Monday, January 18, 2010

Pageant Poll: Miss America Decade in Review: Talent

Talent is a little trickier... Don't just vote on the outfits, try to remember the performances. ;)

If these Miss America's were competing against each other, to whom would you award top talent honors?

Miss America 2000 - Heather Renee French - vocal
"As if we never said goodbye"
*No image found; please leave a url if you know of one.

Miss America 2001 - Angela Perez Baraquio - Hula
to the theme if the movie "Hawaii"
Miss America 2002 - Katie Harman - vocal
"O mio babbino caro"
Miss America 2003 - Erika Harold - vocal
"The Habanera"
Miss America 2004 - Ericka Dunlap - vocal
"If I Could"
Miss America 2005 - Deidre Downs - vocal
"I'm Afraid this Must be Love"
Miss America 2006 - Jennifer Berry - ballet en pointe
Miss America 2007 - Lauren Nelson - vocal
"You'll be in my Heart"
Miss America 2008 - Kirsten Haglund - vocal
"Over the Rainbow"
Miss America 2009 - Katie Stam - vocal
"Via Dolorosa"

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