Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pageant Poll: Miss America Decade in Review: Ambassador

After the gown is put away and the stage lights go out, Miss America embarks on a whirlwind of press interviews and community events. She is a spokesperson for the organization, her platform and women; she is an ambassador. Fans often criticize that some Miss America's don't do as much as others. Understandably, national partnerships and opportunities change yearly, but which Miss America of the decade seemed to be the best ambassador of the crown, in your opinion? And since we're all pageant fans... write your "and why?" answer as a comment!

Miss America 2000 - Heather Renee French
Miss America 2001 - Angela Perez Baraquio

Miss America 2002 - Katie Harman
Miss America 2003 - Erika Harold
Miss America 2004 - Ericka Dunlap
Miss America 2005 - Deidre Downs
Miss America 2006 - Jennifer Berry
Miss America 2007 - Lauren Nelson
Miss America 2008 - Kirsten Haglund

Miss America 2009 - Katie Stam

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