Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Former MAOTeens have set their sighs on the Miss America crown!

On November 13th Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2006, Maria DeSantis, was crowned Miss Staten Island.
She'll be the hometown favorite at what (I believe) will be her first time at the state Miss level; at the pageant the Miss New York announced that the state pageant is moving to Staten Island.

A week later the well known Meghan Miller became Miss Fort Worth, her third local Miss crown in the Miss Texas program. She, of course, was Miss America's very first Outstanding Teen in 2005 and also competed on America's Got Talent.

In Ohio former Outstanding Teen, Sarah Hider has her second local Miss crown. Veronica Wende has competed once this season and Ashley Miller competed a couple times last year.
Kelsey Ballew and Ali Nance have yet to return.

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  1. Yes, this is Maria DeSantis' first local title on the Miss level. All of us with the Miss America's Outstanding Teen Organization wish both Maria and Meghan the best as they each try to become their respective state representatives and then compete for the Miss America title.

    Michael Hannah
    Treasurer, Board of Directors
    Miss America's Outstanding Teen, Inc.
    PO Box 540935
    Houston, TX 77254-0935


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