Thursday, May 28, 2009

From Miss to Mrs.: Congrats to Brooke and Andy

Brooke Waddle competed over the past couple years in both Miss Ohio (America) locals and Miss Ohio USA.
Last weekend she wed Andy Miller; she looked beautiful,
complete with pageant earrings!
And her maid of honor was none other than the reigning
Miss Ohio USA, Natasha Vivoda!

I don't know exactly where Brooke's reception was held, but it was obviously a country wedding and I absolutely love this photo:

And here are some more amazing pictures from former
Miss Ohio, Roberta Camp's wedding:

Note, one of her bridesmaids was former
local titleholder, Amanda (Rase) DeHart!
Click here and here for more Camp-Albert pictures.

All photos found on Facebook.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Cars and Crowns

Both Miss America and Miss USA participated in auto races this past weekend:

Miss America, Katie Stam, returned to her home state of Indiana for the Indy 500. She sang at the parade and before the race.

Miss USA, Kristen Dalton, was also in her home state; she sang the National Anthem at the Carquest Auto Parts 300 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pageant Press: Tanning beds bad for teens, says Miss Ohio

Thursday, May 21, 2009 10:53 AM

HAMILTON, Ohio -- Miss Ohio is lending her support to a bill that would ban most juveniles from patronizing tanning salons.

Backers say artificial tanning can lead to skin cancer. Karissa Martin says she is committed to educating teens about the dangers of skin cancer because she was diagnosed with abnormal skin cells resulting from a sunburn at age 14. She is now a junior at West Liberty University in West Virginia.

Republican state Rep. Courtney Combs of Hamilton wrote the bill that would ban the use of tanning beds without a prescription for anyone under age 18.

Several medical groups support the proposed ban, which was set for discussion today before the Ohio House Consumer Affairs and Economic Protection Committee.

Vanessa Williams on Larry King Live

Some pageant fans are stirred-up over Vanessa Williams' recent interview with Larry King.

It's important that you view full video, as the TMZ edit leaves out important statements. I am most excited that Vanessa noted the difference between the Miss America and Miss USA pageant a couple times. I support, enjoy and competed in both, but am still frustrated that the general public doesn't know the difference because most media outlets are too lazy to do their jobs and report the details of pageant related controversies.

What some fans are upset about is this response to Larry's question about the crown helping or hurting her: "to be considered a serious artist... um... I think being a Miss Anything is always going to be a setback because you have to prove... and be beyond what people expect in order to be considered equal..."

As an actress trying to make in in Hollywood, I completely understand what she was saying. Sure, there are many benefits to pageant experience. However, within the entertainment industry, it is not automatically a plus. Pageants do carry a negative stereotype to some people; contestants, titleholders and formers have to be aware of that and monitor the way they highlight their crown wearing college years. In recent months I have gotten a few requests from women to remove information or photos, as they do not want pageantry to be the first thing possible employers find online. Sometimes I comply; sometimes it annoys me and I do not! You can not erase your past! Living in such a technologically advanced time means anything we write, record or photograph is permanent! I know it's unfair and tough, but a reality nonetheless.

I digress; I do not think Vanessa was being ungrateful to the Miss America system, especially since she highlighted that it awards scholarships and has an extensive interview. I think she stated a fact. The percentage of people who support pageants is low, so it is an uphill battle to make the greater number of sequin -civilians understand.

Here's the interview; she starts talking pageant at 3:25:

Former Miss North Dakota Released from Iran

Old News:

In January former Miss North Dakota, Roxana Saberi, was arrested for espionage in Iran in where she was working as a journalist. After an outpouring of American support and a two-week hunger strike, she was released May 11th.

CLICK HERE for multiple news articles.

Contestants should definitely be ready to talk about this issue in the interview room.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen Website!

Miss Mansfield's Tim Russell has created an outstanding website for the teens!


He passes thanks along to Teen ED, Drena McCurdy, his wife Karen and the inspiration of the late Paul Herlihy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Complete Ohio International Results

Ohio Teen International: Jessica Byington
1st RU: Brittany Haddock
2nd RU: Calle Logston

Fashion wear winner: Jessica Byington
Spirit award: Jessica Byington

Miss Ohio International: Tiffany Schramm
1st RU: Kara Roberts
2nd RU: Holly Thomson
3rd RU: Meghan Leak
4th RU: Jillian Danko

Fashion wear winner: Tiffany Schramm
Spirit award: Kally Addis

Mrs. Ohio International: Lindsey Gregg
1st RU: Christine Williams
2nd RU: Stephanie Gooden

Fitness wear winner: Lindsay Gregg
Spirit Award: Christine Williams

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ohio International Photos

Huge thanks to former Mrs. Ohio United States, Keri Schmelmer, for alerting me to her Facebook albums from the pageant:

Miss PicturesBelow left: 1st RU Kara Roberts; right: 2nd RU Holly Thomson

Below left: 3rd RU Megan Leak; right: 4th RU Jillian Dansko

Teen Pictures
Mrs. Pictures

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ohio International Results!

Miss Ohio International: Tiffany Schramm
1st RU: Kara Roberts
2nd RU: Holly Thomson
3rd RU: Meghan Leak
4th RU: Jillian Danko

Ohio Teen International: Jessica Byington

Mrs. Ohio International: Lindsey Gregg

Leave a comment if you know other runners-up
and award winners!

Pageant Photos: Ohio International

I just got these shots from Miss Ohio International, Amanda Steven's, Facebook. Scroll below for contestant photos and stats.

Below: Outgoing Ohio International titleholders: Lisa Iwasaki, Gerri Walczak and Amanda Stevens.Below: The Miss Ohio International Miss contestants.
Below: Amanda with Miss contestant, Jillian Dansko..
Below: Amanda with Miss contestant, Tiffany Schramm.

Below: Amanda with Miss contestant, Kara Roberts.
Below: Lisa and Amanda with Allie DeSantis, former Ohio Teen International who won the national title!
Beauty is tiring work...!

Best of Luck to the Ohio International Pageant

Today at 3 p.m. the Ohio International pageant will take place in Zanesville at the Secrest Auditorium. The contestants will compete in fashion wear, fitness wear and evening wear. CLICK HERE for their website.

The pageant is run by former MOA titleholder, Vickie (King) LeVeck. The outgoing titleholders are Miss Ohio International Amanda Stevens, Mrs. Ohio International, Gerri Walczak and Ohio Teen International, Lisa Iwasaki.

Miss Contestants

#1 Kally Addis
Sweetheart of Ohio

Kally competed in this pageant last year; she also did Miss Ohio USA a few times.

#2 Elana Koh
Portage Lakes

Elana has competed in National American Miss.

#3 Lindsay Clark
Muskingum County

Lindsay competed for the title Miss Southeastern Ohio 2009.

#4 Heather Lindsay
Green County

Heather was 2nd Runner-up at this pageant last year. She won a Swimsuit Preliminary at Miss Ohio as Miss Hamilton in 2007 and made the Top 15 at Miss Ohio USA.

#5 Tiffany Furbee
Guernsey County

Tiffany competed in the Miss Southeastern Ohio pageant in 2007.

#6 Tiffany Schramm

Tiffany was 1st Runner-up to this title last year; she also placed in the Top 15 at Miss Ohio USA in 2007 and 2008. She represented Ohio in 2005 at National American Miss, placing in the Top 10.

#7 Kara Roberts
Canal Winchester

Kara has dabbled in multiple pageant systems over the past few years. She won Beauties of America 20s in 2005.

#8 Holly Thomson

Holly was in the Top 15 at Miss Ohio USA this past November.

#9 Kelsey Gregory
Greater Columbus

#10 Meghan Leak
New Albany

Meghan competed in this pageant last year. She was Fourth Runner-up to Miss Ohio USA 2007 and Congeniality winner, having made the Top 15 the previous year.

#11 Jillian Dansko
Central Ohio

Jillian competed in this pageant last year. She was a long time competitor in the Miss Ohio (America) pageants, holding four local titles. She placed in the Top 10 at Miss Ohio and was a Preliminary Swimsuit winner. Click here for her blog.

#12 Ashleigh Kaleugher
Hardin County

Ashleigh has competed for Pennsylvania's Perfect Miss, Miss Pennsylvania USA and Miss Ohio USA.

Teen Contestants

#1 Rebecca Andre

Rebecca was Miss Ohio Junior National Sweetheart 2007.

#2 Megan Whitlow
East Central Ohio

I could not get her photo to copy.

#3 Emileigh Brocklehurst
Central Ohio

Emileigh competed in this pageant last year; she was Spirit, Gown and Fitness winner at Miss SEO Teen in 2007.

#4 Jessica Byington
Indian Hills

Jessica was 2nd Runner-up to Miss Ohio Teen USA this past November.

#5 Aunjanna' Million
Butler County

Aunjanna' is a former Miss Butler County's Outstanding Teen and competed this past November at Miss Ohio Teen USA.

#6 Jordan Brown

#7 Tori Green

Tori competed in Miss SEO Teen in 2007.

#8 Olivia Maniaci
Muskingum County

Olivia is the reigning Miss SEO, through which she gained entry into this pageant.

#9 Calle Logston

Calle competed in Miss Ohio Teen USA this past November.

#10 Brittany Haddock

Brittany has competed in Miss Ohio Teen USA and Ohio's National Miss pageants.

#11 Sierra Moore
Southeastern Ohio

Sierra was 2nd Runner-up at this pageant last year and 2nd Runner-up to Miss Southeastern Ohio Teen in 2007.

#12 Jasmine Cunningham
Franklin County

#13 Kate Peifer
Southern Ohio

# 14 Raven Reed
Northern Ohio

Raven's picture is severely pixilated.

Mrs. Contestants

#1. Stephanie Gooden
Mrs. Dayton

Click here for her MySpace page.

#2 Susanne “Suzii” Tschetter
Mrs. Cleveland

#3 Christine Williams
Mrs. Zanesville

Last year Christine was 2nd Runner-up at this pageant.

#4 Ocipare “Key” McKinley
Mrs. Columbus

She competed at this pageant before and helps run another pageant system.

#5 Sharon Witmer-Bloxdorf
Mrs. Brecksville

#6 Sherry Holland
Mrs. Y-City

She competed in this pageant last year.

#7 Lindsey Gregg
Mrs. Miami Valley

Click here for more about Lindsey.

#8 Rian Valentine
Mrs. Greater Columbus

Many may know her as Rian O'Neil; I believe she used to compete in MOA pageants. In 2005 she was 1st RU to Mrs. Ohio America.

Please leave comments with additional or corrected information. Best of luck to everyone!