Saturday, April 17, 2010

Miss Ohio 2010: The Inside Scoop!

The theme this year is "mosaic." Fans often wish formers were more involved; this year the wish was granted. Roberta Camp Albert will emcee Wednesday nights preliminary, Melanie Murphy Miller on Thursday and Amanda Beagle Friday. For the finale on Saturday all three former Miss Ohios will be joined by the reigning Miss, Erica Gelhaus.

That information is confirmed, which lends some validity to the anonymous online statement that Mark Schnitkey will not be performing this year. Also, according to the web, ONN will not broadcast the pageant this year; there's no word about a webcast. They'd have to find cameras somewhere...

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  1. I heard MO approached a company located in Coldwater (the same one that did the video for Erica's send0ff) about filming the competition. It looks like that company may be doing the video but did not get actual confirmation from my informant.


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