Sunday, April 10, 2011

Congrats to the New Miss Ohio International, Jillian Dansko!


I knew I needed to catch up on my blogging, but I didn't realize I completely missed the Miss Ohio International, Mrs. and Teen pageants! They were held yesterday in Dayton. Last years Miss was a former competitor in MAO local pageants, Jacquelyn Adams. Six women competed for Jackie's crown, including three former Miss Ohio contestants, [below left to right] Amy Allen, Jillian Dankso and Sophia Davis.

Miss Ohio International: Jillian Dansko

1st Runner-up: Dawn Araujo
2nd Runner-up: Amy Allen
3rd Runner-up: Sophia Davis

Photogenic: Sophia Davis
People's Choice: Liz Vertosick

Mrs. Ohio International: Jenny Lewis

Teen Ohio International: Brianna Bailey

Teen Photogenic: Brianna Bailey
Teen People's Choice: Alyssa Watson

Did you realize... The reigning Miss Ohio, Mrs. Ohio and Miss Ohio International ALL competed at Miss Ohio (America) 2006?! Mrs. Ohio, Melanie Murphy Miller, won Miss Ohio 2006 while the reigning Miss Ohio, Becky Minger, was her 1st Runner-up. The new Miss Ohio International, Jillina Dansko, was in the Top 10!

Jillian will now compete at the national Miss International pageant at the end of July in Chicago. She was a veteran in the Miss Ohio (America) system, competing at several locals before winning a Sweeps title and making the Top 10. She ended up with four local titles, also winning a Swimsuit preliminary along the way in Mansfield. After "aging out" she competed and won Beauties of America's 20's.

The International pageant system focuses heavily on platform work, with 40% of the score coming from the Private Interview. 20% is alloted to each of the following: Fitness Wear, Fun Fashion Wear and Evening Gown. Last years Teen was Calle Logston and Mrs. was Heidi Scheer.


  1. Abby, you called me Amy Adams in your post. 1st runner up was Dawn A. Miss Cincinnati. Sophia won photogenic. Liz Vertosick won people's choice. PS you are not that far behind the competition was April 9th at 7:30pm.

  2. Haha! Sorry, I spent all day at work saying "On your left in Stage 27 Amy Adams and Jason Segal worked on "The Greatest Muppets Movie Ever Made" coming to theatres in November..."

    I'm just trying to make you more famous than you already are! :)

    Thanks for the info and congrats.

  3. LOL Abby make me famous!

    teens: Brianna Bailey, Cincinnati - photogentic and winner, Alyssa Watson, Dublin, people's choice miss: Heather Mollett, Franklin Furnace, Sophia Davis, Pickerington 3rd ru and photogentic, Dawn Araujo, Cincinnati 1st ru, me, akron 2nd ru, Liz Vertosick, kent and people's choice and jill mrs: Jenny Lewis - Mrs. Ohio international

  4. Abby:

    Thank you so much for all of this information!! I missed the pageant for the first time since I won due to a swim banquet for my son and it has been driving me crazy that I had no clue who competed or won!!! Thanks again!!


  5. Thanks for posting! Jill was Miss Buckeye State, North Coast, Greater Dayton, and Central Ohio in MAO! Thanks for details

  6. Thanks for posting Abby - I will send you some photos! Fab blogging as usual :)


    p.s. I won 4 locals Buckeye, N Coast, G. Dayton and Central Ohio!

    FYI - Mrs America is going on this week as well


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