Tuesday, September 13, 2011


1st Runner-up: Ukraine
2nd Runner-up: Brazil
3rd Runner-up: Phillipines
4th Runner-up: China

On-Stage Questions
Ukraine - If you could trade lives with anyone in history, who would it be and why? (from judge Amilia Vega)  Short answer: Cleopatra.
Phillippines - Would you change your religous beliefs to marry the person I love, why and why not? (from judge Vivica A. Fox)  Short answer: No.
China - Nude beaches are popular in some parts of the world; is public nudity appropriate or inappropriate.  Why or why not? (from judge Isabeli Fontana)  Short anwer: respect each country's culture.
Brazil - What would you do to avoid fighting a war you didin't agree with? (from judge Helio Castroneves) Short answer: Respect.
Angola - Which physical characteristic would you change and why? (from judge Lea Salonga) Short answer: I wouldn't change a thing, I have inner beauty.


Ukraine  *  Phillippines  *  China  *  Brazil  *  Angola

At this point I'm rooting for China or Ukraine... 

TOP 10

Australia  *  Costa Rica  *  France  *  Ukraine  *  Portugal  *  Panama  *  Phillippines  *  Angola  *  China  *  Brazil 

WHAT?!?!  I am so surprised and upset that Miss USA didn't make the cut!  She owned the runway in swimsuit!  :(

TOP 16

France  *  Kosovo  *  Columbia  *  China  *  Angola  *  Australia  *  Puerto Rico  *  Brazil  *  Netherlands  *  USA  *  Ukraine  *  Panama  *  Costa Rica  *  Portugal  *  Phillippines  *  Venezuela 

Fan pick: Portugal

Monday, September 5, 2011

RESULTS: National Sweetheart Pageant

National Sweetheart: Arkansas
Simone Mullinax

1st Runner-up: Missouri
2nd Runner-up: Massachusetts
3rd Runner-up: Wisconsin
4th Runner-up: Georgia 

Top 10 
Alabama, Colorado, Kentucky, Florida, Utah

Non-finalist Talent: California

Preliminary Swimsuit

Preliminary Talent

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Miss Montgomery County: ALISSA BRUMBAUGH

Miss Miami Valley: HEATHER WELLS

1st RU: Courtney Monk

Talent: Cayla Hellwarth
Swimsuit: Heather Wells
Interview: Alissa Brumbaugh

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Best of Luck to the Miss Miami Valley / Montgomery County Pageant TONIGHT!

Ronda Morris was one of my absolute favorite local executive directors and this year she and her fantastic team will be sharing their skills and love with not just a Miss Miami Valley but also a Miss Montgomery County! The pageant takes place tonight at the Montgomery County Fair, meaning admission is cheaper and elephant ears are available! Best. Pageant. EVER!

The outgoing Miss Miami Valley, Alissa Brumbaugh, took Miss Ohio by storm this summer! Many proclaimed her a breath of fresh air and she was certainly the fresh face of the pageant. Alissa has past pageant experience in other programs, but it was still impressive that she earned a Preliminary Swimsuit award and went straight to First Runner-up at her first try for the Miss Ohio crown! Tonight she has opted to compete instead of play the role of outgoing titleholder; if she is one of the top two scores after the final ballot, she will be crowned Miss Montgomery County. Best of luck to all the contestants; they are (in no particular order):

Mahogany Fleming
Courtney Monk
Allison Vance
Danielle Hather
Abby Daniel
Cayla Hellwarth
Emily Werling
Chelsi Howman
Heather Wells
Lauren Baker
Alissa Brumbaugh
Marie Hassan


This has been an extremely busy summer for me, so I apologize for my lack of blogging, especially with so much going on...

Miss Universe is in full swing in San Paulo Brazil!
The finale is Monday, September 12 on NBC.

Miss Ohio, Ellen Bryan's Bike Tour has kicked off!  Follow everything on the Bike Tour website! This weekend she'll be in Dayton, Troy and Piqua. 

Meggie Wittman is representing Ohio at the National Sweetheart pageant in Hoopston, Il.  Tonight are the prelims with the finale Sunday.


TODAY two more local Ohio titleholders will be crowned in Dayton, Miss Miami Valley and for the first time, Miss Montgomery County.  I'll share the contestant list and results here as I receive them!