Sunday, July 17, 2011

RESULTS & PHOTOS: Miss Greater Cleveland, Cuyahoga County & Outstanding Teen!

Miss Greater Cleveland
Tera Coleman

Miss Cuyahoga County 
Allison Goodwin

1st RU - Camille Dyquiangco
2nd RU - Lauren Gessner
3rd RU - Rebecca Ribley

Swimsuit - Tera Coleman
Gown - Allison Goodwin
Talent - Camille Dyquiangco
Interview - Christina Muha
Spirit - Lauren Gessner

Miss Cuyahoga County's Outstanding 
Teen Sarah Eash

1RU - Emily Tabar 
2RU Sicily Kiesel 

Fitnesswear - Sarah Eash
Gown - Emily Tabar
Talent - Sarah Eash
Interview - Melanie Drews
Spirit - Melanie Drews

Visiting Titleholders: 

 Above: Alicia Huyghe with contestants, Ashliegh Jarzenski; 
below, Meggie Wittman with princess Olivia Anderson.

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