Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Miss America Tune-in Alert: Sam Haskell's Book Junket

Tomorrow, April 28, Miss America Organization Board Chairman, Sam Haskell, III will be featured on the TODAY Show between 8:30-9 a.m. EST* to talk about his new book, Promises I Made My Mother. Sam is also scheduled to make the following television appearances in the upcoming weeks:

April 29 - The Early Show, CBS*

April 30 - Fox & Friends, Fox News Channel*

May 1 - Money for Breakfast, Fox Business Network*

May 2 -- Huckabee, Fox News Channel*

May 4 -- Larry King Live, CNN*

May 5 -- The Tavis Smiley Show, PBS*

May 7 -- The Bonnie Hunt Show, CBS*

May 7 -- The 700 Club, CBN*

*Please check your local listings

...So many of you know of Sam's remarkable success in the entertainment industry and learned that in 2007 Sam was named by TV Week as “One of the 25 Most Innovative and Influential People in Television over the Last 25 Years.” His book spans his career from when Sam left Mississippi in 1978, and moved to Hollywood where he worked his way up from the mailroom through the ranks of the prestigious William Morris Agency to become Executive Vice President and Worldwide Head of Television.

You'll enjoy reading how Sam then became a personal agent and enjoyed friendships with Bill Cosby, Ray Romano, Dolly Parton, Kathie Lee Gifford, Lily Tomlin, His Royal Highness The Prince Edward, Debbie Allen, George Clooney, Will Smith, Morgan Freeman and Whoopi Goldberg. He has packaged some of the most successful shows on television, including Everybody Loves Raymond, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Murphy Brown, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, King of Queens, Las Vegas and Lost.

Some of you may think I have a bad attitude, but I have to admit, a couple weeks ago when I first read the press release about Sam's new book, my reaction was, "what the...?" His press junket is far better than that of Miss America after she's crowned and if he's so well connected, then why has Miss America been reduced to TLC?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Miss to Mrs.: Congrats to Roberta and Steve!

I'm sure better pictures will surface soon, but I couldn't wait to say congrats to former Miss Ohio, Roberta Camp, who married long-time boyfriend Steve Albert last night!

Miss Ohio 2009: Talent Selections and Platforms!

Last weekend the Miss Ohio contestants met for Spring Forum. This is usual a meeting for the contestants, parents and EDs, to go over the logistics of pageant week, held in a hotel or school. This year in addition to receiving the important information, the contestants spent the night at a 4-H camp and participated in team building exercises. Check out Heather Wells' blog for pictures!

Of course, there was a good amount of debate about this, especially because contestants supposedly had to pay and parents had to either pay for a hotel or drive back and forth. I think I've written before that I am not a fan of forums; after you've been to Miss Ohio once, they become mind-numbing and tedious. I don't think it needs to last more then a few hours, let alone over night and for a fee!

Also new this year, the contestants have been enrolled in The Duke of Edinburgh's Award. I'm not entirely clear on the details of it and don't have an opinion, but here's the website.

And now for the information you really want! I've been sitting on this for a week due to all the Miss USA drama; I give you, the contestant's talent selections and platforms! You'll notice several interesting new choices from returning contestants.

Wed. - Talent, Thurs. - Swimsuit, Fri - Gown & OSQ

Miss Fallen Timbers, Becky Minger
vocal "I was Born to Love You"
Building self-esteem through Discovering Y.O.U.

Miss West Central Ohio, Victoria Miller
dance "Man with a Hex"
Skin Cancer Awareness

Miss Cuyahoga County, Whitney Sue Fricke
vocal "Forget About the Boy"
Loving yourself from the inside out: educating young girls on true beauty

Miss Bay Village, Emily Pheils
vocal "Lost In Your Eyes"
Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

Miss Mansfield, Nanciann Strosnider
vocal "Happy days are here again"
Reconnecting the Missing Link

Miss Ohio River, Heather Wells
lyrical dance "Via Dolorosa"
Groomed 4 Success

Miss Clayland, Erica Gelhaus
vocal "So andhio La virtu Magica"
Turning the page for Children's Literacy

Miss Greater Cleveland, Jessica Barrett
vocal "I enjoy being a girl"
The Importance of Organ Donation

Wed. - Gown & OSQ, Thurs. - Talent, Fri. - Swimsuit

Miss Miami Valley, Katie Camp
tap dance "Big Time"
Choose Children Volunteer

Miss Buckeye State, Courtney Monk
vocal "Someone Like You"
Importance of Music in Education

Miss Maumee Valley, Shannon O'Neill
vocal "As if we never said goodbye"
T.O.N.E. our Children: teaching about obesity, nutrition & exercise

Miss Lake Festival, Ellen Bryan
vocal "I want to go to Hollywood"
Get Motivated, Get Involved, Get Results

Miss Muskingum Valley, Stephanie Rodgers
vocal "Mercy On Me"
Prevent Child Abuse America

Miss Scioto Valley, Alyssa Hanson
vocal "Til there was you"
Promoting Positive Self Esteem in Young Women

Miss All*American City, Katie Bowen
flute "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring"
Special Olympics: Disability Doesn't Mean Inability

Miss Ohio Valley, Kristen Haas
dance "Diamonds are a girls best friend"
Preventing Heart Disease in Women

Wed. - Swimsuit, Thurs. - Gown & OSQ, Fri. - Talent.

Miss North East Ohio, Kylie Johnson
violin "Orange Minuet"
Go GREEN: Environmental Awareness

Miss Northwestern Ohio, Heather, Waterman
vocal "So Much Better"
Ready, Set, Motivate

Miss Greater Butler County, Rebeka Zoz
vocal "Journey to the past"
Faces with Places

Miss Maple City, Ashleigh Lemon
vocal "Wishing you were here again"
Conservation for the Next Generation: The Race Against Time

Miss North Coast, Sasha Eby
vocal "I'm a Stranger here Myself"
Promoting Abstinence in Today's Teens

Miss Portsmouth, Amber Bussa
vocal "Popular"
Importance of Volunteerism

Miss Heart of Ohio, Ashley Warholic
dance "Sir Duke"
Family, Career, Community, Leaders of America FCCLA

Miss Mohican Valley, Kristy Moneysmith
vocal "You Raise Me Up"
Mentoring through Leadership and Role Modeling

Miss Lake Erie, Jenna Wilson
vocal "Maybe this time"
March of Dimes

This was a ton of information, so please leave a comment if I mis-ordered the ladies or had any typos. Huge thanks to the very reliable source who shared this with me!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Linwood, N.J. – April 22, 2009 – For the first time since 1961, Miss Puerto Rico will be competing in the Miss America Pageant in January!

for the complete press release.

Miss America and the new Miss USA chime in on the California controversy!

This morning Miss America, Katie Stam, was on FOX and Friends, looking and sounding fantastic! I only wish she would have told the male anchor that all the questions at Miss USA were fair. (He confused the warm-up questions with the final questions.)

Also, the new Miss USA finally got her chance in the spotlight! Kristen Dalton was on Today. When asked California's question, she didn't actually answer it either! Why is no one getting this?! It's not that difficult. The question is NOT "do you think homosexuals should be able to legally marry?" It's, "should every state take steps to legalize gay marriage." Simply giving your opinion of gay marriage does not answer the question - someone personally or religiously opposed to gay marriage can still support the political process. For example, I know many people who would never, ever get an abortion. They personally feels it's wrong, but they still think that's a choice each woman should make for herself and that it should be legal. Get it? The way I see it, Perez Hilton's question has a few simple answers:

A. Yes, I think each state should hold an election, giving their constituents the opportunity to express how they want marriage to be defined in their state. As we have already seen, some states would pass the legalization of gay marriage and others would not; that is democracy at work and one of the great things about living in this country!

B. No, I do not think every state should take steps to legalize gay marriage, because....

C. (My answer!): Yes, I would like to see other states follow suit, but they shouldn't have to! Rather, I believe this is an issue of human rights and equality. Therefore our national leaders should legalize gay marriage on the federal level.

D. ?? I don't know, you tell me! Leave your answer in a comment.

Anyway, here's the new Miss USA:

She is very cute and confident, but I hate the new crown! Especially the way it made her ear stick out and how far back it sits on her head.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miss USA 2009: Totally Looks Like

A reader emailed asking why Miss California USA, Carrie Prejean, looks so familiar. Aside from now being worlds more recognizable than the winner, I thought from the first time I saw her vintage glam shot that she looked like Gretchen Rossi from Bravo's reality show The Real Housewives of Orange County.

To lighten the mood, here are some more I came up with:

According to judge, Hollie Madison:

After the pageant Sunday night, Madison, Hugh Hephner's ex, supposedly posted something to the effect of, "My favorite girl won; she looked just like a Disney Princess" on Twitter.

And while I'm at it...

Miss USA 2009: The On-going California Controversy

I'm sure some of you are sick of this topic, but it's still all over the news and this is a pageant blog...


I think Carrie is the most well spoken that I have heard her in the video above. However, I can not stand that she is making herself a martyr! It's not what she said, but how she said it; more below...

The Today Show

This segment is a hot mess, just like California's answer!

Someone needs to get word to Matt Laur that beauty queens and hot issues are nothing new! It's called Miss America, Matt.

I completely disagree with Claudia Jordan and the idea that pageant women need to be even more docile in their beliefs than politicians. Memo to the female reporter, there are no "correct answers" in beauty pageants; the important thing is your delivery. Pageant woman can and should have strong opinions on important social issues, they just need to know HOW, WHEN and WHERE to speak about them!

Finally, I can't believe Carrie is hiding behind her religion and claiming that she wouldn't have phrased things differently. My face is turning blue, but I will say it again, she didn't lose because of her beliefs. She lost because didn't listen to the question and thus, gave an illogical non-answer. I am disappointed with Today for suggesting that she lost because "she spoke from her heart" or that she has integrity for not pandering to the judges.

It's hilarious to me that Carrie says, "when I'm asked a specific question, I'm going to give a specific answer." Okay, honey, then why didn't you? She can stay true to herself and her God and defend her 'opposite' marriage all she wants, but she at least needs to acknowledge that poor delivery played a part in it!

Miss USA 2009: The California Controversy: Brook Lee speaks out!

I love and completely agree with former Miss USA and Miss Universe, Brook Lee's MySpace blog post:

Monday, April 20, 2009

Current mood: pissed off
Category: News and Politics

Ok so I know I haven't blogged in eon's but felt compelled...and that is a HEAVY word even for this beauty queen, but this Miss California, I can't even begin to describe...I was there in the theater for the pageant, and having gone through this (umm and actually won..)I can say with full confidence she did not lose the title of miss usa cause she had an unpopular opinion she LOST the pageant because she failed to be eloquent in voicing those opinions. I said many a controversial thing on my stages at both miss usa and miss universe, but I constructed my sentences in a way that a) made sense in the english language, and b) were witty.

But this ain't about me. She- and I don't need to say her name because as far as I am concerned she will just be "that miss california", I would just like her to be mindful of the fact that she didn't win be cause the gays were punishing her- TRUST ME that Manolo Blahnik Shoe will be dropping at every make up and wardrobe session she ever tries to do AGAIN in her life....She lost because she couldn't eloquently put her views across.

Is it hard to be in a bikini and a gown and have to answer a tough question in 30 secs in front of the world YES...but you know what it's the JOB and she should have been more prepared cause she isn't miss nova scotia she is Miss CALIFORNIA who gets TONS of media training, knows she wil be asked that question in her judges preliminary interviews cause Prop 8 was in her State...she SHOULD HAVE HAD A BETTER ANSWER, so don't say it's because of YOUR VIEWS you lost...you lost cause you CHOKED. LIVE WITH IT. Get down off the cross hun, there isn't room for you AND Jesus up there. Stop disrespecting Miss North Carolina like she didn't deserve to win...she won...now go crawl back into obscurity...or call Elizabeth Hasslebeck...cause you'll have to sleep on her couch...

Miss Universe 1997 OUT.

Miss USA 2009: More from YouTube

Behind the Scenes with judge Willie Geist

What the Buck?

You might think this is hypocritical, but I always love Michael Buckley's pageant reviews. He's very critical of pageants, but usually spot-on in a hilarious way! Oh, and to the commenter below who suggested my brain was warped, you'll especially love this. :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Official Statement from Miss California USA's Director

The following was posted on the Miss California USA website:

I am proud of Carrie Prejean’s beauty and placement at the 2009 MISS USA pageant. I support Carrie’s right to express her personal beliefs even if they do not coincide with my own. I believe the subject of gay marriage deserves a great deal more conversation in order to heal the divide it has created.

Keith Lewis

Co-Executive Director

K2 Productions


Miss USA 2009: The California Controversy Continues!

It is my opinion that the Miss California USA, Carrie Prejean is digging a deeper hole the more she speaks! This morning she talked to Billy Bush on his radio show:

She said: "My sister is a second lieutenant in the Air Force and she is a gay rights activist... My beliefs have nothing to do with my sister or my mom, or whatever.”

Dig, baby, dig! That contradicts her onstage answer. Moreover, if her sister is and activist and they differ in opinion on this issue, she should be well prepared to talk about it!

She said: “It did cost me my crown...I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I said what I feel. I stated an opinion that was true to myself and that’s all I can do.”

It didn't cost her the crown; she wasn't in the lead prior to the final question. I agree with Laura, a commenter below, that it was a tricky question because it wasn't about her opinion, it was more of a fact-based issue. Ultimately, SHE DIDN'T ANSWER THE QUESTION!!! Everyone is up in arms about her opinion, but what she said was illogical; she proved to be a poor speaker and failed to listen to the question. Those are two critical pageant errors.

She said: "Should I have gotten that question? No I don't think I should have."

What?! Gay rights is a huge issue in our society and all the final questions were about current events. Why does she think she should have been the exception?

This morning Perez Hilton talked to MSNBC. Yes, he's brash and easy to dislike, but he's the one being logical in this case. I love how the anchor points out her misuse of "choice."

CLICK HERE for tons of news articles.

Miss USA 2009 Scores

SS - EG - Average

NC 9.1 - 9.4 = 9.25 (Miss USA)
CA 9.0 - 9.2 = 9.1 (1st RU)
AZ 9.0 - 9.1 = 9.05 (2nd RU)
KY 8.9 - 9.0 = 8.95 (4th RU)
UT 8.8 - 8.8 = 8.88 (3rd RU)
AR 8.7 - 8.4 = 8.55
TX 8.5 - 8.6 = 8.55
TN 8 .4 - 8.5 = 8.45
SC 8.4 - 8.3 = 8.35
WV 8.4 - 8.2 = 8.3

Many fans, myself included, reacted to California's answer with the statement "she just lost the pageant." That's not technically true. She needed to make up ground with a great answer; she did not achieve that and the highest scoring woman in both Swimsuit and Gown ultimately won. I'm not sure how the final question is actually scores, as the only effect it seemed to have was inverting the placement of Kentucky and Utah.

Congrats to Miss USA 2009, North Carolina's Kristen Dalton!

Kristen Dalton is a pageant purebred; I read that her mother was Miss North Carolina 1982 and her sister, Kenzie, was First Runner-up to Miss North Carolina Teen USA in 2006. The Miss North Carolina USA website states that her sister, Julia, was Miss North Carolina Teen USA 2008 and placed 2nd runner up at Miss Teen USA. Kristen is a crossover, previously placing in the Top 10 at Miss North Carolina (America) She is an honors student majoring in Psychology and Spanish major at East Carolina University.

Miss USA 2009: YouTube Galore!

The Results!

Top 5 in Onstage Question

Top 10 in Evening Gown

Top 15 in Swimsuit

Interviews on Miss USA's Green Carpet


The new Miss USA website features tons of videos, including spoofs by "Mr. Awesome" and confessionals. There has been quite a bit of buzz around the content and idea of the confessionals; it's been very interesting discourse to observe! First Miss Hawaii and Miss California were deemed the mean girls and widely criticized for their candor. Many wondered if it was scripted or part of the Mr. Awesome gag. Then came Miss Delaware's confessional, during which she curses about the Delaware curse. It is unexpected and hilarious! However, I found it a bit hypocritical that critics of Hawaii and California's video loved Delaware and started adding her to their Top 15!

Miss USA 2009: Perez Hilton vs. Miss California: the now-infamous question!

I do not like tabloids or TMZ or Perez Hilton.com. I hope to be a celebrity someday and I think these types of media outlets far overstep their boundaries into celebrity's personal lives!

However, I agree with what Perez Hilton said in the video he posted immediately after the pageant! Miss California was not asked her personal opinion on gay marriage, but if all states should legalize it. Her answer was poor by pageant standards and I agree with Perez that she alienated people, which is the opposite of what a titleholder should do.

And here's the question:

Here's the transcript:
I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose one or the other. Um, we live in a land that you can choose same sex marriage or opposite marriage. And, you know what… in my country and-and in my family I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there but that’s how I was raised and that’s how I think that it should be between a man and a woman. Thank you.

And here are my problems with it:

#1. She DID NOT answer the question! She said she thinks she believes a marriage should be between a man and a woman. She never said whether she thought all states should legalize it. That is an elementary pageant flaw. You must always answer the question!

#2. In 46 states in this country homosexuals can not choose whether or not to get married. This is a content/logic error.

#3. Being homosexual is NOT a choice. Period. Some may think this is a matter or opinion, but I respectfully disagree.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Miss USA 2009: Not-so-live Blog: The Official Results!

Miss USA 2009 - North Carolina

1st RU - California
2nd RU - Arizona
3rd RU - Utah
4th RU - Kentucky

What the hell? I can't believe California and Arizona were rewarded for their terrible answers! I am very happy with South Carolina; she was the prettiest facially of the Top 5 and seems to be very well spoken. However, I think Utah would have been the most competitive at Miss Universe.

Competition videos are already on YouTube and Perez Hilton's blog has blown up with comments against California.

Now I do welcome your comments! What did you think of the pageant?

Miss USA 2009: Not-so-live Blog: Final Question

The Final Question, asked by the judges:

North Carolina: from judge Kelly Monoco: Should tax payers money be used to bail out struggling companies. Why or why not?

She said no; that it should go toward bettering our education, well fare and health care. She did hesitate, but gave a great answer that the audience absolutely loved!

Arizona: from Kenan Thompson: Should the USA have nationalized health care?

She talked in a circle, saying it's an issue of integrity no matter which side of the political spectrum you're on. She did NOT answer the question!

Utah: from Claudia Jordan: Hilary Clinton pledged 40 million dollars to help Iraq hold an election, with our recession was this the right thing to do?

She said yes, which is probably not the popular answer, but she was very well spoken.

California: from Perez Hilton: Vermont became the 4th state to legalize gay marriage; should every state do this?

OMG!!!! I wish I had Tivo or DVR so badly right now!!!! My heart is broken; she was my favorite to win prior to learning that North Carolina did. Her answer was horrible. She talked in circles and I completely disagree with the opinion she finally admitted (that marriage should only be between a man and woman). The look on the very gay Perez Hilton's face was priceless! SHE JUST LOST THE PAGEANT WITH THAT ANSWER! She could have stated that opinion in a MUCH better way and been fine, like Utah did.

Kentucky: from Brian Graden: As Miss USA would you have spoken out about the Chris Brown/Rhianna issue?

She basically said yes because domestic violence is so negative. Good, well crafted answer.

My Runners-up Predictions:

I know North Carolina wins, and based on her final question and gorgeous barbi doll looks, I am happy with that.

1st RU: Utah
2nd RU: Kentucky
3rd RU: California
4th RU: Arizona

Miss USA 2009: Not-so-live Blog: Top 5

Official Top 5

North Carolina

I am very surprised that Tennessee didn't make it!

The fun, supposedly non-judged questions:

North Carolina: What makes you beautiful?
Arizona: How did you get your nick name "daddy long legs."
Utah: You'd like to start a program, Buddies Abroad...?
California: Tell us about your passion for basketball?
Kentucky: What do you look for in a man?

Miss USA 2009: Not-so-live Blog: Special Awards

Miss Congeniality: Wyoming
Miss Photogenic: West Virginia

I love that they used Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe to give these awards!

Miss USA 2009: Not-so-live Blog: Evening Gown

Well The Veronica's are clearing lip syncing!


Arizona - I hated this gown in pictures, on the webcast and I still do! How did she score so high?
California - Absolutely stunning!
South Carlina - Her gown fits like a dream, but what is with the stripper shoes?
Kentucky - She is very girl-next-door meets elegant.
Utah - Still just DAMN! I'm surprised she scored low!
North Carolina - How funny, she described the white gown that she wore for the photo shoot, not the blue on she's competing in. I thought she was great, but her score was a bit too high.
Arkansas - I love this gown and attitude, but not her hair.
Texas - She's everything you'd expect Miss Texas to be! But I prefer the black gown she wore in the photo shoot.
West Virginia - She's so cute! I wonder if she looks almost too teenish.
Tennessee - STUNNING!

My Top 5 Predictions
(Though I know based on scores this isn't going to be right.)

North Carolina - Because I know she wins. My opinion is tainted and I can't say if I would have picked her if I didn't know. I am so pissed at whoever left that damn comment!

Miss USA 2009: Not-so-live Blog: Top 10

Official Top 10

South Carolina - What am I not seeing?
Kentucky - Her demeanor reminds me of former Miss Ohio, Roberta Camp.
North Carolina
West Virginia

I got 8 out of 10!

Miss USA 2009: Not-so-live Blog: Top 15 & swimsuit

I was on the phone and didn't really pay close attention to the opening number, but it looked pretty good. A few days ago it was said that Billy Bush wouldn't be hosting because he was ill; he made a quick recovery, but he looks like he should still be in bed! And who is this female co-host?

Official Top 15

West Virginia
North Carolina
South Carolina

I only guessed 7 of 15. Yikes! I am not at all surprised by Kentucky , North Carolina or Virginia; Minnesota is the only extremely confusing semifinalist to me. It's shocking that Rhode Island didn't make the cut. I wish I had been on the message boards to watch the Hawaii fans implode!

My Top 10 prediction, based on Swimsuit

West Virginia - She seemed scared, but her face is so pretty!
North Carolina
Idaho - I'm surprised she scored so low; she looks like a cross between Rachel Hunter and Meania Trump
Utah - DAMN! She would do so well at Miss Universe!

Kentucky looked terrified and Connecticut was without personality. Minnesota's trip on the stairs justified my surprise that she made the cut at all. I still don't get South Carolina, she has old school Miss America type mom hair. Finally Virginia seemed awkward.
I am so pissed right now! I just got a comment on here; I hesitated to open it, but thought surely none of my readers would be telling me the results after I just wrote that I wanted to watch the pageant without knowing!

Thanks a freaking lot! All I read was "North Carolina won" before cursing and squeezing my eyes closed.

I suppose it's my fault for opening the comment, but seriously? *expletive *expletive*expletive*

Congrats to Miss USA 2009...?

She's been crowned, but I don't know who she is yet!

I am struggling right now not to check the message boards for the results! Here in LA it comes on at 7 p.m. local time and I've decided it'll be much more enjoyable to watch it without knowing the outcome.

Based on photos and the preliminary competition, here are my thoughts:

Top 6 Predictions
I will be stunned if these women don't all make it to the Top 10 and I feel strongly that one of them will be the winner.
(Stop laughing at me right now if I'm dead wrong!)

Rhode Island

Additional Top 15 Predictions

New Mexico
New York
West Virginia

My Dark Horses


Hype that I don't get
Fans on the message boards love these women, but I just haven't seen it; they don't do anything for me. Tis the nature of a pageant!

South Carolina

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Miss Ohio 2009 Competition Line-up!

Buckeyes Flight

1. Becky Minger
2. Victoria Miller
3. Whitney Fricke
4. Emily Pheils
5. Nanciann Strosnider
6. Heather Wells
7. Erica Gelhaus
8. Jessica Barrett

Cardinals Flight

9. Katie Camp
10. Courtney Monk
11. Shannon O'Neill
12. Ellyn Bryan
13. Stephanie Rodgers
14. Alyssa Hanson
15. Katie Bowen
16. Kristen Haas

Carnations Flight

17. Kylie Johnson
18. Heather Waterman
19. Rebecca Zoz
20. Ashleigh Lemon
21. Sasha Eby
22. Amber Bussa
23. Ashley Warholic
24. Kristy Moneysmith
25. Jenna Wilson

Huge thanks to the mom who emailed me; I tried to post it from work, but my blogging ap wasn't functioning. I wouldn't be surprised if that post pops up a million times when my phone gets a better signal.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Watch the Miss USA Presentation Show!

CLICK HERE to watch the Miss USA Presentation Show (prelim competition). It's been online for a couple days, but I'm just now getting around to watching.

Keeping-up with Karissa

Yesterday Miss Ohio, Karissa Martin visited a couple schools in Shadyside and this morning she was at Powhatan Elementary School talking with the students about her platform. Paul Krajnyak was in the area and took these great shots:

Earlier this month her hometown honored her with "Karissa Martin Day:"

“Karissa, in my opinion, what you have accomplished is the single greatest achievement in Woodsfield history – Miss Ohio,” said Woodsfield Administrator Jeff Woodell. “We’re the seventh largest state in the U.S. and have 11 million people. For a girl from Woodsfield to represent Ohio in the Miss America contest is amazing!”

The occasion was the dedication of four signs recognizing Woodsfield as “Home of Miss Ohio 2008 Karissa Martin.” The event, hosted by Citizens National Bank, was held April 4 at the Brown Community Center. Carey Bott, CEO, Citizens National Bank, and his wife Becky introduced Karissa.

A junior at West Liberty State College, Karissa is pursuing an interdisciplinary degree in music and theater communications. At West Liberty, Karissa is an Elbin Scholar, honors student, treasurer of Nu Theta Chapter of Chi Omega, and was recently accepted into the Alpha Chi National College Honor Scholarship Society.

“Karissa’s platform is Skin Cancer Prevention for a Second Generation. It is not just a platform, it is a mission. At age 14, Karissa discovered abnormal skin cells resulting from sunburn. Her efforts are focused on providing education targeting the youth ... Her goal is to bring about a greater understanding of the dangers of skin cancer and methods of preventing this deadly form of cancer,” said Becky Bott.

“We were proud, eager and delighted to help sponsor these signs,” said Karen Binford, president of the Woodsfield Kiwanis Club. “Karissa cut her teeth performing in Kiwanis Talent Shows, participating for 11 years and won every year. It has been a delight for Kiwanis to watch her grow up. You hold a special place in our hearts.”

The signs, designed and constructed by Andrew Ring, were purchased by the generosity of Woodsfield Kiwanis, the employees of Citizens Nation-al Bank, Paul Conner in memory of the late Barbara Conner, William E. Moore, Carl and Lynn Rousenberg, Carey and Becky Bott. The signs will be installed by Village of Woodsfield employees.

Those attending the event were treated to a performance by Miss Ohio. Karissa lent her beautiful voice to a selection of pieces from Broadway shows including Cats, My Fair Lady and Flower Drum Song. “She’s a Butterfly” was dedicated to Aiden Russell, who is a former Monroe County Relay For Life mascot.

After the performance, Carey Bott remarked, “I have attended a lot of concerts and paid a lot to see them and I tell you I got a deal today!”

Photo and article by Martha Ackerman of the Monroe County Beacon.

Miss USA's New 'Green' Crown

'Green is Universal' is a slogan where I work, at NBC/Universal, which will air the Miss USA pageant this Sunday. I'm all for being ecologically responsible, but that doesn't make the new crown any less ugly! What do you think? Leave a comment.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pageant Photos and Poll: Favorite Miss USA Gowns: South Dakota to Wyoming

Last group! Finally!

South Carolina
-----*----- South Dakota

-----*----- Texas

-----*----- Vermont

-----*----- Washington

West Virginia -----*----- Wisconsin


Vote below for your favorite gown presentation
among this group.

Click here to open the poll in its own page.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pageant Photos and Poll: Favorite Miss USA Gowns: New Jersey to Rhode Island

Although two of the women in this group wore different gowns at last nights Presentation Show, I'm not changing the picture here, in the interest of continuity.

Click here to view more poses, scroll below to vote for the woman who wowed you and scroll to the next post to see and vote for the gown changes!

New Jersey -----*----- New Mexico

New York -----*----- North Carolina

North Dakota -----*----- Ohio

-----*----- Oregon

Pennsylvania -----*----- Rhode Island

Vote below for your favorite gown presentation
among this group.

Click here to open the poll in its own page.