Monday, November 2, 2009

Miss MV/AAC/FT Judges and more...

Somewhere under the mud on the message boards I found the question, "who were the judges at the recent pageant?" Then more mud was promptly slung on it too...

I forgot, I had this information and meant to post it Saturday morning. The judges at Miss Maumee Valley and accompanying titles were:

Mr. Larry Hancock, father of former Miss Ohio, Robin Hancock.

Brenda Eber, an Indiana native and business owner specializing in interior walls, painting and design. She says she "has died and gone to heaven since fellow Hoosier Katie Stam became Miss America 2009."

Jill Parker, former contestant in Miss Michigan in the 2002.

Carrie Hutchman, former executive director for Miss Ohio.

Angie Rodriguez, a local director from Maryland.

Laura Bloomensaat, a local director from Michigan.

Richard Dean, an award winning choral director from Waterville.


As for that mud slinging, it's pretty nasty right now! That always happens when a pageant is large and competitive. Remember the days when that many women fought for one crown? Yikes!

I can not stress enough how critical it is for current contestants and parents to STAY OFF THE MESSAGE BOARD! Especially right now! Trust me, I know how hard that is and that the very mention of it peaks your interest, but please think about it logically! Nothing good comes from reading anonymous negativity.

I know how it is; you'd like to see something wonderful written about you... But even if that happens, someone will say you or your mom wrote it. If there's something bad, you might think you want to know, but the manner in which criticism is presented on message boards is almost always more damaging than constructive. Be honest with yourself; deep down, you probably know the things you need to improve. Remember, curiosity killed the cat!

Message boards are a truly fascinating case study; it is by definition a form of communication, wherein communication almost always fails! It's hilarious. Most of the time a discussion will become a matter of semantics instead of the issue at hand. Either the intent is misunderstood, it becomes an argument over grammar or it's simply someone trying to play a head game. Trying to defend yourself is pointless, so don't waste your time and energy.

If you are a current contestant or parent you need to surround yourself only with positivity. They say it takes ten compliments to counteract the affects of one criticism. If you want to help yourself, make a list of what you were pleased with, then contact a judge from the pageant or someone you trust who was in the audience to pinpoint areas to tweak. I promise you, if it's worth knowing, I will post it here. YOU DON'T NEED TO GO ON THE MESSAGE BOARD!

Oh, and if you're the asshole being so hateful... So sorry for you and your miserable life.


  1. Abby, calm down! Don't let the message board get to you! You know it's not worth it.

  2. ur blog is the only thing offensive

  3. Abby, I just wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful information you put on your blog. Please don't let a bitter betty ruin everything you do for this program. I look forward to the photos and updates!

  4. I’d appreciate it if you’d remove the A word from your rant, I agree with everything you said, but some contestants little sisters and nieces like to view the pageant pictures and updates. Don’t sink to their level of name-calling (even if it is true). Please keep it G rated, this blog is a great resource for aspiring young contestants and everyone interested in pageants. Thank you so much for all you do!

  5. Abby,

    When I was a contestant I always loved reading your blog and since moving to Virginia, I visit your blog frequently to get my "Ohio Pageant-fix." You are a great asset to the Miss Ohio program and its followers. I always enjoy your candid humor and honesty. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated.

    -Ashley H.

  6. I think people are forgetting that this is a personal blog, not an official MAO news site.

    I say kudos for saying how she feels and for giving good advice--STAY OFF VOY AND QUIT FEEDING THE GOSSIP/DRAMA MACHINE. It does absolutely nothing constructive for the MAO. (Neither does nitpicking its formers.)

  7. Abby,

    I feel the need to express how wholeheartedly I agree with your advice to stay off the pageant messageboards!

    I only won one title in Ohio, but I made the mistake of viewing the messageboard after it happened. BIG mistake. I remember almost being brought to tears by all the mean and hurtful things that were said about me. Even though I was able to turn those feelings around and use the hateful comments as inspiration to improve, it still hurt.

    It sucks, but bashing is going to happen, so it really is best for your sanity if you just stay away. Once you read something negative about yourself, you can't go back and un-read it. Just avoid it altogether!


  8. Abby, I have enjoyed your blog over the years and completely agree with you 100%. It seems it's even worse in the Mrs./Ms. world where I am a former competitor. It's rather vicious and intolerable what grown women say and yes, it is typically off topic, deconstructive and the best advice is to avoid it all together!


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