Sunday, December 5, 2010

Miss Mansfield, NCO and Teen Results

* Update - Courtney Crain relinquished her title a few days after the pageant. 2nd Runner-up, Heather Waterman became Miss North Central Ohio, as 1st Runner-up, Amber Bussa, held that title last year and could have only been named Miss Mansfield.

Miss Mansfield - Ashley Warholic
Miss North Central Ohio - Courtney Crain

1st RU - Amber Bussa
2nd RU - Heather Waterman
3rd RU - Katie Jackson

Interview - Ashley Warholic
Talent - Amber Bussa
Evening Gown - Ashley Warholic
Swimsuit - Amber Bussa

Congeniality - Alyssa Phillips

Miss Mansfield's Outstanding Teen - Morgan Kindred

1st RU - Brittany Adams
2nd RU - Melanie Dress

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