Sunday, February 6, 2011

RESULTS: Miss Maple City

[Above left to right: MMC 1998 & 2000 Blythe Gresser, MMC 2010 Marisa Buchheit (reigning Greater Cleveland), MMC 2008 Heather Wells (reigning Maumee Valley),
MMC 2011 Amber Bussa, MMC 2006 Erin Jeffery Rathman and MMC 2004 (and Miss Ohio Board member) Kim Baker Kanary.]

Miss Maple City: Amber Bussa

1st RU: Alyssa Phillips
2nd RU: Ashley Bowman
3rd RU: Nina Haaskivi

Talent: Amber Bussa
Swimsuit: Amber Bussa
Spirit: Amber Bussa

Thank you to Heather and Andrea Wells for tweeting the results and posting the photo above!


Miss Maple City 1999 Eleni (Giazikis) Nicozisis, Pennintong NJ
Dr. Diana Urista, Shaker Heights, OH
Liz Truxell, Norwalk, OH
Matt Miller (politian and husband of former Miss Ohio Melanie Murphy), Ashland, OH
Shaun Kanary (husband of former Miss Maple City and Miss Ohio Board member Kim Baker), Sheffield Lake, OH
Dave Nethers, Broadview, OH


  1. Hi Abby!

    The first lady in the MMC photo is Blythe Gresser MMC 1998 & 2000!! Hope that this helps!!


  2. Thanks Carrie!

    She was a brunette during her competition years, right?

  3. Hi Abby!

    She was a brunette and had really short hair!!!



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