Saturday, March 26, 2011

Congrats to the Winners of Miss Ohio Sweeps Pageants!

[Seven new titleholders with Miss Ohio!
Left to right: Alyssa W., Alyssa P., Jenna F., Priya S., Miss Ohio Becky M., Miss CC Jessica N.,
Alicia H. and Ashley B.]

Sweeps Two Winners!

Miss Mohican Valley: Jenna Fowls
Miss Huron County: Priya Sharma
Miss Heart of Ohio: Alicia Huyghe

1st RU: Liz Wong
2nd RU: Nina Haaskivi

Sweeps One Winners!

Miss Buckeye State: Ashley Bowman
Miss Ohio River: Alyssa Phillips
Miss Willard: Alyssa Waldman

1st RU: Alicia Huyghe
2nd RU: Rebecca Ribley

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