Friday, July 22, 2011

The Miss Ohio 2011 Bike Tour!

Tonight Miss Ohio 2011 Ellen Bryan is having an official homecoming celebration in Celina Ohio!  If you're not there right now, fear not, she has plenty of upcoming appearances (click to enlarge):

Also, Ellen has an aggressive Miss Ohio bike tour planned!  Between August 29th to September 24th she will peddle to all six of Ohio's Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals! According to the Bike Tour website, she'll average 40 miles a day and nearly 900 miles total! To learn everything about the tour and donate to the cause, visit the website

I have to say, this is a ridiculously impressive undertaking that seems to have had more than just a month of planning!  I am willing to bet that it was part of Ellen's Miss Ohio paperwork (perhaps her answer to the legacy question?); if it was, it certainly shows how she set herself apart and won an Interview Award!  This event is SO SMART!  She's raising money and awareness for CMNH, as well as getting those legs in shape for Miss America and hopefully garnering some major media exposure!  Seriously, has anyone called Good Morning America yet?!

Ellen's newsletter says "The road will get lonely without some company - so hop on your bike and ride with me for a day or two."  I think every local contestant and titleholder, I repeat, EVERY LOCAL TITLEHOLDER should join her, and yes, add it to your pageant resume!  I'm not a fan of the CMNH donations required to compete, but biking with Miss Ohio will make it easier and even fun.  Ask people to donate per mile.  Also, be sure to call your local newspaper, radio stations and TV channels; get some coverage for yourself, for Miss Ohio and of course, for CMNH! 

Great job Ellen!  I wish my aqua beach cruiser and I were in Ohio to join you! 

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