Friday, March 19, 2010

Miss Greater Butler County Results!

Miss Greater Butler County: Nanciann Strosnider

1st RU: Nicole Iezzi Blessing
2nd RU: Devon Stansbury
3rd RU: Emily Valandingham

Talent: Nanciann Strosnider
Interview: Nanciann Strosnider
Gown: Nanciann Strosnider
Swimsuit: Devon Stansbury

Miss Greater Butler County's Outstanding Teen
Ayanna Morgan

Little Miss titles went to Alayla Million and Heather Winkler

Mrs. winners were Melissa DeCello and Karen Byrd Gibson

Thank you Shannon O'Neill for the results!
Be sure to check out her website for videos of recent TV appearances and new pictures.


  1. Wow...any idea how much scholarship money Strosnider won?

  2. Nanciann won $500 for winning Miss GBC :)


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