Wednesday, December 8, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Waterman Assumes Miss North Central Ohio

I received an email from a pageant official tonight confirming that Courtney Crain relinquished the title, Miss North Central Ohio, which she won last weekend at a double crown pageant in Mansfield. Crain instead accepted a marriage proposal from her boyfriend and plans to wed in Cancun, Mexico.

It is MY assumption that the nuptials will be happening soon, as there is no rule against engaged women competing. In fact, the woman now taking the title announced her engagement to Facebook on November 27th. Heather Waterman is a vocalist who has competed at Miss Ohio 3 times; she was 2nd Runner-up at Miss Mansfield/NCO.

Why didn't 1st Runner-up Amber Bussa take the title? Because she was Miss North Central Ohio last year... Had she been one of the top two at last weekends pageant, she would had to have been crowned Miss Mansfield. If the reigning Miss Mansfield would resign she could take that title, but she can not be Miss North Central Ohio two years in a row. If I were her I'd probably be pretty irritated, but she was one of my favorites at Miss Ohio and I have no doubt she will win another local pageant.

Just to be clear, at multi-crown pageants, one title isn't better than another. A value of highest, second highest and third highest score is not supposed to be assigned to the titles. For example, earlier this fall Shannon O'Neill was not given Miss Crystal Lake because of how her score compared to the other two winners; rather, she'd already held the other two titles so Miss Crystal Lake was the only option. Becky Minger as Miss All*American City is the exact same.

While this situation certainly is uncommon and a bit sorted, congratulations are still in order for both the new Miss North Central Ohio, Heather Waterman as well as Courtney Crain on her upcoming ceremony in Cancun!

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