Saturday, December 6, 2008

Beauty and Bliss!

Love was in the air this fall... At least three of my fellow, former pageant ladies were wed or engaged.

Leslie (Ondrey) Andrews wed her longtime boyfriend Chris on Halloween weekend, which was very appropriate since they share the hobby of ghost hunting! That's a fun fact Leslie would share about herself while competing at Miss Ohio, where she was a three-time Top Five finalist.

Days after giving up her Miss Ohio crown this summer Roberta Camp said yes to a life-long appearance as Mrs. Albert. Her boyfriend Steve tricked her, with the help of pageant staff, by saying she needed to do one more Miss Ohio appearance that Karissa couldn't make. Instead of a dedication ceremony at the Franklin Park Conservatory, Roberta found her dedicated boyfriend, waiting with a ring!

Finally, you may remember Nikole Danner, a beautiful opera singer who competed at Miss Ohio as Miss Marion Popcorn Festival, in 2004 I believe... She is now a graduate of Kent State University and recently married Matt Holman.

I am friends with these three ladies on Facebook and happened to notice when they uploaded these photos; but my Facebook use fluxuates and there are lots of current and former pageant women I'm not in contact with. So, if don't be offended if I don't blog about your wedding, child birth, etc... And please, don't hesitate to email me your updates and photos!


  1. Leslie looks stunning.

  2. Hey goooood girl,

    I think you're blog spam and I'm not publishing anymore of your comments unless you respond in some way that convinces me otherwise.


  3. Hey Abby! Thanks for the post! (And thanks anonymous!) Nicole and Berta's pics are really beautiful too!


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