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08 - 09 Early Stats / Who is eligible for Sweeps?

The 2008 - 2009 local prelim season for Miss Ohio is almost over. Only one question remains: who will win the final Sweeps crowns? "Sweeps" are two separate pageants sponsored by the state board; only women who previously competed this season are eligable for either or both. The plan is to give six final titles, however, each pageant must have at least fifteen contestants in order to give three crowns. I believe eight contestants are required to give two crowns at a single pageant.


Quick Stats

* I believe 106 women competed in 17 "regular season" pageants (for 21 titles).

* I think 84 women are eligible for Sweeps; but about 60 of them only competed in one pageant, meaning they are less likely to apply for Sweeps. Only 12 of the eligible women competed in 3 or more "regular season" pageants.

* Of the 21 “regular season” crowns, 14 titleholders won the first local they competed in this season and 6 won their second!

Below, women highlighted in purple are eligable for the Sweeps pageants. The Pageant stats are listed first by pageant (in chronological order) and then by contestant.

*Disclaimer: I am not posting the entire seasons stats to embarrass anyone or provide material for criticism; I think every woman who competes should be extremely proud of herself and hopefully she grows from her experiences.
Pageants are public events and therefore, just like sports they have records or stats, so to speak. Unlike sports, these stats highlight the subjectivity of pageants. Some women win on their first try, others work their stilettos off and could then end up doing better at state; some women place one weekend then not the next! It's possible a woman who places all year without winning could earn more scholarship dollars than a woman who competes at Miss Ohio. A contestant who doesn't place at the first Sweeps pageant could win a crown at the second. You just never know...

08 - 09 Stats by Pageant:

Miss West Central Ohio

Victoria Miller (Miss WCO and Swimsuit),
Kristy Moneysmith (1st RU), Lauren Hogan (2nd RU), Megan Wolery (3rd RU), StarKeisha Coleman (Talent and Service) Jennifer Lamoreau, Amanda Sampson, Rachel Baucher, Alyssa Linet, Blake Danielle Buchman, Kristi Russell, Nicole Callibarri

Miss Lake Festival

Ellen Bryan (Miss LF and Interview),
Sarah Pierstorff (1st RU and Talent), Devon Stansbury (2nd RU), Ashley Kanney (3rd RU), Megan Perkeybile, Eryn Langenkamp, Brittney McGee, Brook Shinn, Kelsey Wenning, Megan Gerlach, Kayl Metzger

Miss Greater Cleveland / Cuyahoga County

Whitney Sue Fricke (Miss CC), Jessica Barrett (Miss GC and Interview), Kristen Haas (1st RU and Evening Gown),
Ashley Warholic (2nd RU and Swimsuit), Katie Gregory-Taylor (3rd RU and Talent), Alicia Huyghe, Mielecia Martin, Caitlin Mann, Christina Muha, Jessica Nelson, Brittany Sisko, Megan Wombacher, Hannah VanWormer

Miss North Coast

Sasha Eby (Miss NC and Swimsuit), Katie Bowen (1st RU),
Ashley Warholic (2nd RU), Shannon O'Neill (Interview), Krystle Formosa, Brandi Herceg, Jessica Nelson, Megan Wolery

Miss Miami Valley

Katie Camp (Miss MV, Talent and Swimsuit), Kristen Haas (1st RU and Interview), Devon Stansbury, Hope Smalls, Kristy Moneysmith (I think - SOMEONE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THIS LIST IS RIGHT!)

Miss Lake Erie

Jenna Wilson (Miss LE, Interview and Talent),
Ashley Hartman (1st RU), Heather Wells (Swimsuit), Alicia Huyghe, Monica Johnson, Brittini Jackson

Miss North East Ohio

Kylie Johnson (Miss NEO and Talent), Ashley Warholic (1st RU), Kristen Haas (Swimsuit), Alicia Huyghe, Brandi Herceg, Amanda Culp, Amber Gallagher, Caitlin Mann

Miss Clayland
Erica Gelhaus (Miss Clayland, Interview and Talent),
Starkeisha Coleman (1st RU and Service), Alicia Huyghe, Danielle Henry

Miss Portsmouth/Scioto Valley
Amber Bussa (Miss Portsmouth), Alyssa Hanson (Miss SV), Ashley Hartman (1st RU), Kristen Haas (2nd RU), Ashley Miller (3rd RU), Amanda Culp, Monica Johnson, Alicia Huyghe, Danielle Henry

Miss Ohio Valley

Kristen Haas (Miss OV and Swimsuit),
Krystle Formosa (1st RU and Talent), Alicia Huyghe, Ashley Pesta, Carissa Cook, Nicole Fortunato, Vincenzina Tsouris, Audree Porter

Miss Maumee Valley/All*American City/Fallen Timbers

Shannon O'Neill (Miss MV), Katie Bowen (Miss AAC), Becky Minger (Miss MV, Talent, Interview, Gown and Swimsuit),
Heather Wells (1st RU), Kristy Moneysmith (2nd RU), Cassity Brubaker, Starkeisha Coleman, Katie Gregory-Taylor, Brandi Herceg, Alicia Huyghe, Sarah Johnson, Ashleigh Lemon, Maria Minnick, Jessica Nelson, Ashley Warholic, Heather Waterman, Megan Wolery

Miss Northwestern Ohio

Heather Waterman (Miss Northwestern Ohio and Interview),
Courtney Monk (1st RU), Alyssa Waldman (2nd RU and Talent), Heather Lindsey (3rd RU), Abigail Savage (4th RU), Halie Gonwick, Jessica Nelson, Christina Drake, Shannon Bash

Miss Maple City

Ashleigh Lemon (Miss MC), Jacki Jerlecki (1st RU),
Hollie Hongosh (2nd RU and Talent), Ashley Warholic (3rd RU), Courtney Monk (Swimsuit), Marisa Bucheit, Danielle Bash, Shannon Bash, Krystle Formosa, Adriana Grayson, Ashley Miller, Jessica Nelson, Emily Pheils, Stephanie Rodgers, Laura Sojka, Joy Thompson, Alyssa Waldman

Miss Bay Village

Emily Pheils (Miss BV), Jackie Jerlecki (1st RU, Interview and Swimsuit),
Hollie Hongosh (2nd RU and Talent), Jen Ciccone, Sherry El Sakr, Krystle Formosa, Alicia Huyghe, Ashley Miller, Maria Minnick

Miss Muskingum Valley

Stephanie Rodgers (Miss MV, Talent and Gown),
Heather Wells (1st RU and Swimsuit), Kaley Mitchell (2nd RU and Gown), Alicia Huyghe (3rd RU and Talent), Bree Grosshandler (4th RU), Amanda Summers (Top 10), Krystle Formosa (Top 10), Danielle Henry (Top 10), Megan Wombacker (Top 10 and Interview), Christiana Hagan (Top 10), Alison Salyers (Swimsuit), Jessica Price, Courtney Drenan, Jodi Van Dyke, Kyra Horvath, Laura Sojka, Hannah Spiker, Renae Wright, Jordin Johnson, Kadi Lepi, Brandi Herceg

Miss Mansfield
Nanciann Strosnider (Miss Mansfield, Talent and Interview),
Kristy Moneysmith (1st RU), Heather Wells (2nd RU), Sherry El Sakr (3rd RU), Ashley Miller (4th RU), Heather Lindsay (Swimsuit and Evening Gown), Jennifer Ciccone, Ashley Warholic, Alicia Hughey, Meggie Wittman, Jessica Grassel, Justine Boggs, Krsytal Fromosa, Jessica Nelson

Miss Greater Butler County
Rebeka Zoz (Miss GBC, Talent, Gown and Swimsuit), Devon Stansbury (1st RU), Hope Smalls (2nd RU and Interview), Emily Valandingham (3rd RU), Lynette Moorehead, Brooke Singleton, Sarah Begley

08 - 09 Stats by Contestant:

Jessica Barrett – Miss Greater Cleveland and Interview
Danielle Bash – competed @ MC

Shannon Bash – competed @ NWO; competed @ MC

Rachel Baucher – competed @ WCO

Sarah Begley - competed @ GBC

Justine Boggs – competed @ Mansfield

Katie Bowen - 1st RU @ NC; Miss All*American City

Ellen Bryan – Miss Lake Festival and Interview

Cassity Brubaker – competed @ MV/AAC/FT

Marisa Bucheit – competed @ MC

Blake Daneille Buchman – competed @ WCO

Amber Bussa – Miss Portsmouth

Nicole Callibarri – competed @ WCO

Katie Camp – Miss Miami Valley, Talent and Swimsuit
Jen Ciccone – competed @ BV; competed @ Mansfield

Starkeisha Coleman – Talent @ WCO; 1st RU @ Clayland; competed @ MV/AAC/FT

Carissa Cook – competed @ OV

Amanda Culp – competed @ NEO; competed @ P/SV

Christina Drake – competed @ NWO
Courtney Drenan - competed @ Muskingum V

Sasha Eby -
Miss North Coast and Swimsuit

Sherry El Sakr – competed @ BV; 3rd RU @ Mansfield

Krystle Formosa – competed @ NC; 1st RU and Talent @ OV; competed @ MC; competed @ BV; Top 10 @ Muskingum V; competed @ Mansfield

Nicole Fortunato – competed @ OV

Whitney Sue Fricke – Miss Cuyahoga County

Amber Gallagher – competed @ NEO
Adriana Grayson – competed @ MC

Bree Grosshandler – 4th RU @ Muskingum V

Erica Gelhaus – Miss Clayland, Interview and Talent

Megan Gerlach – competed @ LF

Halie Gonwick – competed @ NWO
Jessica Grassel - competed @ Mansfield

Katie Gregory-Taylor - 3rd RU and Talent @ GC/CC; competed @ MV/AAC/FT

Kristen Haas – 1st RU and Gown @ GC/CC; 1st RU and Interview @ Miami V; Swimsuit @ NEO; 2nd RU @ P/SV;
Miss Ohio Valley and Swimsuit

Christina Hagan - Top 10 @ Muskingum V
Alyssa Hanson –
Miss Scioto Valley

Ashley Hartman – 1st RU @ LE; 1st RU @ P/SV

Danielle Henry – competed @ Clayland; competed @ P/SV; Top 10 @ Muskingum V

Brandi Herceg – competed @ NC; competed @ NEO; competed @ MV/AAC/FT; competed @ Muskingum V

Lauren Hogan – 2nd RU @ WCO

Hollie Hongosh – 2nd RU and Talent @ MC; 2nd RU and Talent @ BV; signed up, but did not compete at Mansfield and GBC

Kyra Horvath - competed @ Muskingum V

Alicia Huyghe – competed at GC/CC; competed @ LE; competed @ NEO; competed @ Clayland; competed @ P/SV; competed @ OV; competed @ MV/AAC/FT; competed @ BV; 3rd RU and Talent @ Muskingum V; competed @ Mansfield

Brittini Jackson – competed @ LE

Jackie Jerlecki – 1st RU @ MC; 1st RU, Interview and Swimsuit @ BV; Miss South Central Indiana

Jordin Johnson - competed @ Muskingum V

Kylie Johnson – Miss North East Ohio and Talent

Monica Johnson – competed @ LE; competed @ P/SV
Sarah Johnson - competed @ MV/

Ashley Kanney - 3rd RU @ LF

Jennifer Lamoreau – competed @ WCO

Eryn Langenkamp – competed @ LF

Ashleigh Lemon - competed @ MV/AAC/FT; Miss Maple City

Kadi Lepi - competed @ Muskingum V
Heather Lindsay – 3rd RU @ NWO; Swimsuit and Gown @ Mansfield

Alyssa Linet – competed @ WCO

Caitlin Mann – competed @ GC/CC; competed @ NEO

Mielecia Martin – competed @ GC/CC

Brittney McGee – competed @ LF

Kayl Metzger – competed @ LF

Ashley Miller – 3rd RU @ P/SV; competed @ MC; competed @ BV; 4th RU @ Mansfield
Victoria Miller – Miss West Central Ohio and Swimsuit

Becky Minger – Miss Fallen Timbers, Talent, Interview, Gown and Swimsuit

Maria Minnick - competed @ MV/AAC/FT; competed @ BV

Kaley Mitchell – 2nd RU and Gown @ Muskingum V

Kristy Moneysmith – 1st RU @ WCO; competed @ Miami V; 2nd RU @ MV/AAC/FT; 1st RU @ Mansfield

Courtney Monk – 1st RU @ NWO; Swimsuit @ MC

Lynette Moorehead - competed @ GBC

Christina Muha – competed @ GC/CC

Jessica Nelson – competed @ GC/CC; competed @ NC; competed @ MV
AAC/FT; competed @ NWO; competed @ MC; competed @ Mansfield

Shannon O’Neill – Interview @ NC; Miss
Maumee Valley

Megan Perkeybile – competed @ LF

Ashley Pesta – competed @ OV

Emily Pheils – competed @ MC; Miss Bay Village

Sarah Pierstorff - 1st RU and Talent @ LF

Audree Porter – competed @ OV

Jessica Price – competed @ Muskingum V

Stephanie Rodgers – competed @ MC; Miss Muskingum Valley, Talent and Gown

Kristi Russell – competed @ WCO

Alison Salyers – Swimsuit @ Muskingum V

Amanda Sampson – competed @ WCO

Abigail Savage – 4th RU @ NWO

Brook Shinn – competed @ LF

Brooke Singleton - competed @ GBC

Brittany Sisko – competed @ GC/CC
Hope Smalls – competed @ Miami V; 2nd RU and
Interview @ GBC

Laura Sojka – competed @ MC; competed @ Muskingum V

Hannah Spiker - competed @ Muskingum V

Devon Stansbury - 2nd RU @ LF; competed @ Miami V;
1st RU @ GBC

Nanciann Strosnider – Miss Mansfield, Talent and Interview

Amanda Summers – Top 10 @ Muskingum V

Joy Thompson – competed @ MC

Vincenzina Tsouris – competed @ OV

Emily Valandingham - 3rd RU @ GBC
Jodi Van Dyke - competed @ Muskingum V

Hannah VanWormer – competed @ GC/CC

Alyssa Waldman – 2nd RU and Talent @ NWO; competed @ MC

Ashely Warholic – 2nd RU and Swimsuit @ GC/CC; 2nd RU @ NC; 1st RU @ NEO; competed @ MV/AAC/FT; 3rd RU @ MC; competed @ Mansfield

Heather Waterman - competed @ MV/AAC/FT; Miss Northwestern Ohio and Interview

Heather Wells – Swimsuit @ LE; 1st RU @ MV/AAC/FT; 1st RU and Swimsuit @ Muskingum V; 2nd RU @ Mansfield

Kelsey Wenning – competed @ LF

Jenna Wilson – Miss Lake Erie, Interview and Talent
Meggie Wittman - competed @ Mansfield

Megan Wolery – 3rd RU @ WCO; competed @ NC; competed @ MV/AAC/FT

Megan Wombacher – competed @ GC/CC; Top 10 and Interview @ Muskingum V
Renae Wright - competed @ Muskingum V

Rebeka Zoz - Miss Greater Butler County, Talent, Evening Gown and Swimsuit

CLICK HERE for stats from the 2007 - 2008 Miss Ohio local season.

* A second disclaimer: As I've said before, I am but one woman and I am my own editor. My alphabetizing is probably not perfect, while I think all my numbers are right, math has never been my strong suit and no-shows didn't always get omitted from my lists. If any information is inaccurate or incomplete, please leave a comment so I can fix it!


  1. Not that it matters because Megan would still be eligible if she were still competing, but Megan Wombacker didn't end up competing in North Coast.. she had family issues to tend to. Also, just a question - since Hollie Hongash (sp?) didn't end up competing in two of the pageants she was signed up for, is she now ineligible for sweeps?

  2. Thanks for the info!

    As for Hollie, I am not sure. Two no-shows is the limit, which is why I noted her two absences. However, I've heard that if she can provide appropriate documents, she could be "excused."


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