Friday, January 8, 2010

Win a Trip to Miss America via Twitter!

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The first question is "Who wrote the song There she is...?"

The answer is Bernie Wayne, an artist with 11 Gold records. The Miss America website explains that the pageant was first broadcast on television in 1954 (on ABC); then in 1955, "Popular Miss America host Bert Parks made his debut. "There She Is, Miss America" (the pageant theme song) was first introduced by singer Johnny Desmond on a Philco Playhouse production, which starred Lee Meriwether." The woman crowned that year was Miss America 1956 Sharon Ritchie of Colorado.

If you have a Twitter account, start following DSWShoeLovers, then answer the questions as an entry in the contest to win a trip to Miss America! With each answer include "@DSWShoeLovers #missam".

If you're not familiar with Twitter, it's sort of like only the status update of Facebook. In 140 letters you're asked "What's happening?" You can share pictures and internet links and "retweet" or spread what others have posted. When you put an "@" in front of another users name, it's called a mention and then what you write shows up on their wall. A "#" makes the topic a "trend;" on the side of the page, Twitter lists the top "trending topics." You can also search #missam to find other pageant fans. Here are a few you may want to follow:

DSW Shoes (Miss America's latest sponsor)
Tamara Henry (Miss America Green campaign host)

Former Miss Americas:

I'm sure there are oodles more; leave me a comment with the URL to add to the list, or ask if you'd like yours removed. Happy Tweeting and good luck winning the trip to Miss America!

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