Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Karissa's "Festival Tour" (as Marlia called it)

What is the state title holder to do in the summer weeks after she is crowned? Go to every fair, festival and other dirty, obnoxious outdoor event named after a county or something you find in the produce aisle, that's what! :) Miss Ohio 2005, Marlia Fontaine-Weisse liked to call it the Festival Tour...

A traditional appearance for Miss Ohio is the Henry County Tomato pageant. The Tomato pageant doesn't advance to anything, but it has produced women who have gone on to the MAO including Lauren Hogan, former contestant Blythe Gresser and former Miss Ohio Kelly Creager.

Huge thanks to Lauren Hogan for sending me these! I also have to say Karissa looks great! I love when red heads wear green; I kind of wish that big 'ole sash weren't in the way so we could get a better look at the gown.

Below is a better look in a photo from the Erie County Fair's King and Queen Festival. Special thanks to Miss Ohio 2007 Roberta Camp for alerting me to THIS online album of the event, from which the follow came:
Some anonymous folks have said Karissa reminds them of former Miss Ohio's Tiffany Haas and Melanie Murphy. I have to agree; in the photo with Lauren her cheeks and face shape are Tiffany-esq and in the last photo, the full hair, nose and profile is reminiscent of Melanie. Certainly, if these three beautiful women were in the same room there would be no mistaking them, but in specific photo angles, I can see it...

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