Monday, February 8, 2010

Pageang Poll: Miss Ohio Sweeps, One Day or Two?

Miss Ohio's 2nd VP, Gloria Buwala, is planning the Sweeps pageant and has an interesting query for contestants: one day or two?

In the past it's been a two day event with a pageant on Saturday and second on Sunday. Do you prefer that, or would you like one crazy day with two interviews, back-to-back, and one stage competition in the afternoon and a second in the early evening. There would, of course, be two judging panels for either format. Email I'd also love to read your comments here and just for fun, some unofficial polls:

The first poll is for current contestants ONLY! Please let the ladies express their opinion there, as they're the ones competing. Everyone else, scroll below...


  1. It saves the girls and their families money. In this economy, every little bit of help counts.

  2. Finally, a comment! Thank you! :)

    I hope people are emailing Gloria directly, as my little polls are unofficial. If you want to be annonymous though, I definitely invite more discussion here.

    You bring up a really great point about saving on travel costs! I've been thinking about the contestants performance... When I compete in anything or audition, I ALWAYS want to immediately do it over again. Women like me might like two pageants in one day.

    On the other hand, if you get tired quickly or are stuck having an off day, a nights rest may help...

    It's a tough call, so please share your thoughts here and most importantly, email Gloria!

    - Abby

  3. I emailed Gloria and expressed that I believe it is a wonderful idea. It saves time and money.

  4. Abby,
    I feel there are quite a few options regarding Miss Ohio Sweeps.
    If we were to go with a large one day event, it might make more sense to have 1 panel of judges choose 6 titleholders based on eligibility (Sweeps becoming one large pageant instead of 2 separate pageants.)
    If this is possible, it would prove beneficial to the women entering, as CMN donation would be $100 instead of $200.
    Is there a limit to the number of titles that can be awarded per production?
    This manner would make all girls eligible for every title at Sweeps.

    Another option I feel might work is to have 2 panels of judges evaluate the women in a two day event. However I feel that while there should be 2 interviews (Perhaps one in the morning and 1 in the afternoon of the first day )
    The competition phase should be performed only once for all the judges. (The evening of the second day)
    This could cause issues regarding scoring, however these could potentially be solved by having a top 10 instead of a top 5, and performing the final ballot that way.
    I know with Miss Plus America, 5 national titles are awarded, from one panel of judges. We are interviewed, and perform in 2 night of preliminary competitions, on Finals night a top 15 is announced, and those women re-compete in all events for the Crowns with On Stage Question taking place of the Interview score.(This is something that could also be an option.)
    Just my two cents,


  5. You can only give away 3 crowns at any given pageant, and you have to have the required number of contestants to be able to give all 3 out (I'm not sure if that number is still 15 or not, but it's something around there, which is extremely difficult for most Ohio locals it seems).
    Also, if you are going to have two sets of judges you should have completely seperate pageants (whether it is done in one day or two days). Having interviews in one day and one stage show the next day? Well, I personally think it would defeat the purpose of changing the way we have been doing it.

    I think it's beneficial to have it in one day for everyone. It saves everyone money. Contestants, MO board, parents, etc. It might be very tiring, but at least it will all be done in one day. Also - it's something different; why not give it a try, see how it goes, and then take it from there for next year?

  6. If it were just one day, where would it be held?

  7. I think they should go back to the way it used to be done. Have one pageant for anyone who placed during the year and give away one crown. Period.

  8. Oh my - DITTO last poster. Only runner ups are allowed to compete and ONE crown. Might as well just sell a ticket with 6 crowns! Its not even an honor by that point. Please Miss Ohio turn the sweep pageant into one that girls were proud of because they were crowned by themselves out of all the runner ups that came close. It used to be special

  9. I thought the year all the titleholders came in to crown Miss Buckeye State was about one of the coolest pageants I've ever been to. It was like they were all welcoming her into the fold and competition was set.


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