma, Courtney Fraley, Caity Jackson, Rebecca Ribley, Allison Goodwin, Ashliegh Jarzenski,  Elizabeth Wong

*NOTE: Although Amber Bussa was the original 1st RU she couldn't assume the title Miss NCO because she held it last year.

Mansfield Teens
Morgan Kindred (MMOT), Brittany Abrams (1st RU), Melanie Davis (2nd RU)

Miss Northwestern Ohio
Courtney Monk (NWO & T), Alyssa Phillips (1st RU), Chelsea Hempfling (2nd RU), Elizabeth Wong (3rd RU), Jessica Nelson (4th RU), Lindsay Davenport, Christina-Marie Drake, Kirsten Fennig Emily Moore, Haley Piper

Miss Maumee Valley, All*American City & Fallen Timbers
Heather Wells (MV, I, T & SS), Meggie Wittman (AAC), Alyssa Hanson (FT), Jena Sweigart (1st RU), Tera Hubbard (2nd RU), Kirsten Fennig, Erin Marie Ralston, Maria Minnick, Alyssa Waldman, Danielle Williams, Allison Goodwin, Shayle Welch, Alyssa Phillips, Jessica Nelson

Maumee Valley Teens
Sarah Elizabeth Eash (MV), Emily Elisabeth Tabar (AAC), Miranda Werling (1st RU), Courtney Moriarty, Morgan Nagy, Jacquelyn Taylor, Bobi Kay McGhee  

Miss Central Ohio
Sarah Hider (CO), Anna Reis (1st RU & I), Amber Bussa (2nd RU & T), Tera Coleman, Ashley Bowman (Spirit), Erin O’Brien, Allison Goodwin

Miss Clayland
Ellen Bryan (Clayland, I & Comm S), Sarah Hider (1st RU & T), Alyssa Waldman (2nd RU & T), Stephanie Beltz, Ashley Bowman, Courtney Crane, Allison Goodwin, Brandi Herceg

Miss Miami Valley
Alissa Brumbaugh (MV), Meggie Wittman (1st RU & I), Heather Wells (2nd RU & SS), Alyssa Waldman (T), Erin O’Brien, Veronica Wende, Christina Muha, Jena Swiegart, Anna Reis, Courtney Crain, Abby Daniel

Miss North Coast
Chelsi Howman (NC), Meggie Wittman (1st RU & SS), Lauren Gessner (2nd RU), Priya Sharma (3rd RU), Jessica Nelson (4th RU), Ashley Lundy (NonF T), Elizabeth Wong, Rebecca Ribley, Christina Muha, Ashleigh Jarzenski, Allison Goodwin

 Miss West Central Ohio, Lima Square Fair & Crystal Lake
Cayla Hellwarth (WCO & T), Elissa McCracken (LSF), Shannon O’Neill (CL, I & SS), Kara Schoenhofer (1st RU), Jena Swiegart (2nd RU), Alyssa Waldman, Jamienne Scott, Samantha Hartings, Katie Ulrich, Grace Needler, Mindy Fetzer, Rebecca Brunelle, Megan Wolery, Jocelyn Staugler

West Central Ohio Teens
Hanna Tumbusch (WCOOT), Kelsey Barrett (CLOT), Bobbie Kay McGhee (1st RU), Kelsea Allenbaugh, Samantha Garlock, Allison Luedeke, Rosie Westerbeck, Olivia Miller

Miss Greater Cleveland & Cuyahoga County
Marisa Buchheit (GC,  I & EG), Jessica Nelson (Assumed CC; original 2nd RU), Jillian Kates Bumpas (T; resigned CC), Allison Goodwin (1st RU), Rebecca Ribley (3rd RU), Maria Minnick (SS),
Ashleigh Jarzenski, Christina Muha, Victoria Petrosky, Kristen Piasecki

Cuyahoga County Teens
Michelle Goodwin (CC & Sportwear), Emily Tabar (1st RU & EG), Melanie Drews (2nd RU), Alexandra Kay (3rd RU) 

Miss Lake Festival
Devon Stansbury (LF& OSQ), Jena Sweigart (1st RU & I), Rachel Hertenstein (2nd RU & T), Samantha Harting (3rd RU), Emily Langenkamp (Commitment to Excellence), Roxanne Romack (Memorial award), Victoria Puthoff (Memorial award), Jocelyn Staugler

Lake Festival Teens
Grace Stammen (LF), Haley Hogenkamp (1st RU), Bobi Kay McGhee, Courtney Moriarty, Miranda Werling

RU – Runner-up  T- Talent  I – Interview   SS – Swimsuit  EG - Evening Gown OSQ – Onstage Question  Comm. S – Community Service   NonF T – Nonfinalist Talent

LF – Lake Festival    NC – North Coast   MV – Miami Valley   CO – Central Ohio  NWO – Northwestern Ohio
GC/CC – Greater Cleveland & Cuyahoga County  
WCO/LSF/CL – West Central OhioLima Square Fair & Crystal Lake     MV/AAC/FT – Maumee Valley, All*American City & Fallen Timbers  
M/NCO - Mansfield/North Central Ohio 
MC - Maple City  Musk V - Muskingum Valley
Greater Butler County - GBC

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