Friday, April 16, 2010

So, who's competing again this year?

I’ve been keeping track all year, and even I have forgotten who was crowned in the summer and fall. It seems like such a long time ago! But Miss Ohio is right around the corner, so it’s time to reacquaint ourselves with the competitors. This weekend the ladies will attend Spring Forum and most excitingly, pick their flights and placement!

So who’s competing?

There are 26 contestants; 12 of whom are competing in Mansfield for the first time!

First time contestants (in reverse order of crowning): Tera Colemna, Elizabeth Wong, Devon Stansbury, Stephanie Beltz, Heidi Negron, Marisa Buchheit, Jacquelyn Nichols, Alyssa Waldman, Anna Reis, Sarah Hider, Meggie Wittman and Cayla Hellwarth. (Note, Sarah Hider and Marisa Buchheit have previously competed on the state level of an MAO pageant but not Miss Ohio.)

18 of the contestants won their local by singing:

Tera Colemen, Whitney Fricke, Rebekah Zoz, Nanciann Strosnider, Heidi Negron, Marisa Buchheit, Amber Bussa, Jacquelyn Nichols, Alyssa Waldman, Becky Minger, Courtney Monk, Kristy Moneysmith, Heather Waterman, Ellen Bryan, Shannon O’Neill, Sarah Hider, Meggie Wittman and Cayla Hellwarth

6 ladies danced:

Elizabeth Wong, Devon Stansbury, Katie Camp, Heather Wells, Anna Reis and Ashley Warholic

And this year there are even two instrumentalist!

Stephanie Beltz (piano) and Katie Bowen (flute)

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