Friday, August 29, 2008

Miss Wasilla to Ms. Vice President?

The pageant world is a buzz, as Republican presidential nominee, Senator John McCain has named Sarah Heath Palin as his running mate. Palin was First Runner-up to Miss Alaska and Miss Congeniality in 1984! She is the first woman and youngest person to hold the office of Alaskan Governor. Beyond her two years as Governor, her political experience has been local; this is an interesting choice, after Republicans have said Senator Obama lacked experience... Clearly gender played a large factor.

The Miss America Organization released the following:

McCain Names Former Miss Alaska Contestant as Running Mate

We are pleased to announce that former Miss Alaska contestant, Sarah Heath Palin, has just been named as John McCain’s vice-presidential candidate on the Republican ticket. In 1984, Palin was chosen as Miss Wasilla and went on to become the first runner-up in the Miss Alaska Pageant and received the Miss Congeniality award the same year. Her husband, Todd Palin was a judge in the 2008 Miss Alaska Pageant.

Congratulations on this exciting news for the Miss Alaska Organization!

Miss Minnesota Angela McDermott To Perform at the National Republican Convention on September 1st

Millions of people around the world will be watching as the Republican Party convenes its 39th nominating convention in Minneapolis – St. Paul.

The roughly 2,380 delegates and 2,227 alternate delegates elected to represent their states and territories will play a critical role in our nation’s democratic process – and secure a place in political history as will our own Miss Minnesota, Angela McDermott who will perform the national anthem to mark the opening day celebration of the national convention.

Angie was crowned Miss Minnesota in June, where she was the overall interview and talent winner at the Miss Minnesota Scholarship Pageant. She will compete for the title of Miss America in January 2009. She is 24 and is a 2007 graduate of the University of Minnesota. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication, with a Minor in International Studies and we look forward to having Angie perform at this historic event on Labor Day!

We applaud the efforts of Angie and the Miss Minnesota Organization!


Local contestants competing in pageants between now and November must be able to answer to the interview question, "Who are you voting for and WHY?" I urge contestants NOT to merely be swayed by her pageant experience, but really research both candidates and have a well thought-out answer. In an election year, this should be as automatic as your chicken cutlets!

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  1. I really feel this was a great choice for McCain, especially since I am a disgruntled Hillary supporter! I am very impressed by her! I know the far left will attempt to drag her down in the gutter but don't think she will play in that game. Whether or not you agree with her on the issues, she does have a great deal of knowledge, grace and tenacity! I say, "YOU GO GIRL, BREAK THROUGH THAT GLASS CEILING!"


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