Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hold the Phone, Sarah! The MAO finally joined the 21st Century!

The following email just landed in my inbox; my thoughts are below...

The Miss America Organization goes Viral

By popular demand, the Miss America Organization has joined the social networking world. You can now stay up-to-date with news from the Miss America Organization on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter!

Visit the below links to join our social network:

Please note that these pages are the only official social networking pages of the Miss America Organization. Any other pages on these sites, are independently created and not authorized by the Miss America Organization.

While I am very happy that Miss America has finally gotten with the times, the fact remains it took them far too long to get there. They should have created an official Facebook account at least two years ago and joined Twitter the day Oprah did a show about it! And as for that press release title... it's evident the people running the show aren't very plugged in, because simply joining a social networking site is not what most people online would consider "going viral." I shouldn't be such a downer; better late than never!


  1. I think that since the release is worded so strangely, they don't have someone who really gets it who's going to work these angles. My prediction? We'll get an update saying "the new miss America is..." and then rarely anything.

  2. It would be great if the Miss America organization could get a tech-savvy person to serve as the "public information liaison", or something official like that. I'm sure that even if they didn't have the funds to pay someone, they could get a volunteer (or volunteers) to keep these communication lines updated. It is sad, though, that it's taken so long. They've missed out on a TON of free advertising for the organization.

  3. Actually, I am very impressed! Miss America is Tweeting up a storm! Great info has come across tweets that has not yet been emailed, like Kirsten Haglund's appearance on FOX News tonight at 9 p.m.

    Hopefully we'll get national prelim winners faster now. The delay of PR emails makes me *crazy!* It's ridiculous; there was a MAO teen prelim this summer for which the official press release was not emailed until the next morning. I'm sure the PR person has a full plate, but those releases are always worded the same; you just have to plug in the winner's name, state and talent, so I'm not very forgiving or sympathetic! Recently, a picture of Katie in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day came at least four days after the event. In todays tech world, that's like a century. lol!



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