Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Pageant Tip #1

Make your personal promotional materials reusable!

If you haven't already done so, Miss Ohio contestants should order some headshots to autograph at a few different public events during pageant week. You should have some sort of folder or clipboard container in which to carry them. Most contestants have 8x10 prints, but I've also seen smaller shots that were all conveniently attached at the top like a notepad, then the Miss just tore each page off after signing it. I believe it was Miss Ohio, Amanda Beagle, who returned from Miss America with the awesome idea of printing a write-up or resume on the back of your picture. It turns it into a great promotional tool , letting people know what type of appearances you're available to do and providing a (secure) way to contact you. I don't think this is something contestants need to do for Miss Ohio week (unless you're from or representing the Mansfield area), but an idea for titleholders who do a lot of local appearances.

Getting some headshots to autograph is nothing compared to what EDs, parents and fans do to support "their girl!" They wear buttons with their favorite contestants pictures, wave signs during the show and decorate their hotel room doors! One year my mom used wrapping paper that everyone signed, which was nice. I'm sure I still have it in a scrapbook somewhere.

Some fans put their contestants picture facing our their hotel room windows and in their cars! It all sounds a little crazy, but in the microcosm of Miss Ohio, it makes sense. Well, kind of... I never really got use to looking out from the stage and seeing my face on a paint stick! ;)

Anyway, the tip is to make all these promotional pictures REUSABLE! On your headshots, be sure to print your name above your title. I once had a ton of 8x10s generously donated and didn't come close to using them all by the end of my reign. Because my title was printed first, then my name, I really couldn't do anything else with them. Had I been able to cut off the title, I could have used those pictures for auditions and while representing myself in other capacities. To that end, pick your most versatile photo to make a bunch of copies! I'm sure you've put your perfectly pageanty picture in the judges book and program book and whatever else, but trust me, if you're paying for these duplications, you'll want to be able to use those left-over headshots for other things!

And parents, it's hard enough squeezing your daughters name on a button! The added bonus of not putting the title on it is that you can then use the button again and again. Don't be mad at me EDs! I think I've seen some of you get creative by attaching ribbons to the buttons with your title. You can buy button-making tools at craft stores or have printing places do them for you. Square plastic name-tag holders are another option.


  1. Where can you get the photo tablets?

  2. what a great tip!! Thanks for this and all of the helpful information on here, Abby :)

    -Marisa B
    Miss Maple City

  3. Thanks always...fantastic blogger!

  4. Thanks! I'm sharing what I remember, but I'd also love to hear what the latest trends are among pageant fans. If fans are crafty or computer savvy, the possibilities are endless! Not to mention all the new online sites like vistaprint.

    I only saw the photo tablet once and I remember thinking it was such a cool idea, especially on breezy days when everyone elses 8x10s were blowing all over. At first I was thinking it was Kasey Wilson, but the more I think about it, I'm not so sure... maybe another Licking County contestant?? I don't recall.

    It's something you'll have ask some print shops about; let us know what you find out.



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