Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Carrie Keeps her Crown

This is old news by now; The Donald is not surprisingly allowing Miss California USA, Carrie Prejean, to keep her title despite topless photos. Here's the press conference:

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And here are the additional "unwitting, wind blown" photos released this morning:Click here to see four other images from this photo shoot.

So, having seen more photos, I'll ask again:

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Philadelphia Inquirer

My thoughts? If you care, I agree with Keith Olberman:

If you're a current contestant who disagrees with Mr. Olberman and I, that's fine. But I highly recommend you have solid rebuttals to everything, in the interest of your interview.


  1. I think this guy is rude! Carrie's speech was very good...I'm glad she's keeping her crown. I'm glad she's still in the spotlight to send out the right, Christian message. God bless her.

  2. Carrie Prejean is a big mess of contridictions. It is completly irritating to be that she is claiming God told her to answer the way she did. As a Christian myself, I believe that God would have been smart enough to actually answer the question asked. None of this has anything to do with her opinion anyway. And by the way...God doesn't usually tell people to get fake boobs or to show them to the world. Instead of crying about being "persecuted", she should propably be humbled and grateful that she still has her title.

    And speaking of humility...you did not lose the crown because the judges disagreed with your answer, you lost the crown because you weren't the best person there that night. It is rude and disrespectful to Miss USA for her to continue to say otherwise.

  3. How’s the old saw go…Any publicity is good publicity? Lot’s of free media focus on the Miss USA pageant due to this. Of course The Donald would let her keep her crown, good business decision. Whether or not she violated her contract or whether they wish to enforce it is strictly the business of the Miss USA organization, they can do whatever they want. Of course, the Miss USA pageant will change due to this, female frontal nudity is common enough in this day and age. Pageant rules have changed a great deal with the times, Miss America is no longer required to wear her swimsuit in public to promote the sponsor’s product, and Miss USA may soon be required to model topless to show off her new breast implants.


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