Monday, March 30, 2009

Miss Greater Butler County Photos!

I'm sitting in a place called Motor Inn, a local truck stop dive, where I'd never in a million years expect to find wi-fi! But it's perfect, the TV is on Dancing with the Stars, so my parents are happy, I have my dear sweet internet and the food is fried, but fantastic!

As I mentioned before, the lighting and venue were not conducive to picture taking, so I realize these aren't great. Most are mine, a few are by Nick Graham. Click to enlarge them.

Note, Olivia Yokers did a great job all night and was running back and forth like crazy giving awards and crowning; she accidentally put the Teen crown on Rebeka and Miss crown on Veronica! Oops!

[Above: former Greater Butler County Outstanding Teen, Aujanna Million, with her sister, Au'Lauren, the new Little Miss Greater Butler County]

Miss Competition Photos

Miss Competition Photos Miss Greater Butler County,
Rebeka Zoz

First Runner-up, Devon Stansbury

Second Runner-up, Hope Smalls

Third Runner-up,
Emily Valandingham


Brooke Singleton

Sarah Begley

Teen Competition Photos

Miss Greater Butler County's Outstanding Teen,
Veronica Wende

First Runner-up Kaitlin Craig

Emilee Lowe

Stormee McHargue