Saturday, January 30, 2010

Decisions... decisions...
I don't have TV at my place right now. I was going to watch at a friend's house on the west coast delay, avoiding the Internet as to not see the winner. But my dog is really sick and I shouldn't leave her alone. My friend's DVRing it for me... so I guess I could follow Twitter and know what happens. Neither is much fun. :(

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  1. on the miss america voy forum there is a web address for a live stream?????

  2. Yeah, I just saw that too.

    It doesn't help me because I don't have cable or internet right now and I doubt it'll work on my phone. But I'll post the link; if it's true, it's a great option for west-coasters who want to watch live.


  3. I've always enjoyed your comments during the pageant in the past. Will miss you tonight!


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