Monday, September 7, 2009

Name Needed

A theatre owner here in North Hollywood, with whom I've worked, would like me to teach some sort of pageant class in his venue. I've explained that competitive pageant coaching is generally one-on-one, but we agree it could be beneficial to todays high school girls to learn speaking skills, stage presence and confidence through an "intro to pageants" type series of classes. We have absolutely no idea if we'll get any interest, but it's worth a try. At this point I'm brainstorming a name for the class so we can start advertising. All I have so far is "Pageant Prep 101: Develop Confidence while Learning about the Crown."

If you have any good ideas for a potential name for such a class, please leave a comment. Back in Ohio Roberta is also advertising pageant and vocal coaching on her blog.


  1. Thanks for the "plug" Abby!


  2. Sounds good, but how about changing "learning" to "earning"?

  3. I meant to say replace "earning the crown" with "learning about.."


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