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09 -10 Miss Ohio Local Stats

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As we head into the Sweeps pageant, speculation abounds about who should receive the remaining rhinestone tickets to Miss Ohio. Message board assumptions usually make me crazy because many fans forget the basic tenet of pageants – THEY’RE SUBJECTIVE! Not only do the judges opinions vary, so do the contestants performances. A strong woman can have a weak day and someone who wasn’t on your radar can break through whatever had held her back. Nonetheless, as I sit awake at 4 in the morning (or 7 a.m. in Ohio!) I find myself breaking down the statistics of this years local pageants. I didn’t think I’d do this this year, as my time for and interest in this hobby has waned, but alas, insomnia prevails!

Quick Stats:

* 89 total women competed for 20 crowns at 15 pageants (regular season).
* 69 women were eligible to compete in Sweeps this year; rumor has it, 22 applied.

I don’t know how professional sports analyst do it, but I think a strong argument can be made that Alyssa and Devon have the strongest records this year, as they are the only uncrowned women to be somehow`awarded in each of their competitions:

Alyssa Phillips – 2nd RU @ Northwestern; 2nd RU @ Vacationland; 1st RU @ Mansfield/NCO; SS @ MC; 2nd RU & EG @ Muskingum V

Devon Stansbury – SS @ WCO; 1st RU & SS @ Miami Valley; 2nd RU & SS @ GBC

The following women also had a very successful season, placing at least twice:

Sasha Eby – competed @ Portsmouth; 2nd RU @ Mansfield/NCO; 1st RU @ Central; T10 @ Muskingum V *

Nicole Iezzi-Blessing – 1st RU @ Portsmouth; competed @ MV/FT/AAC; 1st RU @ GBC

Emily Pheils – 1st RU @ MV/FT/AAC; 1st RU @ Northwestern; competed @ Vacationland *

Sherry El Sakr – 2nd RU @ Clayland; competed @ MV/FT/AAC; competed @ Vacationland; 2nd RU @ MC

Jessica Nelson - 3rd RU @ Northwestern; 1st RU @ MC; competed @ GC/CC, North Coast, LSF, MV/FT/AAC, Vacationland, Mansfield/NCO, Central and Muskingum V

I know, I know! The tricky part about pageant stats is that the level of competition is just as subjective as the outcome. I can hear you yelling at your screens and I agree, placing at some pageants means more than others, depending on the level of competition. Then there’s yet another variable; experience! These ladies didn’t compete as much this year, but all of them have been to Miss Ohio once before:

Kylie Johnson – 1st RU & Talent @ Muskingum V

Whitney Fricke – 2nd RU @ MV/FT/AAC; competed @ Central

Krystle Formosa – 3rd RU & Talent @ Muskingum V

Rebekah Zoz - competed @ Muskingum V

* Note, Sasha and Emily also competed at Miss Ohio last year.

So do I think all the titles will go to women listed above? Absolutely not! For one thing, I doubt they’ll all compete and moreover, I’m sure a couple ladies below will shine on the 27th. Someone who competed only once may surprise us and there are a couple diligent ladies who have competed their stilettos off without ever placing that I would love to see finally pull it all together! I’ve listed them first by awards and then by frequency:

Stephanie Spitnale – 1st RU & Talent @ WCO

Sharee Werling – 1st RU @ Lake Festival

Tera Coleman – 2nd RU & Interview @ Central

Grace Hirt – 2nd RU @ Lake Festival

Katie Ulrich – 2nd RU @ WCO; competed @ MV/FT/AAC; competed @ Northwestern

Irene Penzvolto - 3rd RU @ GC/CC; competed @ Central

Emily Valandingham – 3rd RU @ GBC

Kirsten Samples – 3rd RU & Onstage Q @ Lake Festival; competed @ Vacationland

Stephanie Beltz – 4th RU, EG & SS @ Muskingum V

Samantha Hartings – competed @ Clayland; 4th RU @ Northwestern

Alicia Huyghe – competed @ GC/CC; Talent at North Coast; competed @ Central; T10 @ Muskingum V

Brittany Balandis - T10 & Interview @ Muskingum V

Sierra Moore - T10 @ Muskingum V

Rebecca Ribley - T10 @ Muskingum V

Priya Sharma - competed @ MV/FT/AAC; Talent @ Vacationland; competed at Mansfield/NCO; competed @ MC

Danielle Henry – Community Service @ Clayland; competed @ Vacationland, Central & Muskingum V

Jennifer Kahlig – Committed to Excellence Award @ Lake Festival

Christina Muha - competed @ GC/CC, MV/FT/AAC, Vacationland, Mansfield/NCO & MC

Brandi Herceg – competed @ North Coast, LSF, MV/FT/AAC & Mansfield/NCO

Maria Minnick - competed @ MV/FT/AAC, Vacationland, MC; & Central

Ashley Bowman – competed @ Portsmouth, Clayland & MV/FT/AAC

Kristen Piasecki - competed @ GC/CC, Portsmouth & MV/FT/AAC

Melissa Stevens - competed @ MV/FT/AAC, Mansfield/NCO & MC

Hope Smalls - competed @ Vacationland & GBC

Laura Powell – competed @ WCO & Miami Valley

Jane Covel - competed at Miami Valley & GBC

Brittany Baumann - competed @ GC/CC & Miami Valley

Brandy Ridder– competed @ Lake Festival

Kristy Schaffer– competed @ Lake Festival

Kylee Christman – competed @ Lake Festival

MarLana Ricci - competed @ Vacationland

Jenna Strickler - competed @ Muskingum V

Miranda Walker - competed @ Muskingum V

Elizabeth Wong - competed @ Muskingum V

Alison Salyers - competed @ Muskingum V

Tracie Ortman - competed @ Muskingum V

Kristin McKee - competed @ Muskingum V

Ashley Maloney - competed @ GC/CC

Christina Porter - competed @ GC/CC

Lauren Talaga - competed @ Mansfield/NCO

Mary Cousino - competed @ Mansfield/NCO

Jade Davis - competed @ Mansfield/NCO

Nina Haaskivi - competed @ MC

Christina Drake - competed @ Northwestern

Haley Piper - competed @ Northwestern

Lluvia Martinez – competed @ Northwestern

Macy Weatherhead - competed @ Northwestern

Halie Gonwick - competed @ Northwestern

Kelsey Buettner - competed @ Northwestern

Lily McCoskey - competed @ Miami Valley

Sarah Begley - competed @ Miami Valley

Kristen Liguori – competed @ GBC

Alyssa Linet – competed @ WCO

Nicole Callibari – competed @ WCO

Megan Wolery – competed @ WCO

Mindy Fetzer – competed @ WCO

Jamienne Scott – competed @ WCO

Courtney Countryman – competed @ Portsmouth

So, according to my stats (which could be slighly off and you should comment or email with corrections) 69 women are eligible for Miss Ohio Sweeps this year. This number is down from last year when I estimated 84 women could compete in Sweeps; however, this year the contestants seemed a bit more determined. 17 of the eligible ladies competed in three or more pagenats; last year there were only 12 in that category. I'm not counting them, but here's the 07 - 08 roaster if you're wondering what the overall number was then.


  1. As always Abby, your imput is greatly appreciated. Great rundown of all the elligable young women who have put so much time and effort into this pageant season. Good luck to all those who chose to compete at this years sweeps.

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