Thursday, December 24, 2009

The 2009 Holiday Halftime Show - Part 2

The holidays are a slow time in pageantland; the only thing going on is the impending Miss America Pageant at the end of January. To pass the time, I'm bringing back the "Holiday Halftime Show," which I did back in 2006. Here's a rundown of the first 16 local titleholders crowned in the fall, featuring a headshot and whenever possible I prefer a fun or sassy crown picture:

Miss North Central Ohio
Amber Bussa

Age: 22
Crowned: December 5, 2009
Education: Ohio State University / Nutrition
Talent: vocal (Sang "Popular" at her local.)
Platform: Get Into Gear To Volunteer
Local Awards: Interview
MAO Experience: Non-semifinalist Talent award at Miss Ohio '09 as Portsmouth.

Miss Mansfield

Age: 20
Crowned: December 5, 2009
Education: Kent State University / Broadcast Journalist & Mass Communication
Talent: Dance / Lyrical or jazz (Danced to "Baby I'm a Star" at her local.)
Platform: "Groomed 4 Success" raising 4-H awareness among youth
Local Awards: Swimsuit & Evening Gown
MAO Experience: Top 10 at Miss Ohio '09 as Ohio River and competed in '08 as Maple City; former Top 5 at Miss Ohio Teen USA.

Miss Vacationland
Jacquelyn Nichols

Age: 23
November 28, 2009
Education: University of Akron / Marketing & Pre-Nursing
Talent: vocal (Sang "I Could Have Danced All Night" at her local.)
Platform: Myasthenia Gravis Awareness
Local Awards: Swimsuit
MAO Experience: First time competitor; former Top 15 at Miss Ohio USA.

Miss Northwestern Ohio
Alyssa Waldman

Crowned: November 14, 2009
Education: Defiance College
Talent: vocal (Sang "Someone Like You" at her local.)
Platform: Encouraging healthy self-esteem among women of all ages
Local Awards: Interview & Talent
MAO Experience: First time State contestant.

Miss Fallen Timbers
Courtney Monk

Age: 20
Crowned: October 31, 2009
Education: Anderson University/ Music Education
Talent: vocal (Sang "Good Morning Baltimore" at her local.)
Platform: Importance of Music in Education
Local Awards: none
MAO Experience: Competed at Miss Ohio '09 as Buckeye State.

Miss All*American City

Age: 22
Crowned: October 31, 2009
Education: Bowling Green State University / Communications
Talent: vocal (Sang "I Was Born to Love You" at the local.)
Platform: Building self-esteem through Discovering Y.O.U.
Local Awards: Interview & Talent
MAO Experience: 1st RU to Miss Ohio in '06 as Greater Dayton, competed in '07 as Northwestern Ohio, 1st RU in '08 as Maumee Valley, 1st RU & SS winner in '09 as Fallen Timbers. Top 10 at National Sweetheart in '08 and '09.

Miss Maumee Valley
Kristy Moneysmith

Age: 21
Crowned: October 31, 2009
Education: Ball State University / Speech Pathology & Audiology
Talent: Vocal (Sang "When a Man Loves a Woman" at her local.)
Platform: Mentoring Through Leadership and Role Modeling
Local Awards: none
MAO Experience: She has competed at Miss Ohio as Mohican Valley 2009 and Chillicothe 2008.

Miss Clayland
Heather Waterman

Age: 22
Crowned: October 17, 2009
Education: Bowling Green State University / Masters in Business Ed; Marketing undergrad from Wright State
Talent: vocal (Sang "There You'll Be" at her local.)
Platform: Ready, Set, Motivate
Local Awards: Interview & Talent
MAO Experience: Preliminary Swimsuit and Non-semifinalist Interview awards at Miss Ohio 2009 as Miss Northwestern Ohio; held the title Miss Lake Festival 2008.

Continue with the Miss Ohio Class of 2010 below...


  1. Awesome! :)

    Courtney Monk sang Good Morning Baltimore, Becky Minger sang I Was Born to Love You(title correct I think?),the same song from State last year, and Kristy Moneysmith sang When a Man Loves a Woman.

    Thought that might help you. Always love your blog though! :)

  2. I think Kristy is only 20, not 21 until Miss Ohio week..correct me if im wrong.

  3. Thanks for the song info!

    As for the ages, I got them all off the Miss Ohio website. When I competed, you were supposed to submit the age you'll be during Miss Ohio week. However, I have no idea if the website is updated based on current paperwork, so who knows...?!



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