Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is Miss Ohio Moving to Zanesville?

Every single year there are rumors that Miss Ohio is moving to Zanesville. EVERY year! Zanesville has supported a few very successful local pageants and is where former Miss Ohio state E.D and current producer, John Kunkle, runs a theatre, thus all the performers from Zanesville year after year. So, it's not an absurd rumor, but it's never been substantiated... Until today! The following was written by Lou Whitmire and ran in the Mansfield News Journal:

Steven Oliveri, president of the Miss Ohio Board of Trustees, today said the City of Zanesville is among Zanesville entities that have made a written proposal to the Miss Ohio board to host the program in there.

“They are pitching us,” he said.

Oliveri said a decision could be made by the board as early as Oct. 13, its next scheduled board meeting.

The scholarship program is held in June each year at the Renaissance Theatre. It has been held in Mansfield 36 years.

Lee Tasseff, director of the Mansfield-Richland County Convention & Visitors Bureau, said a meeting has been scheduled Friday with Mansfield local officials and supporters.

“It’s not a matter of public dollars. It’s a matter of private dollars. Part of the plan would be to call for people, supporters in the past, who would like to keep the program in Mansfield.

Tasseff said he asked that Mansfield be given a chance to counter whatever Zanesville pitches.

See Wednesday’s print and online editions for more on this story.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Best of Luck to West Central Ohio and Crystal Lake's Teen!

Tonight two Teens will be crowned in Lima! Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen, Cecili Weber will appear at the pageant which begins at 7:30.

The following girls are competing for the titles Miss West Central Ohio's Teen and Miss Crystal Lake's Teen:

Olivia Miller
Age: 13
Hometown: Delphos
Talent: Dance
Pageant Past: I believe she is related to former Miss WCO, Victoria Miller.

Samantha Garlock

Age: 14
Hometown: Lima
Talent: Baton

Kelsea Allenbaugh
Age: 14
Hometown: Van Wert
Talent: Dance

Bobby Kay McGhee
Age: 13
Hometown: Celina
Talent: Vocal
Pageant Past: competed at Miss Lake Festival's Outstanding Teen 2010

Kelsey Barrett
Age: 16
Hometown: Wapak
Talent: Vocal
Pageant Past: 1st RU at Ohio's Teen in 2010 and 2nd RU there in both 2009 & 2007

Hanna Tumbusch
Age: 14
Hometown: St. Henry
Talent: Vocal
Pageant Past: competed at Ohio's Teen in 2010 as Lake Festival's Teen

The pageant is held at the Howard Johnson and also include a Little Miss competition.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Miss Ohio 2010 MISScellanea Awards: "Stinkin' Cute" RESULTS!

One of my favorite pageant people uses the phrase "stinkin' cute" to describe the adorable and undeniably likable contestants. In this category for Miss Ohio 2010 I nominated Ashley Warholic, Courtney Monk,
Devon Stansbury, Marisa Buchheit, Sarah Hider
and Whitney Fricke.

56 votes were cast. Honorable mention goes to Whitney Fricke and Devon Stansbury.

And, by a landslide,
the winner of the "Stinkin' Cute" Missy is...

Ashley Warholic!
I think Ashley epitomizes stinkin' cute
and 67.8% of you agree!

Monday, September 20, 2010

RIGHT NOW: Miss America Lottery!

CLICK HERE to watch the Miss America contestants select their placement for the competition. Also, click here to read my tweets about their picks; right now I'm baffled by all the early love for boring Flight One!

Their names are randomly drawn, then they have a few minutes to decide which number and flight they'd like. Being picked early guarantee you'll get your ideal number, but you don't know who else will join your flight! Being picked in the middle allows you to choose the company you keep, but you may not get your lucky number. And if you're name comes up late in the lottery, well then, you get what's left...

This is the order in which the contestants are selecting:

DC * MD * DE * FL * GA * NJ * CT * ME * UT * ND * NV * AL * PR * WA * HI * VA * WV * NE * WI * SD * IN * NH * CO * NC * WY * AZ

- And this is the halfway point-

For some extremely odd reason, the ten spots at the end of the first group are gone. Seven women spread themselves across group three, meaning they're confident in their swimsuit. Group two is the slowest to fill up, which in a way, follows the recent deemphasis on talent at Miss America. Miss Ohio Becky Minger hasn't been called yet, but that's probably okay... At the state level she often chooses to be first and there is plenty of room at the front of all three flights!

MO * CA * TN * MS * VI * TX * AK * MI * ID * VT * LA * RI * OK * IL * MA * OR * IA

Although there are only ten names to be called, it still looks good for Ohio's Becky Minger! She likes to be first and has a strong swimsuit. My bet is she'll go in the Sigma group (flight 3), which still has five spots!


FINALLY! Becky is the 46th of 53 women to pick her place in the Miss America 2011 lineup!
Her choices are:
#1 or #2 in Group One
#1, #2 or #3 in Group Two
#1, #3 or #4 in Group Three

And she picks... #1 in Group Three!
She'll do Swimsuit and Evening gown the first night, Talent the second and finally, Onstage Question! Becky is comfortable being #1; that was her placement 4 out of 5 years at Miss Ohio!

The final ladies to pick their placement:

SC * MN * NM * AR * MT * KY * KS

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Random Pageant Tip #7: Remember "Any given pageant..."

As I've written a million times before, pageant speculations make me truly crazy! I agree it's fun to guess who might win and obviously you cheer for your favorite, but I want to slam a stiletto through my scull every time I read on message boards that the "only good choice for the crown is..." the contestant with past experience. Or when fans are "shocked" that a newcomer beat out women who had been to Miss Ohio. I want to ask people who whole-heartedly believe these statements why on earth they're even pageant fans? It's like being an avid football fan without understanding how a touchdown is scored! Pageants are subjective and no one knows what happened in the interview room!

So I love when I find great examples like this...

Recently Brittany Hagan took on runners-up from nearly 40 states in the National Sweetheart pageant and won. Women who compete at Sweetheart often go on to win their state; we all know this is true of Ohio's Erica Gelhaus and Becky Minger. A handful of Sweetheart winners and participants have even won Miss America.

It's logical to think that if you could beat 40 women from around the country who were nearly sent to Miss America that winning a local in your home state would be automatic, right? Nope! Because pageants aren't logical. Brittany competed in Miss Central Indiana and was First Runner-up to this woman, Lauren Petersen:

This is not meant to be negative toward Brittany, though it will be interesting to see where she and Lauren both end up next summer at Miss Indiana. Rather, the moral of the story is never, ever concern yourself with who else is competing in the pageant, doing so is wasted energy. When you crown your competition in your mind, all you've done is taken the crown off your own head.
Just be you and do your best!

Any. Given. Pageant.

Different Day. Different Judges. Different Winner.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Miss Ohio 2010 MISScellanea Awards: Favorite Wardrobe RESULTS!

In the category of Favorite Overall Wardrobe I nominated six women who wore consistently flattering and impressive pieces at Miss Ohio: Amber Bussa, Becky Minger, Ellen Bryan, Kristy Moneysmith, Meggie Wittman and Nanciann Strosnider.

67 votes were cast; while I totally agree with your Top 3, my hands down favorite ended up in third place...

Nanciann Strosnider received 17.9% of the vote.
I thought her flowy white gown epitomized Miss America, her Art Deco inspired talent dress had an undeniable wow factor and the color of her swimsuit was perfection!

Miss Ohio, Becky Minger, won the Missy for Favorite Evening Gown, but her overall wardrobe came in a close second with 23.8%.

And the Missy for Favorite Wardrobe goes to...

Amber Bussa!
A quarter of the votes put Amber Bussa's sexy black competition wardrobe in first place! She was a Top 10 Semifinalist who manages to look trendy and sexy, yet classy all the time!

CLICK HERE to view the wardrobe collages
of all six nominees!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Miss Ohio 2010 MISScellanea Awards: "Nixt Out" RESULTS

And you thought the Academy Awards were long!

The MISScellanea Awards for Miss Ohio 2010 continue with what I imagine is the most anticipated category! "Nixt Out" refers to the women you thought were next in the scoring, the beauties who just barely missed the cut, the supposed 11th and 6th places...

All the contestants at Miss Ohio 2010 had their strengths, but only ten could advance. The nonsemifinalists were Alyssa Waldman, Anna Reis, Ashley Warholic, Cayla Hellwarth, Courtney Monk, Devon Stansbury, Elizabeth Wong, Heather Waterman, Heather Wells, Hiedi Negron, Jacquelyn Nichols, Katie Bowen, Kristy Moneysmith, Rebeka Zoz, Sarah Hider and Stephanie Beltz.

There were 67 votes; 16.4% went to Ashley Warholic, putting this second-year contestant in third place.

Second place and 19.4% goes to Kristy Moneysmith,
a pageant veterin.

And the Missy for 11th place goes to...

Heather Wells!

Heather was competing at Miss Ohio for her third time, having made the Top 10 last year. 32.8% of you believe she was probably next in line to make the cut again. Speaking of, here are the ladies who did...

The semifinalist were Amber Bussa, Katie Camp, Meggie Wittman, Tera Coleman and Whitney Fricke. Nearly half of the sixty votes were cast in favor of one woman.

And the Missy for 6th place goes to...

Katie Camp!

Katie also won a preliminary Talent award during this, her third year of state competition. Sadly, she has "aged out" and will certainly be missed! Last year she was a Swimsuit winner; I think she should try Miss Ohio USA!

This is a sensitive topic and I think it warrants the reminder that The Missys are unofficial and just for fun! Please CLICK HERE for the complete disclaimer.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Support Becky at Miss America in Vegas!

Below you'll find five pages worth of information from the Miss Ohio Scholarship Organization to help you plan your trip to Las Vegas this January to watch the 90th Miss America pageant and support Ohio's Becky Minger! If you would like to sit with the Miss Ohio delegation your order forms and payment must be received by TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 9th. Email sues@missohio.org for order forms. You may submit the forms via email or print and snail mail them.
Dear Miss Ohio Supporters:

Becky is hard at work preparing to compete for the title of Miss America 2011! While the final night of competition will be nationally televised on Saturday, January 15, 2011 on ABC, it’s much more exciting to be there in person! The following information will help you with your plans to support Becky at Miss America in Las Vegas!

We have attached forms for you to use to order items such as show tickets, access badges, photo buttons, T-shirts and hotel accommodations if you are planning to stay at Planet Hollywood. Please read everything very carefully and make sure to fill out the necessary forms.

Host Hotel – Planet Hollywood

Once again, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas is hosting the Miss America Organization and has partnered with MAO to bring you some amazing offers. Planet Hollywood is hip, modern & energetic – and MAO is proud that it is home to the 2011 Miss America Pageant! It is connected to the Theater for the Performing Arts where the pageant is held and the Miracle Mile Shops with over 170 shops and 15 restaurants.

Planet Hollywood special rates when ordering through Miss Ohio/Miss America:

Sunday, January 9, 2011 through Thursday, January 13, 2011:
$ 109.00 per night +12% tax

Friday, January 14, 2011 and Saturday, January 15, 2011:
159.00 per night +12% tax

Sunday, January 16, 2011:
109.00 per night +12% tax

Based on single/double occupancy. For the 3rd & 4th person, there will be a $30 per person per night charge.

Guests staying in the Miss Ohio room block will receive two complementary passes (valued at $50) per room (not per person, not per day) to the Spice Market Buffet that may be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is two passes per stay and NOT two per day. Alcoholic beverages and gratuity are not included with complimentary passes. You must use the included Planet Hollywood Reservation Form to receive these rates and Spice Market Buffet passes. A credit card must be provided to reserve the room.

Miss America Show Tickets

The Miss America on stage preliminary competitions will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday, January 11th, 12th and 13th with the finals taking place on Saturday, January 15th.

Tickets are $75 per night for preliminary competitions and $150 for Saturday’s final night competition.

Season tickets for all four nights may be purchased for $250.

Miss Ohio ticket orders will be grouped together; however the groups will not be seated together. They will be grouped and prioritized in the following order:

Block A – Those staying at Planet Hollywood & purchasing season tickets.
Block B – Those staying at Planet Hollywood & purchasing single night (Saturday) tickets.
Block C – Those NOT-staying at Planet Hollywood & purchasing season tickets.
Block D – Those NOT-staying at Planet Hollywood & purchasing single night (Saturday) tickets.

You may purchase UP TO FOUR(4) PRIORITY SEATING TICKETS per hotel room per day.

For example, if you are staying at Planet Hollywood from Tuesday the 11th through Saturday the 15th, you will be able to purchase up to four season tickets. If you are staying at Planet Hollywood for fewer days, you will only be able to purchase individual nigh tickets, not a season ticket package.

If you are making your own arrangements to stay at Planet Hollywood and are NOT using the included hotel reservation form, you may still qualify for tickets in Block A or Block B. Planet Hollywood’s reservation department can email you a copy of your reservation details. Print the email and include with your Miss America Trip Order form as proof and we will be able to order tickets in Block A or Block B.

Tickets purchases are non-refundable!

Access Badges

Becky will be extremely busy while competing to become Miss America and there are very few opportunities to see her other than from a distance when she is onstage. If you would like to attend the visitation after the show each night (Tue, Wed, Thu & Sat) to see Becky, you must have a Miss America Photo Identification Badge. The Badge will also allow you to attend the open rehearsals in the theater and the Miss America trade show at the hotel.

Badges may be ordered for $35. If a badge is lost, it will cost $50 to have it replaced during Miss America week.

If you had a Badge in the last two years (January 2009 or 2010) Miss America will have your photo on file. If not, you will need to email a photo to info@missohio.org when submitting your “On to Miss America” forms.

When ordering a badge, you will need to indicate one of the following affiliations;

State Committee – For all Miss Ohio state board members and state volunteers, their spouses and their children 21 years of age and older.

Local Committee – For all Miss Ohio local pageant committee members and local volunteers, their spouses and their children 21 years of age and older.

Family & Friends – For Becky Minger’s family, friends and friends of the family, including children 21 years of age and older.

Guest – For sponsors and guests who contribute to any part of the Miss Ohio Program, former Miss Ohio’s, their spouses and their children 21 years of age and older.

Special Guest – For State and Local Contestants currently eligible to compete, children ages six through twenty and Special Guests that may not be permitted to attend certain functions due to age restrictions or possible future judging conflicts.

Children five years of age and under do not require a badged but must be accompanied by an adult wearing a badge at all times.

Badges may NOT be shared at any time. Anyone caught sharing a badge will have it revoked

Friday Night Decades of Dreams Event

Miss America is currently planning a ticketed event for Friday Evening, January 14, 2011 called the Decades of Dreams. The details for the event are not available at this time but for the last couple years, the contestants have participated in this event and tickets to attend have ranged between $100 and $500.

We will distribute the information when it becomes available.

T-Shirts & Photo Buttons

Show your Ohio support by ordering a Miss Ohio Photo Button and T-Shirt featuring Becky Minger. We will schedule a time on Friday, January 14th for everyone from Ohio to get together for our traditional group photo.


ALL forms and payments MUST be received by Tuesday, November 9, 2010. Incomplete forms or forms received after this deadline will not be processed.

Ordering Instructions

Every person MUST submit a “Miss America Trip Order Form” below (one form per person). This form will be used to gather your contact information, order tickets, badges, photo buttons, T-shirts, etc. All items ordered on this form must be paid by check made out to: MOSP.

If you are staying at Planet Hollywood you will need to complete the Hotel Reservation Form. You must include your credit card information to reserve a room. Your card will probably be charged for one night’s stay sometime in December or early January.

Both forms and payments should be mailed to:
“On To Miss America”, c/o Sue Swinehart, 59 N. 21st Street, Newark, OH 43055

You will receive an email confirming that we have received your forms.

Once we receive additional information from Miss America, we will follow up with an email with the instructions on how to pick up your items, schedule of events, group photo information, etc. We will have “office hours” at Planet Hollywood when you can pick up your items.

If you have any questions, please contact Sue Swinehart at 740-334-7117 or sues@missohio.org.

Thank you for your continuing support of the Miss Ohio / America Organization. We truly hope you will take advantage of the wonderful offers made available for the 2011 Miss America Pageant at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino – Let there be Fame!

We are all looking forward to going to Las Vegas and cheering on Becky as she competes for the title of Miss America 2011 and brings the crown back to Ohio!

PS – PLEASE forward this to all of your family and friends and local committee members.

To review, you'll find the following prices on the order forms:

Miss America Show Tickets
Season ticket (Jan. 11, 12, 13 & 15) - $250.00
Tuesday (January 11) - $75.00
Wednesday (January 12) - $75.00
Thursday (January 13) - $75.00
Saturday (January 15) - $150.00

Access Badge - $35.00

Button of Becky - $5.00

T-Shirt - $15.00

Registration/Processing Fee - $25.00

There is also a form to book your hotel room with the special rates listed above.

Again, email sues@missohio.org to receive your order forms; I tried to post them here as pictures, but they weren't large enough for you to print. Sorry.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


This just in...

The three-time home of Miss Ohio 2010, Becky Minger, has been approved for their ninth local pageant!

Miss Maumee Valley/ All*American City/ Fallen Timbers will take place Saturday, October 30th in the beautiful Performing Arts Center of the Maumee High School. 20 Miss contestants and 10 Teens will be accepted. It is important to note the directors will continue their practice of ordering the contestants in the reverse of received paperwork. So if you like being near the end of the line-up, don't wait to apply!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

UPDATED: Miss Miami Valley Photos!

Miss Miami Valley, Alissa Brumbaugh

1st RU & Interview winner, Meggie Wittman

2nd RU & Swimsuit winner, Heather Wells

Talent winner, Alyssa Waldman
CLICK HERE for photos of all the beautiful contestant on the overflow blog!

I am so excited about the photos from Miss Miami Valley! Usually photographers have to battle with really awful stage lights that can even be challenging for the professionals; but this pageant is held outside, meaning the pictures are wonderful! Natural light is a cameras best friend! Huge thanks to Ross Clark and Bryce Bishop who were both in attendance. Check Bryce's Facbook page for more of his and CLICK HERE for thirteen pages lovely shots from Roark Studios.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Is yellow the new white?

National Sweetheart 2010

National Sweetheart 2009

Miss America 2010

Miss Universe 2008

Miss America 2004

Did I forget other recent winners in yellow? Leave a comment and I'll find a picture.

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National Sweetheart 2010 Results!

National Sweetheart: Indiana

1st RU: Kentucky
2nd RU: New York
3rd RU: Florida
4th RU: Arkansas

Remaining Top 10:
North Carolina


Interview: Arkansas, Massachusetts & Virginia
Prelim Gown: Arkansas & Kentucky
Grand Talent: New York
Producers Award: North Dakota
Congeniality: Nebraska

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tonight: National Sweetheart Finale!

Best of luck to Ohio's
Shannon O'Neill!

[Right: Shannon poses with New York's sweetheart before Saturday's parade. I love the green gown!]

Preliminary Winners:

Alabama * California * Georgia * North Carolina

Alabama * Iowa * New York

National Sweetheart Prelim Night Two

Alabama & California

Alabama's Taylor Yates (below left) is the only double preliminary winner at the National Sweetheart pageant. At Miss Alabama she was 3rd Runner-up and a Swimsuit winner. Sharanya Mukhopadhyay (below right), was a first-time contestant at Miss California, but went straight to 2nd Runner-up and won a preliminary Evening Gown award.

Iowa & New York

Elizabeth Davidson (below left), a harpist, was 1st Runner-up at Miss Iowa, having been 3rd Runner-up her first try in 2009. (Iowa doesn't give prelim awards and only a nonsemifinalist talent award.) Ballerina Hannah Wright (below right) is representing New York where she was 2nd Runner-up on her very first try and also won a Talent prelim!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Congrats to the New Miss Miami Valley, Alissa Brumbaugh!

Miss Miami Valley: Alissa Brumbaugh

1st RU: Meggie Wittman
2nd RU: Heather Wells

Interview: Meggie Wittman
Talent: Alyssa Waldman
Swimsuit: Heather Wells

Alyssa won her very first MAO local!
However she has experience in the Co-Ed pageant system, as seen in the photo above.

Best of Luck to Miss Miami Valley!

Tonight Miss Miami Valley will take place at 7 p.m. in Dayton! The pageant is held at the Montgomery County Fair, meaning an admission fee of only $4 grants you access to deep fried delights, questionably constructed spinning rides, adorable baby livestock and a bevy of beauties vying for scholarships and a trip to Miss Ohio!

The outgoing titleholder is vocalist, Ellen Bryan. She is a student at Ball State University and has proven to be a consistent competitor at Miss Ohio. In 2009 she debuted in Mansfield as Miss Lake Festival and was named 4th Runner-up. This summer as Miss Miami Valley Ellen moved up one spot to 3rd Runner-up; she also won the coveted $1,000 Miss America Community Service award for her work with Lightning Awareness! I've been told Miss Ohio, Becky Minger will also be in attendance and perform.

Ellen will crown one of the following 11 lucky ladies:

Erin O'Brien
Education: Upper Arlington High School
Talent: Vocal
Pageant Past: Competed in Judy Keyees' Columbus Teen pageant; She is the sister of West Virginia titleholder, April O'Brien.

Education: Kent State University / Broadcast Journalism & Mass Comm
Talent: Dance
Platform: L.E.A.D. through 4-H
Pageant Past: Non-semifinalist Talent award at Miss Ohio 2010 as Miss Mansfield; Top 10 in 2009 as Miss Ohio River; competed in 2008 as Miss Maple City

Education: Shawnee State University
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Organ & Tissue Donation
Pageant Past: Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen 2009

Alissa Brumbaugh
Education: Ohio State / University of Akron / Education
Talent: Vocal ?
Pageant Past: Member of the 2010 Football Hall of Fame Court; Semifinalist representing Ohio at the National Miss America Coed Pageant, Teen division

Christina Muha
Education: University of Toledo / Nursing
Platform: Heart to Heart: Be Smart
Pageant Past: Has competed for a couple years.

Education: Kent State University / Musical Theatre
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Make-a-Wish Foundation
Pageant Past: 1st RU & SS recently at Miss North Coast; Top 10 at Miss Ohio 2010 as Miss Cuyahoga County

Alyssa Waldman
Education: Otterbein College
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Healthy self-esteem among women of all ages
Pageant Past: Non-semifinalist Talent award at Miss Ohio 2010 as Miss Northwestern Ohio

Jena Swiegart
Education: incoming senior at Celina High
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Taking it to the Bank - Feeding Ohio
Pageant Past: 2nd RU recently at Miss WCO/LSF/CL; 1st RU & Interview at Miss Lake Festival; competed at Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen 2010 as Miss Grand Lake's Teen

Education: University of Cincinnati / Marketing & Graphic Design
Talent: Dance
Platform: Girl Scouts of America
Pageant Past: Competed at Miss Ohio 2010 as Miss Portsmouth

Courtney Crain
Education: Indiana Wesleyan?
Pageant Past: Miss Ohio International 2010

Abby Daniel
Education: Wright State
Pageant Past: National American Miss experience

Best of luck to all the contestants! Please leave a comment with corrections and additional information.

National Sweetheart Prelim Night One

Based on preliminary night one winners at the Sweetheart pageant, it looks like the judges like southern blonds!

Swimsuit: Georgia & North Carolina

Jamie Kelton [below right] was not only 1st Runner-up to Miss Georgia, but also won preliminary Gown and Swimsuit during her very first try!
Not every state is represented at Sweetheart by their 1st Runner-up; Aryn Ward [below left] was 3rd Runner-up at her third trip to Miss North Carolina this summer.

Talent: Alabama

Taylor Yates was 3rd Runner-up to Miss Alabama on her second try. This dancer did win a preliminary award at her state pageant, but it was for Swimsuit.

Friday, September 3, 2010

This Weekend: National Sweetheart!

Since 1941 the Hoopston Jaycee's have sponsored a "Sweetheart Pageant" for the state runners-up in the Miss America system. If you're not familiar with Sweeps/Sweetheart pageants, click here. This year Ohio is being represented by first runner-up Shannon O'Neill; on the left Shannon's in the a quintessential Sweetheart pageant tractor picture, as it's held in the middle of a cornfield in Hoopston, Illinois. Check out her blog for many more pictures. For the past two years Becky Minger made the Top 10/11 at this pageant and in 2007 Erica Gelhaus captured the Sweetheart title. Best of luck to Shannon, I'm confident she'll continue Ohio's strong Sweetheart track record!

This year 38 states will be represented at Sweetheart, which is not officially affiliated with Miss America. Tonight and tomorrow the contestants compete in preliminary competition, with the finale happening Sunday. The ladies are broken into four groups:

1. Florida-Diana Kelly
2. Utah-Valerie Moon Jazz
Dance-“Bend and Snap”
3. Pennsylvania-Ryann Richardson
4. Washington-Brittney Henry
Fiddle-“Orange Blossom Special”
5. Arkansas-Amy Crain
Dance-“Game Time”
6. New York-Hannah Wright
Ballet-“Kitri’s Variation”
7. Wisconsin-Laura Kaeppeler
Vocal-“Quando me’n vo”
8. Colorado-Morgan Weaver
Dance-“Jai Ho”
9. Oregon-Alexandria Henderson
Vocal-“I Have Nothing”
10. West Virginia-Spenser Wempe
Dance-“Bring me Flowers”

11. Iowa- Elizabeth Davidson
12. North Carolina-Aryn Ward
Tap Dance-“Great Balls of Fire”
13. Tennessee-Nicole Mazzio
Vocal-“Can’t Help Falling in Love”
14. Indiana-Brittany Hagan
Jazz Dance-“Move You”
15. Illinois-April Strong
Vocal-“This is my Now”
16. Georgia-Jamie Kelton
Dance-“Cry Me a River”
17. Ohio-Shannon O’Neill
Vocal-“As If We Never Said Goodbye”
18. Massachusetts-Taylor Kinzler
Acrobatic Dance-“Gravity”
19. Idaho-Genevieve Nutting
Piano-“Rhapsody in Blue”

20. North Dakota-Stephanie Erickson
21. Vermont-Alexandra Larrow
Vocal-“Time to Say Goodbye”
22. Maryland-Hannah Mollerick
Jazz Dance-“It’s Oh, So Quiet!”
23. Louisiana-Lauren Abshier
Vocal-“I Have Nothing”
24. Nevada-Jacqueline Wilkins
Dance-“I Didn’t Know My Own Strength”
25. Alaska-Katy Lovegreen
Irish Dance-“Irish Adventure”
26. Delaware-Steffi Holmes
Vocal-“Quando me’n vo”
27. New Jersey-Melissa Ruiz
Tap Dance-“Ballroom Blitz”
28. Virginia-Lindsay Morris
Piano-“Piano Concerto in A Minor”

29. Minnesota-Lauren Johnson
Piano-“Khachaturian Toccata”
30. Arizona-Rebecca Hasulak
Ballet-“You Raise me Up”
31 South Dakota-Lorena Reichert
Vocal-Meine Lippen, Sie Kussen So “
32. California-Sharanya Mukhopadhyay
33. Nebraska-Kayla Batt
Vocal-“Love You I Do”
34. New Hampshire-Megan Lyman
Tap Dance-“New Shoes”
35. Alabama-Taylor Yates
Jazz Dance-“On Broadway”
36. Missouri-Erin Bagby
Vocal-“Somebody to Love”
37. Hawaii-Lauren Cheape
Jump Rope-“Footloose”
38. Kentucky-Ann-Blair Thornton
Piano-“Rustles of Spring”