Thursday, January 31, 2008

Christie's Moment of Truth

Last night as I flipped channels after Crowned I happened to find The Moment of Truth, a new FOX game show. Former Miss California and Miss Ohio finalist Christie Youssef was on the show.

How does it work? Prior to the show the contestants are given a polygraph test; then they’re asked the questions again in front of cameras, family members and a studio audience. If they answer truthfully they move on and earn money.

I personally don’t like the show, specifically I didn’t enjoy the way the contestants were obviously asked to pause and create tension before they answered.

Never mind my opinions on the show, here’s what Christie was asked, and how she answered:

Did you ever cheat on a college exam? No.

Have you ever stolen money from your parents? No.

Do you think you’re better looking than your sister [Melissa]? Yes.
(Christie’s sister is, in my opinion, prettier. Since she’s younger, she should also do pageants.)

Do you believe your mother is overweight? Yes. (Her mom laughs, “This is the easiest question ever.”)

Would you be upset if your younger sister got married before you? Yes.

Do you plan on being a virgin on your wedding night? Yes.

At this point, she won $10,000!

Are you more comfortable around friends that you know are not as attractive as you? Yes.

Have you ever had a cosmetic procedure to enhance your looks? Yes.
(She was not asked what procedure and she did not volunteer the information.)

Have you ever been upset by your sister Melissa winning a pageant? Yes (She described an experience in which they competed together and Melissa won and she did not even place.... I guess that makes my suggestion of her sister doing pageants void.)

Miss California 2006 Jacquelynne Fontaine came onstage and asked: Have you ever tried to sabbatoge another pageant contestant?

And with that the show is over! Tune in next Wednesday at 9 p.m. to see how she answers that question and how much money she ultimately wins. How interesting- all we've heard lately is that that pageants aren't relevant, yet that is was this show used as their big cliff hanger!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Moment of Truth

Tune into your local FOX affiliate RIGHT NOW! Former Miss Portsmouth Christie Youssef will be on this new game show TONIGHT and it looks from the promos that they're drawing on her pageant experience.

LIVE BLOG: "Crowned" Results

“Crowned” winners - Daredevil Divas
(113 points total)

1st Runner-up – Gifted Dolls
(107 points total)

2nd Runner-up – Dream Gals

(106 points total)

LIVE BLOG: "Crowned" Onstage Question

The Gifted Dolls were asked about their pageant platform and spoke on their commitment to organ donation, based on their personal experience of Mindy’s transplant. They were very compelling. [I missed what they said they'd do with the money.]

The Dream Gals are great, but Hollis was too long-winded. When asked how much of the $100,000 prize money they would commit to their platform they were taken aback by the question and said “10%.” I think they really hurt themselves and will stay in third place.

The Daredevil Divas spoke about “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.” I like them, but I have no idea what that platform is or does. Despite their needs that they’ve spoke about throughout the show, they said they’d give all the money away!

I think the Daredevil Divas just have to win this pageant and though he thinks it’s a toss-up with the Gifted Dolls, Loren agrees.

LIVE BLOG: "Crowned" Gown Results

3rd- 26 points- Dream Gals
Winners- 28 points- Gifted Dolls and Daredevil Divas

LIVE BLOG: "Crowned" Gown Competition

Sincere Sexy Reds- I’m just going to hold my tongue about them.

Daredevil Divas- Wow! Perfect! Jeniliegh’s makeup is too much, but their gowns were great on them. (Miss America Jennifer Berry was photographed in the gown Moya's wearing and Caitlin, the Outstanding Teen had a similar style on at Miss America this weekend, so Carson is wrong, in terms of it being outdated.)

Dream Gals- I don’t like the green color on Hollis, nor do the two gown colors compliment each other.

Gifted Dolls- I think their styling fits into the mother-daughter rolls well.

Loren thinks the Dream Gals will win, and I think he might be right, but my pick would be Daredevil Divas.

LIVE BLOG: "Crowned" Talent Results

4th place- 20 points- Sincere Sexy Reds
3rd place- 25 points- Dream Gals
2nd place- 28 points- Daredevil Divas
1st place- perfect 30- Gifted Dolls


LIVE BLOG: "Crowned" Talent Competition

Sincere Sexy Reds- Patty played the piano while Laura sang “Climb Every Mountain”- I’m a horrible person, but it makes me smile to see someone undeserving mess up! Laura forgot the lyrics, not to mention being off key. I agree with the judges, they handled the mistake poorly.

Daredevil Divas- Aerial Routine- Just beautiful! You can’t deny their talent, and as the judges said, it’s great that Moya learned part of the routine and was more included.

Dream Gals- vocal, not sure of the name- They may think a cappella is “daring” or impressive, but it’s almost never a good idea. Pageant ladies- don’t do it! It’s actually less impressive. I think they have the talent to have dones something much better.

Gifted Dolls- upbeat dance- They’re so cute. It’s not technical, but they worked together and were entertaining.

This time I know I’m right- it’s going to be the Daredevil Divas; Loren thinks Gifted Dolls.

LIVE BLOG: "Crowned" Swimsuit Results

3rd place- 23 points- Sincere Sexy Reds
2nd place- 26 points- Dream gals and Gifted Dolls
Winners- 27 points- Daredevil Divas

(Points out of 30.)

LIVE BLOG: "Crowned" Swimsuit Competition

So the ladies left are Jenileigh and Moya the “Daredevil Divas, Jenaleigh being a former Miss Wyoming. I like these two and would be happy if they win. Although the judges say they won’t win based on their personal tragedies and financial need, if they do win, I’m sure many will think it’s based on sympathy.

I also like the "Gifted Dolls," Melinda and Rachelle, but I doubt they’ll win because they lack confidence. Also, their relationship has its rough moments; Rachelle disrespects her mom at times.

I can not stand the "Sincere Sexy Reds," Patty and Laura. They’ve made comments about being beautiful on the inside and out- they are neither.

Finally Gina and Hollis, the “Dream Gals” have no pageant experience, but have done very well in the show. I like them and think they also have a great chance to win.


Who is Mark Wagener (the host)? He looks like a soap star, perhaps.

Wow- we’re already in the swimsuit competition and there hasn’t even been a commercial!

Thoughts on the Swimsuit Competition:

Sincere, Sexy Reds- Great color on them, but they’re just such bitches! I agree with Cynthia, the mom wasn’t mom-like enough.

Daredevils- I disagree with the judges, Jeniliegh seemed to overshadow her mom and she was very stiff, and Miss America “old school style.”

Dream Gals- They’re just so cute! It’s hard to believe Hollis has no pageant experience.

Gifted Dolls- Wow, Rachelle is amazing, but I agree with the judges, Mindy still lacks confidence and their suits weren’t coordinated.

I think the Swimsuit winners are clearly the Dream Gals. Loren thinks it the Daredevils.

Pageant Poll: Crowned, the mother of all finales

Tonight is the final episode and pageant on the CW show Crowned.

I don't want to know who you want to win,
but rather, who do you think will win?

If you’ve been watching the show, you know that the two different rooms of the house eased-dropped on one another and developed a nasty rivalry.

The Redheaded Bomshells and Skin Deep called the other group fake; Dream Gals, Daredevil Divas and Diamond Dolls responded by calling them spiteful and negative.

I have a strong opinion about who I agree with and like, what about you?

Log on tonight during the show, I'll likely live blog during it!

Drunk at 10 a.m.

Many of you may judge me for this- but that’s okay because it’s an important message.

As you know, I’m on Toledo’s most popular radio show on Wednesday mornings. This morning one of the other personalities, Steve, was drinking live on air under the supervision of a local police officer to show the effects of drinking. This was because 50% of Toledo’s recent auto fatalities have been alcohol related; well over the national average of 41%.

Half way through the show I joined in Steve.

In an hour I had 3 mimosa’s (orange juice and champagne; actually it has a different name because there was also peach schnapps, but I don’t recall the name). The officer had a field sobriety test and the point is that I “blew” slightly above the legal limit. In four hours Steve had 18 drinks and was clearly drunk, but I served as the perfect example of someone who had a few drink and SHOULD NOT DRIVE. I was a SADD officer in high school and would NEVER drive in this instance. Frankly, my head is spinning and I’m DRUNK! BUT many people think that after a few drinks they can still drive.

NO- YOU CAN’T. At one point I blew a 0.1 and at another point I blew a 0.78 and failed an eye gaze test. Legally drunk is 0.8.

The officer drove me home and my car is still downtown at the radio station. We had a lot of fun on the radio this morning and as I already knew, I love mimosa’s. But hopefully our listeners got the point. Even if you think you’re fine, after two or three drinks you should NOT drive!

Really by the show's end I had like four and a half, so now, I’m going to sleep!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

If it's not broke...

X is a popular online pageant aficionado, who made the following observation and put these pictures together:

Our two national titleholders both opted to wear their state gowns at the national competition. The vast majority of women change or upgrade their wardrobes from level to level of competition; is this simply a case of, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!” Or might this be a new trend?

I also agree with the observation that both their state crowns are nicer than the national crowns.

Monday, January 28, 2008

More Miss America Tune In Alerts

I had my first Making It Count presentation today – two hours away- so I haven’t had a chance to watch my DVR to see Kirsten on this morning's shows, but I read that she did great!
Here are even more appearances:


Inside Edition and The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch on CNBC

FOX and Friends, FOX News Channel
(along with former Miss Americas Debbye Turner, Kate Shindle, Susan Powell, and Gretchen Carlson).

FOX and Friends After the Show Show


Happy Hour, FOX Business Channel

CLICK HERE for times and/or check your local listings.

Oh, poor Kirsten... people just don't understand how hard it is to be Miss America! The lovely girl has to spend all day with FOX News! Horrid!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Miss America Tune-in Alert!

Tomorrow morning Miss America 2008 Kirsten Haglund begins her media tour! She'll be on Morning Express with Robin Meade, Live with Regis and Kelly, ABC News Now and The Big Idea with Donney Deutsch.
CLICK HERE for times.

Pageant Poll: Crowning Format

Pageants used to allow the entire Top 10 to compete in all the phases of competition, then four runners up would be called and the remaining six women would all hope to hear their name as the winner.

Does anyone know when they changed things? In all my pageant experience the field has been narrowed to 5, culminating with two women grasping one another, waiting to hear which would be named the winner and who would be the first runner-up.

Miss America 2008 went back to the “old way.” Which do you like better?

Our New Miss America Goes to School in Ohio!

The Miss America Press Release just landed in my inbox, and as it turns out, she's a student at the Univerity of Cincinnati! I had not realized that.

Miss Michigan Kirsten Haglund from Farmington Hills, Michigan was crowned Miss America 2008 tonight... Kirsten is a student at University of Cincinnati. Her scholastic ambition is to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre and she ultimately hopes to become a Broadway performer.

CLICK HERE for the entire press release.

Other points of interest: Kirsten is only 19 and Miss America is her third pageant; she won her first local prelim, and won Miss Michigan on her first try. However, she is no stranger to pageantry, her grandmother is a former Miss Michigan.

CLICK HERE for news articles.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Miss America Finale Photos from Yahoo News


Wow, we loved her throughout,
but we thought her Talent took her out of contention.

Interesting, she isn't walking the runway, she's a people's princess first!


1st RU- Indiana
So at this point it HAS to be Wisconsin or California

2nd RU- Washington
WHAT? But we love her so much!

3rd RU- Virginia

4th RU- North Carolina
We're surprised and unhappy.

Miss America LIVE BLOG: Our Guesses

Loren's Picks:
Washington, followed by Indiana, Wisconsin, Virginia

Mom's Picks:
Indiana or Washington, followed by Wisconsin, Michigan and California

Dad's Picks:
Washington, but he really likes California

I think:
Washington followed by Virginia, Wisconsin, California

Miss America LIVE BLOG: Onstage Questions

Wisconsin- Wisconsin did wonderful, way to be first!

Michigan- Wow! Mature for her age! Love the line about respect.

Virginia- Very good- yes celebs should and can voice their opinions.

Washington- Great answer- love how she referenced Rock the Vote.

California- Very appropriate that she took the Paris Hilton question.

Texas- Also very good. Wow, they're all impressive.

North Carolina- Hhmm.. She took a broad question and kind of rambled.

Indiana- Wow! Perhaps the toughest question. Good for her for taking a solid stand.

I actually like the way they did that- having the ladies raise their hand to pick the question they want to answer. It seemed to produce better answers because they didn't have time to think and dwell and give their canned answers.
We are so sick of seeing the same commercials over and over and over... My dad wants a dollar for ever Tostito's commercial.

And my mom cracks me up - the Herbal Essence commercial just aired and she said, "Why do they need to show something for long hair since they just cut it all off!" RE: The Reality Check makeovers.

Miss America LIVE BLOG: North Carolina's Talent

Well, we got it right this time... Iowa and Georgia were eliminated.

North Carolina

I have to comment on her face as she was announced the winner- I saw genuin conflict as she wanted to console Georgia, but knew she needed to focus. She seemed to have more "fancy footwork" than Virginia or Texas.

Miss America LIVE BLOG: Texas and Wisconsin Talents

Again, we know nothing about dance, but we think she's cute and we have mixed views of who we like more- Texas or Virginia. We don't really care; we think it's between California or Washington anyway.

Dad doesn't care for her dress and Mom doesn't care for the song, but we're sure it's very technical. Loren likes her though because the screen says she can also sing. She's very impressive and I'm sure she'll advance.

Miss America LIVE BLOG: Washington's Talent


As she got up I just thought- "What if your dress needs tugged!!!!"

Wow, love the camera work, very American Idol. I am so HAPPY right now! We love her so much and I think she just sealed it. It's between her and California, and I think the judges will go for her contemporary song "Angels" over Cali's opera.
It's like we're watching a football game; my mom is yelling at the TV!

How awful that they cut someone in the middle- especially the one everyone wanted to see! At least they planned it before a commercial break so they could let Iowa twirl a bit.

[A pregnancy test commercial just aired] "Now why are we seeing this during Miss America?" LOL! Too funny, mom.

Miss America LIVE BLOG: Indiana and Virginia Talents


She's doing pretty well; since she's singing a contemporary Spanish song, I wish she would have been in a trendy outfit instead of a dress and flower in her hair, more suited for singing Carmen or "Don Quixote."


She's en point to "Chocolate" from The Nutcracker. We loved it, but admittedly know nothing about ballet.

Miss America LIVE BLOG: Michigan and California Talents


We thought Michiga was beautiful, but it was obviously not her strongest. I'd love to hear her under better circumstances. Yes, Miss America should be ready for anything, but this is rediculous.


Wow! She is such a professional. She was seemingly uneffected as she sang "The Jewel Song." Fabulous! She's definately moving on.

Miss America LIVE BLOG


I can't believe the way they're doing this! They didn't eliminate anyone; they said, "First to perform is Michigan..." as Wisconsin sits there still buckling her shoes.

How awful for these ladies. NONE OF THEM WILL POSSIBLY PERFORM AT THEIR BEST having to sit on stage instead of warming up!

Miss America LIVE BLOG: Our Top 8 Guesses

Okay, we'll do it like them this time.
We think two of the following will be eliminated:

North Carolina

Miss America LIVE BLOG: Evening Gown

Virginia- LOVE this gown; wish she'd have more time to do her hair.

- I didn't like this gown in pictures, or now.
I hope it doesn't hold her back.

- Sorry, this screams typical pageant.

California- Dad just loves her hair and this dress is perfect for HER.

- This dress has gotten so much buzz and it lives up to it!

- I am disappointed with the way she worked it, or should I say DIDN'T.

What a perfect gown on her- just beautiful.

- Loren says "Sorry, go have some carbs." Also typical pageant- been there, seen that.

- We have mixed views her at our party. I like her, but not this dress; Mom and Loren really dig it though.

North Carolina
We just aren't into her at all.

Miss America LIVE BLOG: Actual Top 10

North Carolina

I love Connecticut's responce to Clinton about being in front of millions in a swimsuit- "I wouldn't know, I'm here with you!"

Miss America LIVE BLOG: The ladies being eliminated...

This is such a shady way to do this, but these ladies are done:

Tennessee - My mom is not happy!
Arkansas - Shoot! Loren didn't want her on our Top 10,
I should have listed to him!
Florida - Wow, were suck!
Mississippi - Finally, got one right.
Utah- Thus ends the great Miss America experiment.
HAHAHA! Love that she just did push-ups!
Mom- "There's Roberta, isn't she beautiful."
South Carolina - I put her in our Top 10 for my dad, sorry dad.

Miss America LIVE BLOG: Our Top 10 Guesses

South Carolina

Miss America LIVE BLOG: Swimsuit

Michigan- Wow, she's great, love the flowy hair.

- She's so cute, and her core is more toned than her talent photos made it look.

North Carolina
- Sweet- where'd she find tan and black heels?!

- Mom says "wow she's thin." But we like her.

- Check out that WALK! Dad loves her hair.

- She stepped out of the pageant box with those leapard shoes! And she worked it.

South Carolina
- I still say she's too old school.

- Sorry, but Berta should have had her place.

- She has a really long torso, but she worked it! We all love her.

- My peanut gallery said she's "too pageanty," but I can't deny that body!

- "WOW!"

- STOP SHRUGGING! I couldn't stand that in her prelim pics either.

- Now that's a body! And she looks like "Jackie" from That 70's Show.

- I like her, but the head tossing is too much and over doing it.

- Loren thinks the earrings are too big- I agree and we aren't "feeling her."

- Aw, she looks terrified; give her some camo or a gun to make her feel more at home!
Hahahaha- "Here ladies, have CARBS!" That's great!

Miss America LIVE BLOG: The Top 16!

#1. Michigan (Prelim Swimsuit winner) -No surprise!

#2. Iowa (Prelim Talent winner)
- I have a feeling she'll be the only Talent winner

#3. North Carolina

#4. Tennesse - She's a stunner, no doubt

#5. California - Like many, I have a feeling she'll take it tonight!

#6. Indiana (Top 3 on Reality Check)

#7. South Carolina (Top 10 on Reality Check)

#8. Georgia - I have to admit, she was not on my radar.

#9. Washington (Top 3 on Reality Check) - YESSSS!!!!

#10. Arkansas

#11. Virginia (Top 10 on Reality Check) - Love her!

#12. Texas (Prelim Swimsuit winner)

#13. Wisconsin -Ha! I knew it!

#14. Florida (Top 10 on Reality Check)

#15. Mississippi

AMERICA's PICK: Utah (As many assumed.)

Miss America LIVE BLOG!

[Clinton Kelley of "What Not to Wear" is hanging out onstage with a DJ, where the eliminated contestant's will hang out.]

Hhhmm... "They're all going to hang out and party?!" What about the ladies who need to go have a good cry?

Do we like this idea?

Miss America LIVE BLOG: Intros

Love Kansas' intro... and that they're in their Reality Check groupings.

Wow, some of these ladies practiced their tongue twisters; very impressive. Mom noticed how great it is that they're letting them say so much.

Roberta was funny and BEAUTIFUL. "From the only state with a nut you can't eat...." My mom's still laughing!

LOL! And Miss North Dakota just cracked me up!

Wow, Indiana can work it! She just reminded me of Amanda, 1st RU at Ohio USA.

Again- I LOVE Miss Washington- and her apple!

South Carolina is so beautiful, but in my opinion, she's the old style.

I'm glad I noticed Wisconsin from her photos- she is lovely in person.

Sorry folks, I just don't see a three-peat for the Okies.

"A southern accent and a college degree" -Miss Georgia is funny, but that had to offended many!

Pennsylvania and Utah also cracked me up! "Where every resident knows their state flag, except me" and "highest birth rate as long as the Osmound's don't move!"

That was a GREAT opening! You actually got to know the women.

Miss America LIVE BLOG!

Alright, here we go!

My dad is shoveling my walk and waiting for the pizza... Mom is reading the paper and Loren's knocked out on pain meds.
I guess you'll get the opinions of me and the cat!

I LOVE that they're starting with outgoing Miss America, Lauren Nelson! She looks amazing!


I'll be blogging live during Miss America tonight! 24 minutes and counting!

My Favorites By Phases of Competition

As I veiwed all the preliminary photos I saved images of my favorites
(formatted here in no particular order).

Great Swimsuit presentations, in my humble opinion:




South Carolina


District of Columbia


New Jersey






Evening Gowns that I loved:


Virgin Islands











Talent - Obviously you can't judge the actual talent based on pictures, nonetheless these pictures caught my eye. (I didn't include the Preliminary Talent winners.)

California and New Hapshire

Arizona and ??

Michigan and North Dakota

Virginia and Wisconsin

As I compiled these, I did not "cross reference" the phases, but simply looked at each woman in each phase, as judges are supposed to do.

So, clearly my front-runners are the women whose pictures I featured in multiple phases. They are:

California * Virginia * Michigan *
Florida * Nebraska * Ohio * Louisiana * Wisconsin

[Please correct me if I mislabled an of the ladies!!!]

Miss America Preliminary WInners in Review

Since Miss America has been "knocked on its sash" by TLC this year, fans agree that it's harder than ever to guess who will make the finals. Many feel that this year especially winning a Preliminary doesn't mean a thing, and that several of the winners will not make the Top 16 cut.
What do you think?


Miss Iowa- Talent

Diana Reed won Talent with and upbeat baton routine to Hairspray's "You Can't Stop the Beat."

Rhode Island- Swimsuit

It was said that Ashley Bickford's ballet en point was not technically proficient.


Miss Massachusetts- Talent

Valerie J. Amaral won Talent with her vocal rendition of Martina McBride's "Anyway."

Miss Michigan- Swimsuit

Kirsten Haglund received very positive reviews on her vocal presentation of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

Miss Connecticut- Talent

Dana Daunis bested her Talent flight with the contemporary vocal "Let Him Fly."

Miss Texas- Swimsuit

Reports were mixed about Molly Hazlett's jazz on pointe routine.