Saturday, December 20, 2008

* cricket * cricket * cricket *

As far as pageants are concerned, there's not a lot going on right now. So instead, let me once again share a product that I think pageant-types might like...

Last night I saw a two minute infomercial-like commercial for the Miche bag. It's a purse with interchangeable shells. A blessing and annoying curse I picked up from years of pageantry is the need to match, with no detail left unnoticed. Good luck catching me with black shoes and a brown purse, for example...

Anyway, the great thing about these Miche bags is that instead of moving all your stuff from one purse to another (like I do on a daily basis), you can simply change the outside of the purse thanks to thin magnets. For the website, CLICK HERE. If I didn't already have a few designer bags that I love, I'd seriously be considering it. If you order one, let me know, I'm curious of the quality.

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