Saturday, April 9, 2011

Miss Ohio 2011 Contestant Order

Today and tomorrow the Miss Ohio contestants are at the annual Spring Forum, turned retreat! This morning they selected their contestant order during a lottery; their names were randomly drawn, then they selected their fight/number.

I am so appreciative to the source who emailed me the list! Thank you! I know fans are eager to see where their favorites ended up...

Flight 1 - Buckeyes
Talent * Swimsuit * Gown & Question

1) Heather Waterman*
2) Jessica Nelson
3) Courtney Monk
4) Chelsi Howman
5) Amber Bussa
6) Shannon O'Neill
7) Alyssa Waldman
8) Ellen Bryan*

Flight 2 - Cardinals
Gown & Question * Talent * Swimsuit

9) Meggie Whittman
10) Jane Marie Covel
11) Ashley Warholic
12) Alyssa Phillips
13) Alicia Huyghe
14) Alyssa Hanson
15) Marisa Buchheit
16) Elyssa McCracken
17) Jenna Fowls

Flight 3 - Carnations
Swimsuit * Gown & Question * Talent

18) Ashley Bowman
19) Sarah Hider
20) Allison Goodwin
21) Kylie Johnson
22) Alyssa Brumbaugh
23) Heather Wells
24) Cayla Hellwarth
25) Devon Stansbury
26) Pryia Sharma

*Heather Waterman was the last name drawn; thus, she got the last available spot. Not surprisingly, it was contestant #1. Ellen Bryan sold the most ad pages, which came with the advantage of being able to select her placement at anytime (Instead of waiting for her name to be drawn.) She is not at the forum, but her ED opted to pick her spot first.

The Teen contestants had a slightly less involved, but still random, process of selecting their placement. They simply drew their number from a bowl.

1. Emily Tabar
2. Michelle Goodwin
3. Sarah Eash
4. Matti Chrisman
5. Hannah Tumbusch
6. Grace Stammen
7. Brooklyn Thompson
8. Morgan Kindred
9. Kelsey Barrett

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