Tuesday, September 13, 2011


1st Runner-up: Ukraine
2nd Runner-up: Brazil
3rd Runner-up: Phillipines
4th Runner-up: China

On-Stage Questions
Ukraine - If you could trade lives with anyone in history, who would it be and why? (from judge Amilia Vega)  Short answer: Cleopatra.
Phillippines - Would you change your religous beliefs to marry the person I love, why and why not? (from judge Vivica A. Fox)  Short answer: No.
China - Nude beaches are popular in some parts of the world; is public nudity appropriate or inappropriate.  Why or why not? (from judge Isabeli Fontana)  Short anwer: respect each country's culture.
Brazil - What would you do to avoid fighting a war you didin't agree with? (from judge Helio Castroneves) Short answer: Respect.
Angola - Which physical characteristic would you change and why? (from judge Lea Salonga) Short answer: I wouldn't change a thing, I have inner beauty.


Ukraine  *  Phillippines  *  China  *  Brazil  *  Angola

At this point I'm rooting for China or Ukraine... 

TOP 10

Australia  *  Costa Rica  *  France  *  Ukraine  *  Portugal  *  Panama  *  Phillippines  *  Angola  *  China  *  Brazil 

WHAT?!?!  I am so surprised and upset that Miss USA didn't make the cut!  She owned the runway in swimsuit!  :(

TOP 16

France  *  Kosovo  *  Columbia  *  China  *  Angola  *  Australia  *  Puerto Rico  *  Brazil  *  Netherlands  *  USA  *  Ukraine  *  Panama  *  Costa Rica  *  Portugal  *  Phillippines  *  Venezuela 

Fan pick: Portugal

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