Friday, May 8, 2009

Attention Miss Ohio Contestants!

Attention Miss Ohio contestants, EDs and parents:

If the photo and/or information on the Miss Ohio website is NOT what you'd also like posted here, please send me a different picture or correct information.

Note, when I was a contestant we could submit up to four different shots (for the website, judges book, program book and sign-in board). I originally mentioned that here, but a commenter said they heard the ladies were only allowed to submit one photo this year. Interesting... I guess what you see on the website is the contestant's one and only official shot this year. Although, I also read a rumor that some of the photos of returning contestants on the website are not the new headshot they submitted, but rather, old photos that the state still had on hand. I don't know what's true; either way, contestants can send me an updated look or a second look if you'd like to!


  1. From what I understand, the contestants were only allowed to submit one picture for all this year.

  2. Oh, thanks for the correction.

    That's a bummer and causes me to have a much harsher opinion of some of the pictures on the Miss Ohio website. :(

  3. Hey Abby,

    The picture that I actually submitted isn't up on the website yet. That's the picture I had taken when I was Miss Maple City. I don't think that the veterans have had their picture changed just yet.


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