Thursday, November 12, 2009

Carrie Prejean: author, 'film maker,' martyr...

* Update: Click into the comments for more of my opinion and yet another video link. -11.13.09 5 a.m.


I can't believe this woman is still milking her 15 minutes of fame! I had hoped not to write of her again, but her latest hi jinks can't be ignored. Conveniently, she dropped her law suit against the pageant, had a "sex tape" leaked and is hawking a book, all at the same time!

Meredith Viera on Today recapped Carrie Prejean's story and interviewed her:

Carrie Prejean on Larry King Live:

Carrie Prejean calling King "inappropriate" and removing her mic (after Anderson Cooper):

My favorite interview is The View, in which Barbra Walters has some fabulously blunt, but dignified one-liners and ill informed Prejean didn't even realized the ladies had initially defended her. CLICK HERE to watch the entire segment.

If you enjoy funny lady and E! talk show host, Chelsea Handler, I highly suggest you google her recent comedic monologue about Ms. Prejean.

Miss Universe President, Paula Shugart on Joy Behar:

Shanna Moekler on Wendy Williams:

My opinion of this woman has not changed since the infamous question; she is absolutely incapable of directly answering and she proved that again in all these interviews. She is certainly entitled to her opinion but I still do not think she has the ability to back any of them up, rather she answers questions with questions in a defensive manner. I found her extremely confrontational in her interviews; if she wasn't prepared or willing to answer the obvious questions, she shouldn't have done a press junket, book or no book!

Have Seth Myers and Amy Poehler done an SNL "Really" skit on this yet? They should. You can't believe we're still talking about you, yet here you sit in the interview chair to sell a book! Really? You say your freedom of speech was punished, but you're whining that the big bad liberal media calling you mean names. REALLY!? You wrote a book about defending conservative values even after your nipples were all over the internet and you admit to a quazi sex tape? Really? REALLY!? Really Carrie Prejean? really.

(If that last paragraph confused you, click here.)

To show both sides, here's an interview Sean Hannity, who appearantly wrote the forward for her book:


  1. not a fan but not going to hateNovember 12, 2009 at 12:21:00 PM EST

    You can hate her all you like but there is no denying her beauty or her speaking ability. She conveys her ideas clearly and concisely. Also, she is being attacked for her conservative beliefs. However, in reference to your "nipple" comment I give you this to ponder. How many high school students are truly conservative/liberal? They can say what they like but in the end they may be "conservative" because of their parents. I never thought as nipples as anti-conservative. Last time I checked nipples and masturbation didn't have a political view.

  2. At first, I felt bad for the girl. I thought that Perez Hilton really was out of line in his comments after the pageant.

    That said, this girl has REALLY dug herself a huge hole. Someone should have told her to shut up right after the pageant. I have no sympathy for her at this point and just wish she'd go away. She's become the epitome of a "media hog".

  3. Tick...Tick...Tick...15 Minutes Is Now Up. Time to go away.

  4. To "not a fan..." I agree that she is beautiful; as for her speaking ability...? We'll have to agree to disagree.

    My impression of Carrie's conservative beliefs is that they encompasses both her religious and political beliefs. I feel semi-nude photos and masturbation videos absolutely go against a conservative lifestyle.

    That being said, I could sympathize with the idea that she did these things as a minor, before she sought fame or as you suggest, had a firm conservative/liberal stance. I personally lean to the liberal side in terms of my world view, religion and politics; thus, I think nipples are beautiful, but that Carrie is trying to have her cake and eat it too!

    She's trying to publicize a book about double standards against conservatives, but she gets angry when people want to talk about the provocative behavior that put her in the position to sell a book! Seriously?! That is one hell of a double standard in my opinion! lol!

    The ladies of "The View" talked about her appearance on "Larry King Live." Like me, Whoopie found her hostile and I agree with Joy who said something to the effect of "I don't hate her, I don't have a reason to (or I don't care...), I just think she's a hypocrite." View "The Veiw:"


  5. You what I think is funny? Whether we love or hate her, we and the rest of America watching are making her a star! I was always told in journalism class that there is no such thing as "bad publicity". I think history will show us that the "bad girl beauty queens" have the potential to make it big! Because of her looks, I think she will have more than her 15 minutes. Who is Miss USA anyways? hehe (Okay so pageant women know...but I bet alot of people don't) Anyways, maybe its best we ignore it since this similar situation made Vanessa Williams a STAR!

  6. I agree with Katie; at first, I felt bad for her. Hilton wanted to hear 1 answer only. However, her answer was poorly constructed and proves that she has poor speaking abilities. Also, did you notice that in all of the interviews she keeps saying "I can't believe we are still talking about it" (i.e the question she was given at the pageant)? The only reason people are still talking about it is because this girl will not stop talking about it!! She wrote a book on it for goodness sakes! If you want people to stop talking about it, then you, yourself, needs to stop talking about it. She talks about just wanting to be "normal" again; she is the one who wants the exact opposite though. Everyone else is waiting for this all to be over with (finally).

  7. I finally had time to watch the Larry King interview.


    What a spoiled, petulant, unprofessional, disrespectful brat.

    I can't believe that she acted that way. It was the CNN Interview equivalent of "I know you are but what am I?"

    Ugh. Just ... ugh.


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